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Storm Force England (54950)


# 2 in IV.6

The team is undefeated for 6 competitive games

# 68 in Ladder England

# 14 in Ladder Start season 15

# 1 in Ladder Suffolk

Club details

Managed by Tribble Supporter Platinum

2 591 members in Team Storm

Stadium: Storm Force Arena (capacity 78 000)

Ranked 270

Press announcement

11-16-2013 Relegation Beckons

After the spectacular start to the season with an away win seeing Storm top the league the inability to win a game since sees the odds high of Storm dropping back to IV.

Four draws across the middle of the season being particularly frustrating, failure to win this weekend against the Underdogz will leave a huge mountain to climb and with form and moral both running rather low it is certainly going to be a challenge. It will be all the more frustrating if the margin of relegation is less than three points given Jensons went bot after our match so all the nearby rivals got an extra free three points

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11-29-2013 Last message by  CC-1993 Supporter Platinum

Congratulations for winning a week of supporter in The Hattrick Lottery! (102444)

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Home page: http://www.teamstorm.com

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