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Clear skies welcomed the 20100 spectators who had made their way to lönna stadium. Erik van den Bos was the appointed referee. Our studio analysts were correct. lönnqvist has taken the field in a 4-3-3 alignment. Starters: Canapio - Canobra, 剛 (Gang) , Aslan, Gigante - Nederquist, Hamalainen, Fjällborg - Heiberg, Holtan, Ivarsson.

After thorough analysis and consultation of astrological charts, Kylören decided to go with a 5-3-2 formation. They fielded: Rolandsson - Fagerell, Durañona, Echague, Scardaccione, Isturizaga - Londero, Jonasson, Bozhilov - Falkmar, Kjellwald.

lönnqvist were mostly trying to use their world class skill at attacking on the flanks. Using their extra-terrestrial counter-attacking abilities was the strategy of choice for Kylören today. You can tell G. Falkmar practices his free kicks. 24 minutes into the match, he hit a perfect one and made the score 0 - 1. After 26 minutes, Kylören's A. Bozhilov burst through the central defense and let loose a cannonball of a shot, scoring for 0 - 2. At this point, it was obvious that the players of Kylören lowered the tempo and became more defensively oriented. lönnqvist were determined to attack down the sideline and their central attempts were constantly abandoned in favor of the wings. lönnqvist's S. Holtan found himself alone on the left side 33 minutes into the match and launched a marshmallow of a shot - right into the arms of the keeper. What a turkey! The away team's fans are gobbling it up! Some fine one-twos on the left led to a Kylören goal with 36 minutes gone, making it 0 - 3. B. Jonasson was noted down as the scorer. Given a free kick from an impossible angle, Kylören went for a play that loyal fans may recognize from training. A square ball surprised the defense and let D. Durañona slip through at goal. He hit it first time, making the score 0 - 4, 37 minutes into the game. Halftime score was 0 - 4. Kylören set the tempo, maintaining 58 percent of possession.

Kylören's I. Kjellwald received a ball slotted perfectly through the home side's central defense after 48 minutes, and chipped it past the helpless keeper to increase the lead to 0 - 5. The away fans won't regret traveling for this one! G. Falkmar somehow managed to break free of his man on the left wing and only needed a relatively easy finish to bring Kylören's lead up to 0 - 6. After 64 minutes a combination in the middle resulted in a through ball for I. Kjellwald who increased Kylören's lead to 0 - 7. The away team's M. Londero took advantage of a mistake on the home side's right after 65 minutes increasing Kylören's lead to 0 - 8. The forty-five minutes were dominated by Kylören, with an impressive 61 percent possession of the ball.

The most outstanding lönnqvist player was without a doubt S. Holtan. Even six year old fans were wincing at the poor play by R. Canapio today. Kylören's top performer was clearly G. Falkmar. You can tell it was nickel beer night yesterday at the local bar because R. Fagerell seemed to stumble all over the pitch. The match ends 0 - 8.

Rating details

Midfield poor (very low) poor (high) 9 11 3/20 3/20
Right defense poor (high) supernatural (high) 11 55 3/20 14/20
Central defense weak (very low) magical (low) 13 70 4/20 18/20
Left defense poor (high) titanic (very low) 11 57 3/20 15/20
Right attack inadequate (low) passable (low) 18 22 5/20 6/20
Central attack weak (high) passable (very low) 15 21 4/20 6/20
Left attack passable (very low) passable (low) 21 22 6/20 6/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense weak (low) passable (high) 14 23 4/20 6/20
Attack weak (high) inadequate (very low) 15 17 4/20 5/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack on wings Counter-attacks
Tactic skill world class extra-terrestrial 13 16 13/20 16/20


0 - 1  G. Falkmar 24'
0 - 2  A. Bozhilov 26'
0 - 3  B. Jonasson 36'
0 - 4  D. Durañona 37'
0 - 5  I. Kjellwald 48'
0 - 6  G. Falkmar 58'
0 - 7  I. Kjellwald 64'
0 - 8  M. Londero 65'



Chance distribution

Home Away
3 8

2 Left attack 3
0 Central attack 3
1 Right attack 0
0 Other 2
0 Special events 0
Detailed match analysis is not available for matches more than two seasons old.

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense weak (low) passable (high) 14 23 4/20 6/20
Attack weak (high) inadequate (very low) 15 17 4/20 5/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack on wings Counter-attacks
Tactic skill world class extra-terrestrial 13 16 13/20 16/20

Average ratings

Total player experience passable (high) weak (very high) 23 16 6/20 4/20
Average midfield poor (very low) poor (high) 9 11 3/20 3/20
Average defense poor (very high) titanic (very high) 12 60 3/20 15/20
Average attack inadequate (low) passable (low) 18 22 5/20 6/20
Total average weak (very low) excellent (high) 13 31 4/20 8/20


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