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The Pork Chop Chargers England (954037)


#4 in III.11

Still in English Cup

The team is undefeated for 4 competitive games and has 4 wins in a row

Club details

Managed by CaptainSmithy Supporter Gold

2 817 members in The Pork Scratchos

Stadium: The Mighty Porkopolis (capacity 67 060)

Ranked 93

Press announcement

10-5-2012 Reinvestment

The Chargers Board has now taken the momentous decision to diversify its portfolio.

“For too long we have focused our resources on players and league success. That time is now over”.

Instead the manager has been briefed to diversify investment across Pork Bellies, sausages, Pepperamis, pork pies, and bacon. And pork scratchings.

The announcement of Phase Two of the Pork Chop Chargers plan was met with indifference by the Chargers fans, who were found gawping at a small row of 100 flags pinned to the teams stadium.

“Behold, the most amazing event” said one surprisingly sober fan. “A life’s work is complete. That is in no way an entirely pointless achievement”.

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4-6-2014 Last message by  nytmares Supporter Platinum

Good season , you look to be back after your rebuild and didnt drop too low .

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