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PRESS KORNER (TituladoBugnosSchool-2)


What was the atmosphere at the forums before final?
Everybody was very excited before the match; it was the first time World Cup final for Chile. The community knew it would be a rough match, but they trusted us. One person opened a thread called “If Chile gets gold, I would…” and quickly had several posts. Thankfully, we were able to overcome these expectations, so we bring Chile the first gold medal of its history.

Can you explain your feelings during the match?
I was very nervous and excited, but I had confidence in our team. At the half-time I had to go, because I had a date with my girlfriend, so I wasn’t there when the match ends.

You used your usual tactic for the final (strong defense and one strong wing attack rating) and win the match 1-0. Why don't you use the AOW tactic although you always have a strong wing attack rating? To avoid the central defense rating loss?
As the final demands, we had to use the best of the team, so if that tactic brought us to the finals, we had to use it. I don’t trust much in AoW or AIM tactics because I have seen very strange results with them, and if we reached the finals without using them, the final wasn’t the time to test it.

So you win the match and be the number 1 team of the world. I think it would be really hard to express your feelings after the match but can you take us back to the post-match? What happened?
When I saw the result, I was very happy and excited and I felt the work has been done… I thanked my crew for all the support in those long 7 months. It was amazing to see all the support received all over the world. I received more than a hundred ht-mails and I tried to answer all of them. It was a very nice feeling.

What is your aim after the World Cup? Is any aim is left after this success?
Actually I’m trying to find a new motivation, but it’s hard, because my team does not motivate me so much. Maybe a new aim would be to try to reach a new gold. But now I’m here for my friends.

Weren't you a candidate for the national team again?
No, now I haven’t much time to devote to the NT, so I chose to step aside.

What do you think about the participation percentage to the elections? Why is this percentage so low?
I think this percentage is very low. Maybe it’s because many member of the community don’t take the time to learn of the candidates, and they prefer not to vote.

What do you think about the golden generation? Is it possible to be successful without a golden generation?
I think it’s a good resource, but for the small nations. I have seen some golden generations going further on the WC, so I think it’s possible to be successful with it.

Do you think creating a golden generation is logical for a big nation?
I don’t think so. Big nations have a lot of players to choose to create their NT Squad, so they don’t need to use golden generations to have good players.

Have you ever had any problems with a national team player's owner?
Nothing serious, just some of them didn’t answer any ht-mail which is about training instructions or something like that.

Who should decide the training plan of a national team player, owner of that player or the national coach of that nation?
I think the right person is the NT coach, because he knows what kind of players he needs.

What are the changes that can be made in the near future to the national teams?
I think a good change would be to hide the NT coach, so for countries which is in a time block that doesn't fit with HT time, disadvantage of changing the coach’s mentality in abrupt hours won't be a problem anymore. Or else changing the time in which matches are played can be useful, as more people can be interested in NT matches.

What do you think about the popularity of national teams in Hattrick? Do you think it should have a more important place in Hattrick?
I think NT should be much more important on HT, because the competition that exists between every nation is very funny. The most important competition in the real football is the WC, why this can't be the same in HT?

User Questions...

Which one do you prefer in a home game, a loss with PIC or a draw with Normal?
I think it is better to have a loss with PIC, because you’ll raise your TS and it could be useful in the future matches.

Which one is harder, U20 or National team?
For me, the U-20 is harder, because you have to be very careful with the age (the days) of your players, and that limits you a lot when you make your team.

What type of national teams are the ones that you are most afraid of?
I’m not afraid of any nation particularly; I think everyone can make a good match (regardless if it’s a big one or a small one). You shouldn't underestimate any rival.

What is the strongest tactic and formation in Hattrick for you?
I think the best formation is the classical 3-5-2; with a lot of midfield, strong defenses and a lot of specialists.

Do you make PIC-PIC deals? Have you ever offered such deal to any user?
Yes, we made a PIC deal on Round I with our neighbors (Argentina), and it was very useful for us (although we have lost that match).

Are there any matches that you can't forget?
There are 3 matches that I’ll always remember; obviously the final against Switzerland (the golden match (364958644)), the semifinal against Sweden (the golden goal match (364430879)) and the second match against Brazil on Round I (the one that gave us the qualification to Round II (345947795)).

What is the most unexpected victory for you?
I think the most unexpected victory happens when a team don’t beat the rival in any rating and still beats the rival in score. One unexpected victory we suffered on my time was against Scotland (the second match); on that match we played our first PIN of the season and we were superior to them, however we can’t win that match.

What is important in national team, experience or talent?
I think you need both of them. If you have talent and no experience, you eventually make mistakes and your talent would be useless. If you have experience and no talent, you also can't be successful.

According to you, what properties should a 30 year old TDF player have?
I like those players to be at least extra-terrestrial playmaking, titanic passing, outstanding scoring, and maybe excellent winger.

What do you think for TDF vs QDF (quick DF) ?
I prefer TDF, because of his passing bonus to side attack. Then I like HDF and QDF.

For the NT team do you prefer a DF with scoring or 1 with more Passing/Playmaking?
By far I prefer one with more playmaking and passing, for me the scoring skill is not important for a DF.

Thanks for answering our questions.
Thanks to you.

In one breath we have come to the end of the second interview. See you until the next interview and thanks for following us...

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