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(19:37) Time to change things!

“This is the very worst start ever. And it is not really what you, my dear friends, may have asked for and not even close what you, dear followers, deserve. Now it’s time to change things! We have to get the focus back on our strengths and do what we can do best: Go after Gold!

Sure, this season may not be easy at all. Our opponents are strong and even stronger than they have been last season, but is this a fact making us nervous? Is it a truth making us despairing? The only word to answer these questions is; NO!

We will come back and we will stay in the fourth division, no matter what hurdles we have to cross or what rocks flying in our path! We will fight until the very last minute, and the very last second to reach that aim. And no matter how hard the rain will fall or how strong the wind will blow: We will never surrender! I promise!

Coach Nik Zenger


(22:54) Milestones

The Gold Rushers had to go through a qualifier to stay in the fourth division, and they played a great game to do so!

In fact this last competitive game was one of the milestones the Gold Rushers reached within the latest sixteen weeks:

It was our very best game so far and we gathered more than 400 Hatstats for the first time!

Having an overall TSI of more than one million was another milestone the team reached recently!

And we have now the first players with a TSI of more than 100k!

The team is ready to play their second season in the fourth division and especially in Area 51, and we are curious about what milestones will be reached next.

By the way: the Gold Rushers have played an outstanding Supporter Week Trophy, finishing within the top 500 with an 8-0-2 record!


(12:43) Big Win at the Mill

What a game! The Gold Rushers proved their abilities and enthusiasm, and showed the world, they are really ready to take those challenges to come. This is calling for more!

A crowd gets around an angry young man, face down in his hands and he can’t understand… why this other man in front of him was holding this shiny little red carton in the air! Sylvain Hardegger saw himself absolutely misunderstood. He never had in mind to hurt the other guy, who permanently bothered him with trash talk about Sylvain’s family in general and mother in special. No, he then was ready to kill that guy, but (un)fortunately the referee blew the whistle too fast. The team mates – of both involved players - came close trying to tear them apart on one hand and convince the man in black to put that little piece of plastic back to the pocket on his back on the other. It took a while before at least one of these two missions...

read the whole story: (http://hattrickunited.org/fcruenenberg/)


(11:40) Good Start

The adventure called Area 51 (Swiss IV.51 Series) has recently started and the Gold Rushers won their first point in the fourth division. It will be hard to add more.

Last season the IV.51 was the strongest series in the Swiss fourth division, and after the first round is played the experts say it’s ranked seventh so far. This means the strength has decreased only a little what makes the job to stay here harder than expected. Our team is actually taking the last place regarding the statistics.

Our new Coach, Nik Zenger, isn’t giving too much respect to these numbers:

We played a good game, and yes, we luckily won our first point. I was a bit surprised by the statistics since I really thought we might be closer to the middle of the table, but this is only the beginning. I’m sure we will climb that ladder and knock on the doors of the higher ranked teams. Of course the others are strong enough...

read the whole story: (http://hattrickunited.org/fcruenenberg/)


(17:59) Big Adventure in Sight

It was the greatest season ever! No matter if there will be the second win in the Golden League upcoming Sunday, but it would be the cherry on the cake!

It was last Friday evening when Sir Schluurggi, Romain Krecker and Nik Zenger entered Sutter’s Mill towards the meeting room on the second floor. The doors have been closed, no that’s the wrong word, the have been sealed. The three men had to find the most promising way to take that third chance for promotion to the fourth. We have been waiting in the Biergarten of the Golden Cup Bar & Restaurant, and we were waiting for many hours. Sitting there in the sun, having some beer and watching what’s going on behind that closed window wasn’t the worst thing to do on this very warm and sunny evening, but the longer it took, the bigger the nerviness.

read the whole story: (http://hattrickunited.org/fcruenenberg/)


(12:36) Stay focused

The season is done! The Gold Rushers and the Clanners have had excellent seasons finishing in the top two both. But the Gold Rushers still have to stay focused now!

While the Clanners still have to wait for the first Gold, it’s the Gold Rushers who have earned their seventh trophy in the series last week! This was the result of the probably best season ever! They played a nearly perfect season and have only been defeated twice in twenty-two games, no wait in twenty-eight games – including the six Golden League encounters too! Now they have to prepare for the challenging, hopefully entertaining and maybe victorious last four matches. Coach Romain Krecker – who made a promise some seasons ago – gave this to share:

"This is not the right time to celebrate what we got, but to stay focused on what we could get soon!"

read the full text: (http://hattrickunited.org/fcruenenberg/archives/2835)


(21:20) Final Spurt

The Gold Rushers are still sitting on top, and we couldn’t take this for granted. The close defeat against Werwölfe Gretzenbach was somehow expected and to be honest we must have seen it coming, keeping the results in the games before in mind: a close 1-0 win against Most Klub two weeks ago and the goalless draw against Werder Wolhusen a week ago told us the time for the first defeat in the series is just around the corner.

But fortunately this defeat does not have the suspected bad touch, since both chasers didn’t win too. Inter Staufen shared points with Most Klub while Bomboloni have been defeated by Werder Wolhusen. This gives the Gold Rushers a three point advantage before the second to last matchday. That’s the day when the two chasers will face each other and this will for sure help the lads to stay on target as long as they manage to win the encounter against FM Crvena Zvezda Olympiques.

read the full text on: (http://hattrickunited.org/fcruenenberg/)


(19:54) Mid Season

It’s been quiet for a long, a very long time now. This is the main reason for us to bring this story to you, dear friends, supporters and accidentally readers.

As this is the first one during this running season, it has to be a summary about the golden first half of it! It is also thought to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes, as there are some things we have in mind to change regarding the short- and midterm future of both, the Gold Rushers and the Clan. And there will be some words of the manager himself, he would like to be published on this channel.

Let us first talk about the new and the equalized record of the Gold Rushers: It was the plan to survive the third round in the Switzerland Cup this season, as the management realized those games and the enclosed chance for raising money and team spirit might be very important for reaching the main goal; gathering the third trophy in V.90-series...



(14:07) Ready for a new record?

"The team is undefeated for 11 competitive games and has 2 wins in a row" that's what it says when you come over the team's overview page. It is an old record with 15 competitive games from the early days. In fact it was the very first 15 games the Gold Rushers won. This record is not subject to top, but the one called longest Cup-Run!

The Gold Rushers reached the sixth round (it was before the Cup-System was changed) for only one time. This means they do have the very real chance to reach the seventh round this season, what would of course be the very best they did in Switzerland Cup. If we ask Coach Romain Krecker about if it's possbile, that's what he says:

"See, we will not hide, facing a team of the fourth division is a huge hurdle to cross, but the truth lies on the pitch. Everything is possible on Wednesday and we’re ready to do everything to get that record done!”


(16:49) What about the future?

This is my original team founded in 2009 and this will stay for sure. I invested too much thoughts, feelings and hopes into it. It was out of question to support the game when I started playing Hattrick almost six years ago, and I feel the same today. I will support the game as long as I’ll play and enjoy it, but the question will be on which level I’ll do so.

I fully understand there is money needed to run an online game, and I’m willing to pay for it, as I already mentioned above, but there is a certain limit. Not only the amount but also the increase has a limit. They care about the managers who leave the game, but with this latest decision they maybe do not force managers to leave but at least give them a very good reason. And those who leave now are the long lasting and most loyal managers. Is this really what they had in mind? I doubt it.

I’ll stay! What about you?

Check the announcement of Clan Phoenix: (67863)

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