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Press announcements


(07:20) Historic Treasure

We headed to California with the order to set everything for the sixth edition of the Gold Rushers Cup, which will start next Monday. A local reporter gave us an interesting story he found in the diary of his grand-grand-grandpa. It is a historic treasure and it’s very surprising how this document fits perfect to the upcoming Gold Rushers Cup. Check it out:



(12:31) Fan's favorites

Earlier this week the fanclubs of both teams, the Neibourheid and the Gold Rushers, came together and the three thousand noisy, drunken but still peaceful football lovers have been busy to find the best players of the two teams and the best manager of the Golden League. Once the votes have been collected and analyzed members of the management entered the stage in the center of Clan's Castle to say a few words of honor about the guys voted the fan’s favorite...

read the full article here:


(20:11) Coach's summary

This is what Coach Romain Krecker wants to share about the eighteenth season of the Gold Rushers. The season which the team finished on third rank only three points down.

Romain KreckerWe, the management of FC Rünenberg, surprised many of you giving the aim for this season to stay in the division. Some may have wondered about this, since the most of you have clearly hoped the Gold Rushers to go for the title again. Others may have thought that might be only an understatement, but it was and still is the truth. We had been grounded the season before when we finished on fourth, what by the way wasn’t planned at this time. Then we had to do our homework and set a maybe not every ambitious but realistic aim for this season, and that’s what we have done.

We focused on raising our strength in the defence and therefore we signed a young prospective keeper, Niklas Pieschermann...

read the full post here:


(21:44) Gold Rushers are back

It was the first time ever the Gold Rushers have been busy in the Cup for nine weeks. It was a bit surprising being involved that long, after the unexpected out in the Switzerland Cup in the second game only.

Today they played their first game in the Golden League Season VI, which started at the beginning of this global season. The anticipation for this game was huge, since the Golden League is the most attended competition in Rünenberg!

The Host for this first game was the Norwegian SK Brann, a team FC Rünenberg never met in the Golden League before, but in tournaments already. The game was very interesting with chances on both side and it was close for a very long time. In fact Dave Ruby made the difference with his double score only minutes before the final whistle!

“Brann made it difficult for us to score and I’m very happy helping the team to win this game today!”
Dave said after the game.


(22:37) Changing the aim

The race is very close in V.90 and we think it’ll stay for some weeks more. We know the Gold Rushers only talked about staying in the league, but in the meantime we think the management should set the aim higher!

We feel there could be more in this season, and this feeling is very strong supported by the league’s statistics, where FC Rünenberg is actually sitting on top.

The fight to stay in the race for the third title will be hard and we’re sure it’ll get even harder the longer the season goes, but we believe in the Gold Rushers!

The adventure called Cup will probably be over this upcoming Wednesday, what makes the supporters looking forward for Golden League action, finally.


(22:01) Gold Rushers Cup V

It is the fifth time already when some of the best teams of the HTU Managers fed come together to find the next winner of the Gold Rushers Cup! There are three of the four former winners involved again, led by the Korean top team AS Uijeongbu 07. The Blue Hornets aka FC X-team, the team which won the two latest Golden League Editions, are also ready to fight for the next trophy!

The tournament (1451349) will start next Monday at 19.00, so be ready to follow all these exciting clashes and support your favorite team while they rush for Gold!


(14:23) We got a wiki-page!

It was a long time ago, when our manager gave us the order to check (wiki.hattrick.org). He then asked us to tell him whether it was a good idea to have a page about FC Rünenberg there or not. We told him that it might be a great idea to publish some content of our blog on this page, but he never gave us the final go to realize it.

Not long ago, it was last week; Sorlac (12455644) (a friend of our manager) told him that he just started that page about our beloved team. Then Sir S gave us the order to get that project running.

This is now what we worked on for some days:


(12:20) Make it 10!

FC Rünenberg Juniors aka RJs made it: they won their final game and the title of the HTUM U18 Championship, the highest league within the HTUM Youth Leagues, above this!

It was only four weeks ago, when RJs celebrated their 9th trophy and this Friday they got their 10th, and this is of course the most prestigious one in the history of our academy and one for the story books as well!

It was a long and rocky road to get here, but today I know all these hard fought games and tough challenges have been worth it! Congrats to the boys, the scouts and the staff involved in the academy, and I have to say thank you to all of them and also the teachers and parents of the boys. We may not take it for granted, that support and help we get from all sides. This trophy is something we have been after since we joined the HTUM Youth Leagues more than two years ago...

read the full text: (http://hattrickunited.org/fcruenenberg/archives/2727)


(20:29) Will the League follow the Cup?

We thought that it’s over when RJs was defeated by the FC Sliver Juniors the weekend before, but now they’re back on the top and prepare for the deciding game!

“The academy never was of that quality before.” We heard these words spoken by Nik Zenger while he watched the 6-0 victory over the X-Team Jr. He and his team mates enjoyed that great game at the campus last weekend.

We agree with Nik, the first team’s captain, this is one of the best seasons the talents coached by Hannes Bratschi played so far, but it’s not only this season. Last season the base was formed when most of the actual talents have been recruited by the scouts.

read the full article at:


(12:38) There's no Gold?

The final competitive game in season 56 is over and it ended in an unlucky but fair defeat. Someone said something about there’s no gold this season; is that true?

The management called for defending the title in Switzerland’s V.90-Series. The fans called for reaching at least the semifinals in the Golden League. The sponsors called for repeating the victory in the Gold Rushers Cup. But the lads failed within all competitions, and we have to add the early out of Switzerland’s Cup also. It might be absolutely right to deny any Gold considering all these unsuccessful campaigns, but there has more to be taken in account.

FC Rünenberg maybe has to be happy with smaller fruits but these aren’t less sweet than the others they failed to earn:

The match against Murphys Law ended in an unlucky defeat, but there still happened something glorious giving the Gold Rushers something to be happy, proud and cheering about.


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