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Torpedo 6 - 3 RUSE

22198 fans turned up at Arena Dobrich, and despite threatening clouds, no rain came. Uwe Book was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Varun van Heukelom and Dalibor Paperák. After thorough analysis and consultation of astrological charts, Torpedo decided to go with a 2-5-3 formation. Lineup: Ursu - Ardalić, Fornaciari - Obranič, Bolech, Olesen, Burgstaller, Niewitecki - Thatcher, Mälkiä, Parvikko.

Cry "havoc" and let loose the dogs of war! RUSE will go to battle in a 4-4-2 formation. The following players had been selected: Cappelletti - Petrushev, Pelkonen, Krústev, Manzur - Wölfer, Laborde, Uldanck, Petraroli - Tovmasyan, Rodríguez.

A outstanding level of counter-attacking seemed to be the preferred strategy of RUSE. Torpedo's E. Obranič proved that he's been around on a soccer field before, when he took advantage of a few moments of confusion in the enemy defensive line and elegantly scored for 1 - 0. Given a free kick from an impossible angle, Torpedo went for a play that loyal fans may recognize from training. A square ball surprised the defense and let L. Thatcher slip through at goal. He hit it first time, making the score 2 - 0, 29 minutes into the game. Against a lesser team, Torpedo could very well have succeeded with their smart indirect free kick combination after 32 minutes. A trio of passes took the ball all the way past the defenders, but by then the intended recipient was blocked off and the keeper could make a leisurely save. RUSE fought on, and after 33 minutes, H. Tovmasyan was able to increase the goal tally to 2 - 1 after some excellent moves on the right side were finished off with a smart lob. The counter-attacks of RUSE were deadly and 40 minutes into the game, A. Petrushev controlled a long pass from the right flank and finished to make it 2 - 2. T. Bolech missed a penalty shot...but wait! The referee signaled that the keeper had come off his line too early. He didn't miss the second time, though, and Torpedo took the lead in minute 41, making the score 3 - 2. The crowd was silenced 42 minutes into the match as the visiting team's A. Petrushev came in from the left, tying the game up at 3 - 3. Torpedo took the lead 43 minutes in, after T. Mälkiä's awkward, but ultimately successful, shot from the right. 4 - 3. Halftime score was 4 - 3. The forty-five minutes were dominated by Torpedo, with an impressive 58 percent possession of the ball.

A. Ardalić's long shot really ought to have found the net for Torpedo after 71 minutes, but it fell just wide of the target. RUSE's counter-attacks created a good chance for C. Rodríguez on the right after 72 minutes, but he could only look on with dismay as his strike rebounded off the crossbar. Big paper red cards were being held up by the opposing supporters with 76 minutes on the clock after E. Niewitecki's mistimed tackle from behind. The referee only showed the Torpedo player a yellow card though. 81 minutes into the match, the visitors' central line of defense had to look on as T. Mälkiä ran straight through, knocking one home to make it 5 - 3 for Torpedo. After a play down the right 83 minutes into the match, Torpedo's T. Bolech unleashed a ferocious shot that smashed into the roof of the net - after going over the crossbar. A great save by keeper G. Cappelletti with 83 minutes gone kept the visitors in the game after E. Niewitecki struck from the left with a real cannonball. A. Parvikko gave Torpedo supporters even more to cheer about when he increased the lead to 6 - 3 after 84 minutes, following a good exchange of passes on the right that the away team failed to deal with. After this, you could see that Torpedo's players were mostly interested in killing time and holding on to their lead. Torpedo set the tempo, maintaining 56 percent of possession.

Torpedo's best player was T. Mälkiä. I can't remember M. Ursu ever having a worse night than he just had. Most important RUSE player was C. Rodríguez. You can tell it was nickel beer night yesterday at the local bar because G. Cappelletti seemed to stumble all over the pitch. The match ends 6 - 3.

Rating details

Midfield inadequate (high) weak (low) 19 14 5/20 4/20
Right defense weak (very low) weak (very high) 13 16 4/20 4/20
Central defense passable (very low) formidable (low) 21 34 6/20 9/20
Left defense poor (very high) excellent (very low) 12 29 3/20 8/20
Right attack passable (low) weak (very low) 22 13 6/20 4/20
Central attack formidable (very low) passable (high) 33 23 9/20 6/20
Left attack passable (very low) weak (very low) 21 13 6/20 4/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense inadequate (very low) inadequate (low) 17 18 5/20 5/20
Attack inadequate (very high) weak (very high) 20 16 5/20 4/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) outstanding (no tactic) 10 10/20


1 - 0  E. Obranič 28'
2 - 0  L. Thatcher 29'
2 - 1  H. Tovmasyan 33'
2 - 2  A. Petrushev 40'
3 - 2  T. Bolech 41'
3 - 3  A. Petrushev 42'
4 - 3  T. Mälkiä 43'
5 - 3  T. Mälkiä 81'
6 - 3  A. Parvikko 84'
1 card accumulated E. Niewitecki 76'



Chance distribution

Home Away
11 5

1 Left attack 1
2 Central attack 1
3 Right attack 3
3 Other 0
2 Special events 0
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Rating details

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Indirect set pieces

Defense inadequate (very low) inadequate (low) 17 18 5/20 5/20
Attack inadequate (very high) weak (very high) 20 16 5/20 4/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) outstanding (no tactic) 10 10/20

Average ratings

Total player experience weak (high) poor (very high) 15 12 4/20 3/20
Average midfield inadequate (high) weak (low) 19 14 5/20 4/20
Average defense weak (high) solid (low) 15 26 4/20 7/20
Average attack solid (very low) inadequate (very low) 25 17 7/20 5/20
Total average inadequate (very high) inadequate (high) 20 19 5/20 5/20


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