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Saints Regia Italy (235798)


#3 in VI.301

The team is undefeated for 4 competitive games and has 4 wins in a row

#608 in Ladder Global

#43 in Ladder Italia

#14 in Ladder Start season 21

#17 in Ladder Lombardia

The team is also in 17 federation ladders.

Club details

Managed by HPE-regia5 Supporter Diamond

1 609 members in Titì Boys

Stadium: Dellbury (capacity 76 703)

Ranked 5 563

Press announcement

5-22-2016 Lega giovanile italiana

Si parte fra 5 ore circa, un solo posto disponibile :)

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5-20-2016 Last message by  AndreVip_banned Supporter Gold

Grazie per il supporter :) anche se non credo che ciuffo abbia sempre ragione :P

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Home page: http://wiki.hattrick.org/Saints_Regia

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