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11-6-2015 NT? No Thanks

Have you ever felt that the entire National Team setup in HT simply makes no sense? Here - for the first time ever - is the explanation in all its glory.

Or something like that...

4463 views Written by Darth_Hansen

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10-24-2015 The Youth Academy (part one)

Ever since I started playing Hattrick in february 2012, I have been intrigued with the youth academy.

In the beginning I fumbled around quite a bit and found a lot of more or less useful information in various Hattrick forums. But there was this one thread in the danish forum which I found myself returning to, whenever I was in doubt of what to do. So when the second teams were introduced, and we got a lot of foreign managers in the faroese league, I decided to translate this thread to english and publish it in the faroese forum.

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2824 views Written by Rageliasen

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10-24-2015 The Youth Academy (part two)

Second part of (19251). Can read about:

- player's skills
- training report
- perfect age for U-20
- extra training
- general advices

2309 views Written by Rageliasen

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10-4-2015 How should we choose the National coach

At the end of every season, the users are asked to choose the National coach. U20 elections are followed by NT elections the next season, with each term lasting two seasons.

2695 views Written by maryusika

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8-31-2015 Interview with HPE-Dantekavala

In this article, we are about to meet the main person who is working at the core of the new Match Engine. Yes, it's HPE-Dantekavala (10800601), the newest member of Hattrick Team!

Are you curious to find out more news about the ME update, where is Hattrick heading to and which are the changes over Hattrick Press?

Of course you can find out even more into the article, but I can't tell you all the surprises right now. Ah, and please serve it with Ouzo, he is Greek. :)

4501 views Written by Flatron330

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7-31-2015 Against all odds: a survival guide for weak NTs

You have just been elected NT manager of a small nation and you realize that your players are far weaker than you expected? You don't know how to compete while waiting for younger players to be trained properly? Read on.

5541 views Written by LA-artod

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5-21-2015 With home-grown players to the top (2)

Four years ago, I wrote “With home-grown players to the top” (13392). In that article, I predicted that within 15 seasons, I would rise to the top leagues, without buying any players. Almost 15 seasons have passed since I started this project. Time to evaluate!

17275 views Written by HPE-Frank_

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4-28-2015 The Old Man and Hattrick

As Ernest Hemingway wrote in his story "The Old Man and the Sea": "A man can be destroyed but not defeated." This sentence really fits into the history of one of Hattrick users - 80 years old ignac35 (5827577). This is the interview with him - the oldest user of Hattrick in Poland, maybe in the world too.


10628 views Written by Dovco_HandF

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4-21-2015 An interview with Ratsia

Ratsia (88666) is the 'most stalked' user in HT (except HTs): more than 400 users bookmarked him to read his posts, he's playing the game since 2002 and he's well known as a very interesting person. And when editorials are published, a lot of users start to look for his posts, to check the ideas of an HT user "who knows". With this interview, we try to give you some more information about him, and his ideas/proposals about HT.

10599 views Written by HT-Tasos

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4-9-2015 Hattrick - more than a product - more than a game

This article was published some days ago on the german "Hattrick Press"-site and was written in response to the recent announcement regarding the raise of supporter prices. It attempts to sum up both the official HT stance as well as the reactions from the community. The article focuses on Hattricks unique selling points and tries to determine the legitimacy of the protests that resulted from the announced price raise.

10446 views Written by Knockpasheemore

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