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51949 spectators arrived at Kandang Kucing Keramat, where weather conditions were pretty good for soccer. Ville Hotti was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Even Håkonsen and Nico Norder. After thorough analysis and consultation of astrological charts, GATAS decided to go with a 3-5-2 formation. They fielded: Larios Zavala - Kubina, Itier, Starkov - Rifka, Sasmianto, Budikusuma, Pongoh, Palafox - Mosli, Słomczewski.

Gentlemen prefer blondes and Srivijaya prefers a 3-5-2. Let's see how this plays out for them. Starters: Tassotti - Jakelis, Vaahtera, Kreft - von Mossner, Ferial, Mangindaan, Agathon, Pritzelwitz - Iranda, Chistruga.

Srivijaya took a creative approach on the field. After several obvious shirt pulling incidents, GATAS's A. Palafox got himself booked. S. Rifka's speed was almost enough to give GATAS a goal after 35 minutes, but his nice pass to E. Mosli was not taken care of properly. Was it the hair gel? Was it a gift from the gods? Either way, the faithful won't care. Soaring like a Saturn V, F. Itier somehow got his head on a Z. Słomczewski moonshot from the corner and buried it in the back of the net. What grace! What power! Plant the flag for GATAS, Neil Armstrong! The score is now 1 - 0. Sensing defeat in the air, the Srivijaya manager directed A. Pritzelwitz and S. Agathon to change positions with each other. This was 40 minutes into the match. With 44 minutes played, the Srivijaya coach decided a substitution may help turn the game around. T. Antares came on and A. Pritzelwitz had to leave the fray. The teams went for the halftime break at 1 - 0. The Count appeared on the jumbotron and announced that GATAS had 51...51 percent possession. AH AH AH!

The GATAS coach was happy with the scoreline, but still wanted to change the lineup. After 46 minutes, J. ter Linden came on for E. Mosli. Still trailing on the score board, Srivijaya adjusted their tactics after 46 minutes. T. Antares had a quick chat at the sideline, then switched positions with A. Ferial. The home side's S. Rifka came close to extending the lead after 48 minutes. His shot came in from the right but M. Tassotti managed to push it wide with his fingertips. Srivijaya were close to putting the equalizer away after 51 minutes as the opposing defense lost the ball to A. Iranda in a scuffle on the left of the goal, but in the end the ball was cleared over the sideline. T. Chistruga came close to leveling the score 59 minutes into the game, as he was set up with a through ball coming in from the left, but his shot hit the post. The GATAS players could smell victory in the air. F. Itier wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for A. Hermann after 60 minutes. F. Kubina became the new GATAS captain. Things were going from bad to worse for the visitors. J. ter Linden was able to squirm through the central defense after 61 minutes and score, bringing the lead to 2 - 0. After 62 minutes, GATAS felt secure enough to make a tactical change. A. Starkov and A. Hermann took each others positions on the field. A. Hermann was ever so close to scoring after an excellent corner was perfectly redirected by A. Starkov, but the ball went off the post and out. Srivijaya will be without the services of S. Jakelis for a time, due to a burn from a flare thrown by the opposition's fans at the 74 minute mark. He was substituted by A. Gozzi. I'm sure the management at GATAS will be getting a call from the HFA at some point! Srivijaya were doing a good job holding on to the ball, with 51 percent of possession.

GATAS's best player was M. Sasmianto. Good thing S. Rifka isn't a horse, because he'd surely be sent to the glue factory after that performance. The most outstanding Srivijaya player was without a doubt A. Mangindaan. Speaking of stinking up the place, M. von Mossner sure smelled like the bottom of Batman's shoe after a night of crimefighting in Gotham. The match ends 2 - 0.

Rating details

Midfield brilliant (very low) outstanding (very low) 41 37 11/20 10/20
Right defense world class (very high) formidable (very low) 52 33 13/20 9/20
Central defense world class (very low) brilliant (high) 49 43 13/20 11/20
Left defense supernatural (high) world class (low) 55 50 14/20 13/20
Right attack solid (very high) weak (very low) 28 13 7/20 4/20
Central attack formidable (very high) inadequate (low) 36 18 9/20 5/20
Left attack brilliant (low) magnificent (high) 42 47 11/20 12/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense excellent (very high) formidable (very low) 32 33 8/20 9/20
Attack solid (low) solid (low) 26 26 7/20 7/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Play creatively
Tactic skill (no tactic) - (no tactic) -


1 - 0  F. Itier 36'
2 - 0  J. ter Linden 61'
1 card accumulated A. Palafox 34'
Got injured S. Jakelis 74'
Position swap Out  S. Agathon
In  A. Pritzelwitz
Substitution Out  A. Pritzelwitz
In  T. Antares
Substitution Out  E. Mosli
In  J. ter Linden
Position swap Out  A. Ferial
In  T. Antares
Substitution Out  F. Itier
In  A. Hermann
Position swap Out  A. Hermann
In  A. Starkov
Substitution Out S. Jakelis
In A. Gozzi



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 5

0 Left attack 2
2 Central attack 1
3 Right attack 2
0 Other 0
3 Special events 0
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Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense excellent (very high) formidable (very low) 32 33 8/20 9/20
Attack solid (low) solid (low) 26 26 7/20 7/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Play creatively
Tactic skill (no tactic) - (no tactic) -

Average ratings

Total player experience solid (very low) solid (very high) 25 28 7/20 7/20
Average midfield brilliant (very low) outstanding (very low) 41 37 11/20 10/20
Average defense world class (very high) brilliant (low) 52 42 13/20 11/20
Average attack formidable (high) solid (low) 35 26 9/20 7/20
Total average brilliant (high) formidable (high) 43 35 11/20 9/20


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