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Clouds darkened the skies at Peña de Abajo Arena as 29046 spectators turned up for the match. Miron Petsalnikos was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Geoff Vrancken and Alejandro Cortes. After thorough analysis and consultation of astrological charts, Genfis decided to go with a 4-5-1 formation. Starters: Paz - Scognamillo, Flodgård, bin Hj Ehsan, Korsós - Kirsh, Kvarme, Lövell, Zawiślak, Verka - Melo.

Cry "havoc" and let loose the dogs of war! matchball will go to battle in a 2-5-3 formation. Lineup: Žabka - Antón, Konga - van Nimwegen, Parisotto, Collado, Onur, Olmedo - Canals, Praninskas, Bascuñana.

For their match strategy, Genfis had decided to use their formidable ability to counter-attack whenever possible. matchball took the lead 20 minutes into the game, making the score 0 - 1 after some elegant movement down the middle. A. Canals was the scorer. Genfis's R. Zawiślak was shown a yellow card after 22 minutes for slicing down an opponent. After 30 minutes A. Canals made a speedy advance and dropped the ball to E. Bascuñana who blasted it past the keeper. The score was now 0 - 2. Some fine one-twos on the left led to a matchball goal with 31 minutes gone, making it 0 - 3. A. Canals was noted down as the scorer. At this point, it was obvious that the players of matchball lowered the tempo and became more defensively oriented. After more pushing and shoving than a pack of helicopter moms trying to get the last appointment for their snowflakes to see the Easter Bunny, matchball's L. Praninskas finally got himself booked for a foul. Big paper red cards were being held up by the opposing supporters with 43 minutes on the clock after A. Scognamillo's mistimed tackle from behind. The referee only showed the Genfis player a yellow card though. 0 - 3 was the score after the first half. Looks like Nate Silver was right again - his prediction that matchball would have 56 percent possession in this half was spot on!

The ball was in the back of the home team's net yet again after 54 minutes, but this time the referee called the goal back because L. Praninskas had knocked a member of the opposing team to the ground while the play occurred down the middle of the field. With 75 minutes played, Genfis's A. Kvarme received a yellow card for challenging a play with his cleats first. Genfis's G. Melo managed a superb strike from the left after 79 minutes that would have left goalkeeper P. Žabka without a chance, had it not hit the post. matchball's V. Olmedo received a ball slotted perfectly through the home side's central defense after 80 minutes, and chipped it past the helpless keeper to increase the lead to 0 - 4. The away fans won't regret traveling for this one! The Count appeared on the jumbotron and announced that matchball had 56...56 percent possession. AH AH AH!

Most important Genfis player was S. Lövell. I can't remember A. Paz ever having a worse night than he just had. matchball's top performer was clearly P. Žabka. Good thing E. van Nimwegen isn't a horse, because he'd surely be sent to the glue factory after that performance. The match ends 0 - 4.

Rating details

Midfield passable (very high) excellent (low) 24 30 6/20 8/20
Right defense excellent (high) formidable (very high) 31 36 8/20 9/20
Central defense magnificent (high) brilliant (low) 47 42 12/20 11/20
Left defense excellent (low) formidable (very high) 30 36 8/20 9/20
Right attack weak (high) weak (very high) 15 16 4/20 4/20
Central attack weak (very low) outstanding (very low) 13 37 4/20 10/20
Left attack weak (low) outstanding (very high) 14 40 4/20 10/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense passable (very high) passable (high) 24 23 6/20 6/20
Attack inadequate (very high) inadequate (low) 20 18 5/20 5/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill formidable (no tactic) 9 (no tactic) 9/20


0 - 1  A. Canals 20'
0 - 2  E. Bascuñana 30'
0 - 3  A. Canals 31'
0 - 4  V. Olmedo 80'
1 card accumulated R. Zawiślak 22'
1 card accumulated L. Praninskas 39'
1 card accumulated A. Scognamillo 43'
1 card accumulated A. Kvarme 75'



Chance distribution

Home Away
3 7

1 Left attack 1
1 Central attack 5
1 Right attack 0
0 Other 0
0 Special events 1
Detailed match analysis is not available for matches more than two seasons old.

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense passable (very high) passable (high) 24 23 6/20 6/20
Attack inadequate (very high) inadequate (low) 20 18 5/20 5/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Counter-attacks Normal
Tactic skill formidable (no tactic) 9 (no tactic) 9/20

Average ratings

Total player experience inadequate (low) inadequate (low) 18 18 5/20 5/20
Average midfield passable (very high) excellent (low) 24 30 6/20 8/20
Average defense formidable (very high) outstanding (low) 36 38 9/20 10/20
Average attack weak (low) excellent (high) 14 31 4/20 8/20
Total average solid (very low) formidable (very low) 25 33 7/20 9/20


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