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Hattrick Gears
Small kicks for your team

Hattrick Gears is a collection of small pay-per-use features, made in the same spirit as Hattrick Supporter; features that make Hattrick more fun to play or make your Hattrick life more comfortable, but without really giving you any actual in game advantages.

You purchase each Hattrick Gears feature with Credits. These are the Hattrick Gears features:

Give your player a nickname

Have any of your players been given a nickname by the rest of the squad, or by your fans? You can give your beloved players nicknames to make them more personal. Nicknames will appear between players' first and last names while at your club. When a player is sold, the nickname is removed.

Players currently on the transfer list or players that have played a national team match can't be given nicknames. The nickname also has to exist in the database of accepted nicknames.

If the nickname you want to use is not available you can make a suggestion to add it.

Price: 5 Credits

Style a player

You can give any of your players a new look by styling them, as long as the player is not on the transfer list. By styling a player you can change his hairstyle or hair colour and add (or remove) facial hair.

Price: 2 Credits

Give player a total makeover

You can also give a player a total makeover, which means you can change anything about his looks. However, you have to be either the mother club of your player or have owned the player for at least 5 seasons in order to give him a total makeover.

Moreover, players currently on the transfer list or players that have played a match for a national team can't be given a total makeover.

Price: 8 Credits

Join Tournament

Tournaments are the unofficial club competition in Hattrick. As a Supporter you can create them (and join in for free), and then anyone can join in on the fun. All that is needed is an invitation and a few Credits for the tournament ticket. Tournaments include 4, 8, 12 or 16 teams, but the price to play is always the same - 2 Credits.

Price: 2 Credits

Single match

Do you want to put your obnoxious friend in his place? Can't get enough of matches through your regular schedule? Single matches are here to help. Challenge any team, play the game, get the boasting rights - it's as simple as that.

Price: 1 Credit

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