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FK Applesons Latvia (676591)


#8 in III.8

Still in Latvijas Nacionālais kauss

#18665 in Ladder Global

#424 in Ladder Start season 26

#90 in Ladder Latvia

#1 in Ladder Tukums

The team is currently playing a match.
DarkGraco - FK Applesons

Club details

Managed by rozmarijs Supporter Platinum

2 993 members in Applesoni

Stadium: FK Applesons Arena (capacity 65 600)

Ranked 147

Press announcement

4-10-2014 ..

Lai uzvar stiprākais!! ;)

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3-29-2014 Last message by  Aeon8 Supporter Platinum

Veiksmīgu debiju III. līgā! ;)

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