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Bye Bye HT-Supporter Thailand (33763)


# 2 in IV.18

Still in Thai Cup.

The team is undefeated for 7 competitive games and has 7 wins in a row

Club details

Managed by paede Supporter Platinum

1 572 members in LOST

Arena: Valley of Tears (capacity 19 126)

Ranked 260

Press announcement

11-23-2013 Bye Bye HT-Supporter

Hi all,

I am writing to you because HT raised the price on support to an unacceptable level. The only way we can make the price go down again is by sticking together.

This federation (112765) is trying to gather as many people as possible, and we really have to become the biggest fed in all of hattrick, if we want to make a difference in our beloved game.

We all love and enjoy hattrick, but at this point i dont see any other way the to stop supporting hattrick, simply because of their horrible price raise, we HAVE to make them understand we are serious. So please make your vote count and join this fed today, so we have a possiblity to make them change their mind.

Send this letter to all you supporters, this is done by copying this text, go to you mailbox, and click on "send newsletter". This makes sure you are not fined for spamming.
MailBox -> Write Newsletter ->Paste text -> and Click Send
Join before our beloved game has died, make you voice heard!

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