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1-21-2015 Downtime

This morning Hattrick was down for several hours due to a problem with our Internet Service Provider (ISP). Because we were also unable to reach our servers, we were not able to stop the transfer market and therefore there will be no transfer extensions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

1-19-2015 Release notes January 19

From now on you will be able to see how many of your players have individual instructions on the training page for senior teams. Additionally, you should now be able to find all players matching the criteria when searching for experience and leadership on the transfer list, regardless of their other abilities. You will also be informed when you have been invited to a youth league.

There were also a bunch of other fixes that didn't make it to today's release notes.

1-9-2015 January 8th Release Notes

We fixed a bug where you could see if substitutes were going to happen when watching a 'Live match'. We also fixed a problem where attendance was not shown in walkover matches. And from now on you can also see which of your players have a red card in the lineup page.
Also, various other fixes that didn't make it into these release notes have been applied in order to give you a better Hattrick experience.

1-5-2015 Cup problems

Last week the Cup games in some leagues were not played correctly. As a result, a small number of teams (less than 48) have lost training. Unfortunately, we cannot regenerate this lost training for these teams.

12-11-2014 Shop orders not activated

During the past few weeks we have had some problems with several (not all) shop orders that were paid by bank transfer by Global Collect. The orders were not being activated after we received payment confirmation. We have fixed this problem now.

There may however be some open orders still left. If your order has not been activated within 5 business days, please contact Customer Service and they will help you make sure that your order gets activated as soon as possible.

Orders made after December 8th have not been affected by this problem.

11-25-2014 Change when hiring a new coach

When hiring a new coach, the system will now check your actual finances rather than the cash your club had on the latest financial update. This small change has been done to make the coach system work closer to user expectations, as well as making it a bit safer to use for clubs that are low on funds.

Put simply, the system will now check the amount of funds you have available (the amount in parentheses) instead of what you had at the last update.

9-8-2014 Youth team activation problem

Currently there is a problem with youth teams not being activated. We're hoping to have a fix available tomorrow at the latest. There is no further need to inform your GMs about this problem.

Update: Problem has been solved.

8-25-2014 Release notes August 25

From now on, you can see how much money has been moved to and from your board reserves on the finances page. Apart from this we also fixed the set pieces bonus not being taken into account on the team training estimation page.

8-19-2014 Release notes August 19

Today we have released a bunch of stuff that you may like. You can now see all league names in your own language. If you like seeing them in their own language better, you can change it here (/MyHattrick/Preferences/ProfileSettings.aspx)

Now all shapes, patterns, and colors are available for non-Supporters in the logo editor. Symbols are the only thing that isn't available to non-Supporters now.

Furthermore, we have released fixes to the ratings predictor which only used half of the home grown bonus. Youth league admins can now leave their league without being forced to delete them and we have fixed issues when activating your youth academy for the first time.

8-18-2014 Wrongly reported skill drops

Today some of you may have noticed an excessive amount of skill drops in your training report. Many of these reports were incorrect and we have fixed the issue, but we're still working on correcting those reports. This is only a presentational issue, so there is no need for alarm. Your players have been updated correctly.

Update 13:30 HT Time: All reports have now been corrected.

8-12-2014 Cup attendance improvements

We have fixed a bug that caused a low attendance when playing against street teams. We also improved the attendance in divisional cups so that those matches will generate more income than international friendlies.

8-8-2014 Tweak to new cup system

We have made a tweak to the cup system in order to prevent the Consolation Cup consisting of mainly street teams. This means that losing teams in round one of the Emerald Challenger Cup and round one of the Ruby Challenger Cup will move on to the Consolation Cup. Originally only losing teams in rounds one and two of the Emerald Challenger Cup would continue in the Consolation Cup.

8-5-2014 Disturbance of services

Tonight we suffered from some problems which caused several pages to become inaccessible and which forced us to stop transfers. The problems have been taken care of now and service will continue as it did before. Transfers between 22:13:06 and 22:45:00 HT Time have been extended by 60 minutes.

7-22-2014 Weekend friendlies and qualifiers

We would like to remind everyone to check your line-ups for the weekend friendlies as they will use the friendly lineup by default, whereas you might want to use your league lineup instead.

As of this season you will now also find the upcoming qualification matches on your series page. This will help you to see in a blink of an eye which teams in your series have a qualifier scheduled.

6-26-2014 Tournaments fix

Today we have released a fix for a problem where we were charging 2 credits to Supporters when creating or restarting a Supporter free tournament. We have refunded the affected users and in that case you should find a notice about this in the credit usage log.

6-9-2014 Updates on the Manager Network

Today we have fixed some bugs for the Manager Network, and also added two new things:
- When a request has been sent out and accepted, the user who made the request will receive a notification about this in their Dashboard
- It is now possible to add a Shortcut to the Manager Network. If you have modified your default shortcuts in the past, you need to add this new shortcuts manually in your Preferences page (/MyHattrick/Preferences/ShortCutSettings.aspx). Everyone else will see the Network icon by default.

6-5-2014 Release notes 5th June

Today we have added ability to search by any specialty in the transfer market.

5-26-2014 Match engine fix

About half a year ago we applied a fix to the match engine for Tournaments, Ladders, Preparation and single matches. If you add a substitution or order change to a player on the bench that order will be executed as soon as he steps on to the field, where previously the order wouldn't be executed. Since a couple of weeks this fix is also being applied to all other matches.

5-7-2014 Release notes 7th May

As of today we will filter out all tournament, ladder and single matches from the latest matches tab when previewing an upcoming match that is not a tournament, ladder or single match.

5-6-2014 Unexpected downtime

Hattrick unexpectedly went down earlier today because of database problems. Transfers were stopped almost right away and all transfers between 14:18 and 20:00 HT Time have been extended by 10 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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