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feral tribune Croatia (156659)


#1 in III.9

The team is currently traveling abroad for an international friendly in Spain.

Club details

Managed by mikan Supporter Platinum

2 778 members in Ungrateful Pieces of Crap

Stadium: feral tribune Arena (capacity 79 997)

Ranked 51

Press announcement

1-24-2015 kramer protiv kramera

stanje s 24.1.2015.

1. klub TSI total: 1,084 milijuna
2. klub TSI total: 1,064 milijuna

možda da drugi nazovem prvi?
bilo kako bilo, u-23 ga svakako više ne bih smio zvati. :)

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1-24-2015 Last message by  rolacity Supporter Platinum

tebi opet puštaju, a kišobrane mocaju. lako tako...

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Home page: http://hattrickunited.org/feral/

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