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Saints Regia Italy (235798)


#2 in III.1

Still in Coppa Appennini

The team is undefeated for 5 competitive games and has 2 wins in a row

#33 in Ladder Global

#4 in Ladder Italy

#2 in Ladder Start season 21

#2 in Ladder Lombardia

The team is also in 19 federation ladders.

Club details

Managed by regia5 Supporter Diamond

2 906 members in Titì Boys

Stadium: Dellbury (capacity 76 703)

Ranked 104

Press announcement

9-19-2014 Qatar NT

Today we'll play my first match as Qatar NT coach: Dawlat Qatar - Føroyar ((496511319))

It's been an huge surprise to be elected (yesterday) as their new NT coach, especially considering it happened with just one vote (!).

Now it's time to start to work, doing my best to ensure that Qatar NT will be better after my term. It isn't about results or trophies, it's about hard work, passion and power of will.

You can follow the match on forum here: (16651421.99).


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9-20-2014 Last message by  donzauker84 Supporter Silver

Non ho mai vinto con te, random o non random, ormai è una maledizione :-)

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