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Phi's Fire England (955024)


#1 in III.6

#322 in Ladder England

#6 in Ladder Dorset

Club details

Managed by Pheosiris Supporter Gold

Fan club: 2 803 members

Stadium: The FireDome (capacity 103 000)

Ranked 49

Press announcement

7-7-2015 Phinky and the Brain

After one of the most disappointing seasons in the clubs history, Phinky - chairman of the fan club - held a meeting with the clubs Brain (trust) to decide what could be done to improve results in the coming season.

Following many hours of discussion and debate, the Brain (trust) finally announced what the club would do to improve performance:

"Well Phinky, I think we should do the same thing we do every off-season. Buy some more Inner-mids!"

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3-5-2015 Last message by  defunked Supporter Gold

Cheers - it certainly takes one to know one :]

Welcome back to the game it seems.

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