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45944 spectators had found their way to La tana dei leoni, despite the heavy rain. Hendrie Kamphuis was the appointed referee. Cry "havoc" and let loose the dogs of war! Kursaal will go to battle in a 3-5-2 formation. Lineup: Sobrevals - Grisez, Ámundason, Edens - Polojärvi, Gustavsson, Vikesh, Macheritsas, Adamidis - Ermiye, Houli.

After thorough analysis and consultation of astrological charts, Dea Thai decided to go with a 3-5-2 formation. The following players had been selected: Romberg - Kostak, Knif, Andreani - Lauriola, Hirth, Bolcioni, Di Nardo, Terralavoro - Unruh, Bukarts.

It was an obvious ambition of Kursaal to play a wide game with their utopian ability to attack down the wings. 1 minutes into the match, the referee signaled for a Kursaal substitution. A. Lepp came on for J. Sobrevals. Against a lesser team, Dea Thai could very well have succeeded with their smart indirect free kick combination after 4 minutes. A trio of passes took the ball all the way past the defenders, but by then the intended recipient was blocked off and the keeper could make a leisurely save. The home side put themselves ahead 1 - 0 after 11 minutes of hard work with a breakthrough from A. Ámundason, who, all by his lonesome, came out of the right wing and hooked the ball over the visitors' keeper. The visitors wouldn't quit and after 31 minutes, I. Knif evened things up as he finished off a perfect pass from the right. 1 - 1. After 40 minutes, Dea Thai's E. Lauriola wobbled like a one-legged man on Bourbon Street at Mardi Gras, but he's determined to stay in the match. He's a real fighter! Kursaal's opponents know to be wary of D. Adamidis's speed, but it made little difference as he blew past the defense 41 minutes into the match. Only the keeper could stop him - and he did with a perfectly timed dive! After a fine move down the middle M. Polojärvi nearly put the home side one up with 42 minutes played. His final touch escaped him though and the keeper smothered the ball. M. Bukarts saw that the keeper was out and shot from an incredible distance 43 minutes in. Unfortunately for Dea Thai, the ball skimmed the crossbar and went over. 1 - 1 was the halftime score. Kursaal were doing a good job holding on to the ball, with 51 percent of possession.

Oh, it's a stupendous shot on goal! A Caravaggio! A Michaelangelo! A Venus on the Half Shell! 47 minutes into the match and C. Macheritsas has created art for the ages for Kursaal, putting them ahead 2 - 1. I'm weeping. I can't stop my eyes. Still trailing on the score board, Dea Thai adjusted their tactics after 47 minutes. G. Andreani had a quick chat at the sideline, then switched positions with S. Kostak. After 52 minutes, M. Polojärvi put Kursaal ahead 3 - 1 when he rose to head in a hooked ball, the result of an effort from the right side. Kursaal's A. Ámundason was delighted to score as he saw his shot go between the legs of the advancing keeper and into the net, following some good attacking movement on the right wing. 4 - 1 after 54 minutes. After 65 minutes, Dea Thai substituted A. Bolcioni for A. De Fazio, hoping for a quick impact on the field. M. Polojärvi gave Kursaal supporters even more to cheer about when he increased the lead to 5 - 1 after 68 minutes, following a good exchange of passes on the right that the away team failed to deal with. Kursaal's players now seemed to think the job was done and acted more defensively, just waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle. With 71 minutes played, Kursaal's J. Edens received a yellow card for challenging a play with his cleats first. Although the whole team were struggling to impress, Dea Thai's A. Terralavoro was singled out as being the problem as he was called off the field after 73 minutes. B. Håkansson was given a chance to change things around. The Dea Thai coach was desperate to reverse his team's fortunes in the game, and ordered his team to change their strategy. D. Adamidis slipped and slid in the wet grass. His usual rapid runs were nowhere to be seen today. Kursaal put themselves up 6 - 1 when F. Houli broke through on the right, leaving the entire defensive delegation behind him. After more pushing and shoving than a pack of helicopter moms trying to get the last appointment for their snowflakes to see the Easter Bunny, Kursaal's M. Ermiye finally got himself booked for a foul. Unfortunately for Dea Thai, M. Bukarts was injured as the game became more physical, and he had to leave the field. T. Vallefuoco replaced him. The home team's fans were upset when, after 84 minutes, the visiting L. Di Nardo broke through the central defense and got the ball past the keeper. 6 - 2 was the score. The Kursaal players could smell victory in the air. A. Lepp wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for C. Lazarek after 89 minutes. The Count appeared on the jumbotron and announced that Kursaal had 52...52 percent possession. AH AH AH!

F. Houli performed admirably for Kursaal. You can tell it was nickel beer night yesterday at the local bar because C. Lazarek seemed to stumble all over the pitch. Dea Thai's best player was F. Unruh. Good thing B. Håkansson isn't a horse, because he'd surely be sent to the glue factory after that performance. The match ends 6 - 2.

Rating details

Midfield world class (high) magnificent (very high) 51 48 13/20 12/20
Right defense magnificent (high) supernatural (high) 47 55 12/20 14/20
Central defense outstanding (high) world class (very high) 39 52 10/20 13/20
Left defense world class (very low) supernatural (low) 49 54 13/20 14/20
Right attack supernatural (very high) world class (low) 56 50 14/20 13/20
Central attack solid (very high) formidable (high) 28 35 7/20 9/20
Left attack supernatural (very high) brilliant (low) 56 42 14/20 11/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense formidable (low) outstanding (very high) 34 40 9/20 10/20
Attack solid (very high) excellent (very high) 28 32 7/20 8/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack on wings Normal
Tactic skill utopian (no tactic) 19 (no tactic) 19/20


1 - 0  A. Ámundason 11'
1 - 1  I. Knif 31'
2 - 1  C. Macheritsas 47'
3 - 1  M. Polojärvi 52'
4 - 1  A. Ámundason 54'
5 - 1  M. Polojärvi 68'
6 - 1  F. Houli 81'
6 - 2  L. Di Nardo 84'
1 card accumulated J. Edens 71'
1 card accumulated M. Ermiye 82'
Got bruised E. Lauriola 40'
Got injured M. Bukarts 83'
Substitution Out  J. Sobrevals
In  A. Lepp
Position swap Out  S. Kostak
In  G. Andreani
Substitution Out  A. Bolcioni
In  A. De Fazio
Substitution Out  A. Terralavoro
In  B. Håkansson
Behavior B. Håkansson
Normal  To  Offensive
Substitution Out M. Bukarts
In T. Vallefuoco
Substitution Out  A. Lepp
In  C. Lazarek



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 5

1 Left attack 0
1 Central attack 2
5 Right attack 1
0 Other 1
1 Special events 1
Detailed match analysis is not available for matches more than two seasons old.

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense formidable (low) outstanding (very high) 34 40 9/20 10/20
Attack solid (very high) excellent (very high) 28 32 7/20 8/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack on wings Normal
Tactic skill utopian (no tactic) 19 (no tactic) 19/20

Average ratings

Total player experience extra-terrestrial (high) excellent (low) 63 30 16/20 8/20
Average midfield world class (high) magnificent (very high) 51 48 13/20 12/20
Average defense magnificent (very low) supernatural (very low) 45 53 12/20 14/20
Average attack magnificent (high) brilliant (high) 47 43 12/20 11/20
Total average magnificent (very high) magnificent (very high) 48 48 12/20 12/20


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