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NK Kaizen Slovenia (528939)


#2 in II.1

The team is undefeated for 4 competitive games and has 4 wins in a row

#5 in Ladder Slovenija

#2 in Ladder Prepovedane Razprave

Club details

Managed by Abakus Supporter Platinum

Fan club: 3 179 members

Stadium: NK Kaizen Arena (capacity 78 787)

Ranked 14

Press announcement

12-27-2007 Jadro

Na sinji morski se gladini
v meglicah jadro lesketa...
Le česa išče si v tujini
in kaj pustilo je doma?

Morje kipi in veter vleče,
škripaje jambor se šibi.
Ah, jadro si ne išče sreče,
pred srečo tudi ne beži!

Nad njim se sončna luč razžarja,
pod njim je morje v dalj in šir.
A jadro si želi viharja,
kot da v viharju bil bi mir!

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4-28-2014 Last message by  BJS__ Supporter Platinum

I travel around to bring you the homegrown philosophy.
The youth of today will be the legends of tomorrow.
Good luck my friend and have fun in Hattrick.
Cheers from Aruba!

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