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6-22-2016 Downtime this morning

Earlier this morning, we encountered a technical issue with one of our servers and the site was down. We acted as soon as possible to stop the transfers and we have extended all between 07:30 and 10:00 HT Time by 3 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

6-11-2016 We have some servers issues that we are working on...

We received a few reports about Application Errors during login process. Some of our servers behave abnormal. We are working on it, but until then, if you encounter any issues, try to refresh the page a couple of times to get into another web server.

6-9-2016 Release notes 8th June

Stamina will from now on be calculated correctly for players who started after the first half and when the match goes to extra time. Many more small fixes were released to improve your Hattrick experience.

Also we will now show when your National Teams are playing a match and released several other new features regarding the National Teams of which we spoke of in our latest editorial.

5-21-2016 Unknown Players

In some leagues finished match reports from today show up without player names, instead calling all players "Unknown Players". This is due to delayed batch updates, which will have to be run manually. It does not affect the game, results or training in any way so please have patience with this presentational error until we have a chance to fix it.

4-19-2016 Friendly matches delayed

Unfortunately, we have issues with HT Live and friendly matches from around 18:20. We are trying to fix it as soon as possible. It is not necessary to inform your Game Masters about problems related to this.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update: The problems have been solved now and any unfinished matches will catch up in the coming hours.

3-15-2016 Release notes 15th March

For the Match order sandbox the default team orders (subs) are now loaded upon page load. Also we updated training estimation to take the assistant trainer "new" effect into account.

We fixed the banner report functionality and at the same time made it possible to report the side aquare banner.

2-23-2016 Transfer market was down

Yesterday, about 03:15 at night, our Internet connection went down because of planned maintenance work at our Internet service provider. A week ago, we added a feature which automatically stops player transfers when we have technical problems. However, the part of the feature that was meant to alert us about this did not work as planned. We have started all the transfers now and you should be able to make transfers again.

2-22-2016 Match archives restored

The match archives has now been fully restored, which means all historic match data should now be available to read on the site. We will now be able to work on the recreation of pending previous club money, which we hope will be sorted out on the next few days at most.

2-18-2016 [Update] Match archive restore done, but...

We have now performed the backup restore of the missing match archive data, and it went well. We are still not finished though, since we are talking about 2 billion lines of text that now has to be reinserted into our archive database all over again. This will take approximately two days (a little over 50 hours remaining right now).

When it is done, we will try to complete all delayed "previous club" transactions. Also, all match related data should then be back to normal again. Thank you for your patience.

2-17-2016 Update on match archive

We are still working on restoring the match archive for Seasons 56 to 60, which are currently unavailable. This could still take a few days to complete. While the backup is restored, previous club money will not work, however we plan to try to to run these transactions retroactively when the match archive is back up. We cannot guarantee that this will work perfectly, we haven’t done it before, but we will do our very best to make sure no team loses out because of this. Mother club money continues to works as usual. We hope for your patience while we resolve this.

2-16-2016 Match archives on the loose

During the pre-season cleanup the match archive for seasons 56 to 60 went missing. We are now working to restore them from backup. This will have absolutely no effect on any game mechanics in Hattrick (including training) and it poses no issues for the seasons that is about to kick off, but, for a few days this data will be unavailable to read on the web. We may be able to get some of the more recent data available in just a few hours, if so we will make it available immediately.We are sorry for this, of course, and we hope it will be resolved shortly, without causing you too much concern.

2-10-2016 Downtime and transfers

Yesterday Hattrick was down for several hours due to technical problems at our ISP which began around 18.30 and which were not solved until around midnight. The downtime was out of our hands but we are very sorry for the fact that it happened, and especially for the delays in games to those users who participate in our Supporter Week Trophy.

What did go wrong on our end yesterday, however, was that we did not stop the transfer engine as we normally do when we have downtime on the site, which means many transfer auctions finished despite there being no bidders around to bid on them, resulting in losses to the selling teams. We have always had the policy to not compensate in cases like this, because we have not had the means to make a fair estimate of the loss. But this time we would like to change policy and look into compensating the users that have lost out. We have recently taken into use a new algorithm for analysing market prices and we think this can help us reach a fair (if not perfectly fair) compensation. We do ask users involved to be patient as it could take few days before everyone receives any money.

This will apply to all transfers where the player in question had any bids when the site went down, and where the bidding finished while the site was down. We are excluding very low value players (less than 10 000 EUR) from compensation.

We are also working on a solution for transfers to automatically suspend when there are unexpected downtime on the site. Until this new functionality is fully calibrated, we may see the transfer market suspend even when there is no "real" downtime, but hopefully we can have fairly soon have this as a security measure in place so that what happened yesterday won't happen again.

12-28-2015 Downtime

Because of some problems during maintenance in our Data Center, it was not possible to connect to our site for almost an hour this morning. All transfers with a deadline between 11:29 and 12:35 HT Time have been extended by 90 minutes.

12-19-2015 Financial update problem

We received reports regarding the financial update and a higher cost of staff salaries. We are investigating it.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

EDIT: The issue has now been solved, all team economies are now restored and corrected. Our apologies to the users involved.

12-16-2015 Release notes 14th December

We released a fix for showing the position of your team(s) in older editions of the Supporter Week Trophy.

From now on, to avoid mistakes when setting match orders, a warning will be issued for any substitution/order where conditions are not set at the time the order is submitted.

11-24-2015 Hattrick Masters rounds pushed forward

Because of a calculation problem with the number of participants of the Hattrick Masters, we have one participant too many for the second round. To correct this problem we will push forward all upcoming rounds with half a week. Also we will pick 2 random teams that had a 'free pass' to advance to the second round and who will play against each other on Thursday in order to decide who advances to the next round. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

11-11-2015 Downtime this morning

Due to some problems during maintenance in our Data Center, it was not possible to connect to our site this morning. In cooperation with our Data Center support we worked hard to restore service as soon as possible and managed to get the site back online shortly before noon. We were able to stop the transfermarket some 20 minutes after the site went down and have now extended all transfers with a deadline between 09:34 and 12:45 HT Time with 4 hours.

There are however still a few problems remaining that we are working on fixing. The main issues being application errors, not being able to watch matches live and also our mobile platfrom is not running as well as it should.

We would also like to inform you that while we are busy solving these problems, youth will be down and we estimate that it will be back up some time during the evening.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

11-3-2015 HT Live problems 2

Unfortunately once again we have problems with HT Live. We are trying to release a fix for this as soon as possible. It is not necessary to inform your Gamemasters about problems related to this.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Update: The problems have been solved now and any unfinished matches will catch up in the coming hours.

11-1-2015 "New staff" bugs now fixed

We have fixed a number of bugs that appeared during in the first week matches, and which are all related to the new staff member changes.

Tactical Assistants (TA) and Style of Play: Many teams had their matches simulated as if they had a neutral coach, when in fact they expected either an offensive or defensive style of play due to their coach and TA settings. This is now changed so that the correct coach is always applied before any TA choices kick in.

Spokespersons: The Spokesperson has been removed and the effects of a Level 5 spokesperson should now be active for all teams in Hattrick permanently and free of charge. We solved an issue with this implementation that caused fan mood not to react the way it should have after the league games.

The fixes are now live since an hour or so, and as far as we can tell, all reported issues have been taken care of. But we will keep a close eye on this and also follow up these emergency fixes tomorrow to make sure things are running as they should. We apologize for this bumpy start to the season.

10-28-2015 HT Live problems

Currently there is a problem with HT Live not functioning. We'll try to fix this problem as soon as possible.

It is however still possible to follow up on the progress of the match (but not in the most ideal way), by going to the matches page and open your current match from there.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.

Update 18:10 HT Time: The service has been restored.

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