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7-22-2014 Weekend friendlies and qualifiers

We would like to remind everyone to check your line-ups for the weekend friendlies as they will use the friendly lineup by default, whereas you might want to use your league lineup instead.

As of this season you will now also find the upcoming qualification matches on your series page. This will help you to see in a blink of an eye which teams in your series have a qualifier scheduled.

6-26-2014 Tournaments fix

Today we have released a fix for a problem that meant Supporters were being charged 2 credits when creating or restarting a Supporter free tournament. We have refunded the affected users, and if you were affected then you should find a notice about this in your credit usage log.

6-9-2014 Updates to the Manager Network

Today we have fixed some bugs for the Manager Network, and also added two new things:
- When a request has been sent out and accepted, the user who made the request will receive a notification about this in their Dashboard.
- It is now possible to add a Shortcut to the Manager Network. If you have modified your default Shortcuts in the past, you need to add this new Shortcut manually in your Preferences page (/MyHattrick/Preferences/ShortCutSettings.aspx). Everyone else will see the Network icon by default.

6-5-2014 Release notes 5th June

Today we have added ability to search for "any" specialty in the transfer market, rather than only being able to search for one at a time.

5-26-2014 Match engine fix

About six months ago we applied a fix to the match engine for Tournaments, Ladders, Preparation and single matches. If you add a substitution or order change to a player on the bench, that order will be executed as soon as he steps on to the field, where previously the order wouldn't be executed. Since a couple of weeks this fix has also been applied to all other matches.

5-7-2014 Release notes 7th May

As of today we will filter out all tournament, ladder and single matches from the latest matches tab when previewing an upcoming match that is not a tournament, ladder or single match.

5-6-2014 Unexpected downtime

Hattrick unexpectedly went down earlier today because of database problems. Transfers were stopped almost right away and all transfers between 14:18 and 20:00 HT Time have been extended by 10 hours. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

4-25-2014 Release Notes April 25

We've removed the advanced newbie tutorial that was introduced in the autumn. After thorough analysis, we found it was not improving the stay-rates for new users. This means new users in Hattrick will have a first experience that is more in line with what most users in the game today had when they started, and which is also much more in line with how they game is really played. We will look at other ways to improve the game experience for new users instead.

4-22-2014 Release Notes April 22

Public Forum users

It is now possible to sign up for Hattrick without also getting a team to manage. This "light" registration is mostly intended for people that wants to participate in our forums but who are not yet ready to take part in the game. Also, the limited registration will only be available for users who reach Hattrick through our public forum pages. We don't expect to see a huge impact of "forum-only users" for now, but we just wanted to point out that they do exist and that they commit to the same forum conduct rules as everyone else.

4-15-2014 Training formulae not correctly shown

We have spotted some issues in formulae relating to the Assistant Coaches in the new staff system. Currently, the training effects received from Assistant Coaches is not correctly shown in the manual. It was also incorrectly shown in the Training Estimation tool (a Supporter feature), but this bug has now been fixed. The manual will be updated with the correct numbers this week.

4-13-2014 Youth match and Facebook login problems

We are currently investigating problems with youth matches not running and not being able to login through Facebook.

Update 21:10 HT Time: Youth matches are running again. Expect delays until tomorrow morning.

Update 9:07 HT Time: Facebook login has been fixed.

4-11-2014 Bob no longer goes to the bank

It will no longer be possible to get the achievement 'Met Bob at the bank'. Those who already have the achievement will keep it, but lose the points for this achievement.

4-9-2014 Match engine fix

Yesterday we released a fix for a small bug in the match engine related to special events.

It used to happen in a few very specific cases that a team could get more special event oportunities than it should according to its ball posession.

This has been fixed now, starting from yesterday's friendly matches.

4-9-2014 Transfers stopped

We've temporarily stopped transfers because of an urgent network maintenance from our provider that might cause the site to become unavailable.

We will restart them once everything is stable.

UPDATE: Now we've started transfers again, everything should catch up soon.

3-27-2014 Release notes 27th March

We have made a major change to the way we present banners which will hopefully make browsing much faster for non Supporters. It should also fix some of the problems we were having with banners.

HT press articles are public now and can be accessed without login.

3-24-2014 Release notes 24th March

We have made a couple of improvements to the ratings:

1) The timeline looks slightly different. There are now 2 tabs for 45 minutes (and 90 minutes if the game went to extra time), one before the break and one after the break. To clarify this, there is a small divider to indicate these breaks. Also, we made it slightly narrower.

2) For live ratings we fixed the ratings shown at the beginning of the second half.

3-19-2014 Forum ignore function available to everyone

Today we have made the possibility to ignore certain users on the forums available to all users (should you have the desire to do so). Previously this was a Supporter only feature.

3-17-2014 Release notes 17th March

Starting with today's matches, you will always be able to see who the set piece taker is. Before it was only available on the "Average" view, now it will be available at each 5 minute interval as well.

3-15-2014 Downtime this weekend

23.55 - We're currently (and have been since about 15.00 on Saturday, Hattrick time) experiencing serious problems with what seems to be our connections. Everything has been running fine in the background, and as soon as you're able to log on matches and updates have been completed as scheduled.

Update (00.30) - The problem has now been solved, it was indeed a problem with our ISP. Transfers between 22:55 (Saturday) and 11:00 (Sunday) has been postponed by 12 hours.

Again, we apologise sincerely for any inconvenience!

3-3-2014 Release notes 3rd March

We have removed the tournament restrictions for Supporters whose Supporter runs out before the tournament ends. This means that you can join a tournament without having to pay credits as long as you are a Supporter at the time you join the tournament, even if your Supporter will run out the next day.

We also fixed the average match ratings for youth matches.

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