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4-9-2015 Hattrick - more than a product - more than a game

This article was published some days ago on the german "Hattrick Press"-site and was written in response to the recent announcement regarding the raise of supporter prices. It attempts to sum up both the official HT stance as well as the reactions from the community. The article focuses on Hattricks unique selling points and tries to determine the legitimacy of the protests that resulted from the announced price raise.

1473 views Written by Knockpasheemore

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3-11-2015 The story of Saint Hattrick's Day

It's a very schoene story, as we call it in German.
Perhaps some of you know this schoene things?
Things you didn't expect and you don't understand.
But in a special way - you like them.

3651 views Written by HPE-artod

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2-19-2015 A spring of new forces!

Only a few teams won their first ever top league titles last season. We found three of those new champions to discuss about their successful campaigns, their future plans and of course, hattrick in general!

4929 views Written by wild_canary

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1-22-2015 Today's Article: World Cup in Brazil.

A OPH (Oficial Press Hattrick) Year II - Article 003 by Renan Freitas.

Today's Article: World Cup in Brazil.

* The World Cup in Brazil was a great event that many people around the world collaborated for.

* By the time of the lasts rounds of the WCQ, the favourites National Teams were invited to a short interview. We highlight the best moments of these interviews.

Check out:

Brazil is a know for beaches, football and carnaval. We asked to NT coaches what comes to mind when they listen the word 'Brasil' and what they think about the choice of this country to host the World Cup.

The highlight of the interviews was the NT coach of Netherlands,thunder(2203953) that was concerned about the home advantage in the midfield. , He said:

thunder, Holanda:" To be honest I didn't pay that much attention to whom were goning to host the World Cup. Most important for me was that Belgium or Ukraine didn't win the host competition. They surely have a squad that could win the World Cup, and the home advantage would make it very difficult for others to compete against them.

With all do respect, Brasil is not as good as those nations, thus the home advantage would be less important.

The fact that now the World Cup in real life as in Hattrick are hosted by Brasil is a very nice thing."

About the memory of the world 'Brasil the Bulgaria NT coach Milcho(3553013) went beyond the usual and dind't mention only beautiful women and football.

4960 views Written by Renan_Freitas

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12-25-2014 Interview HT-Johan & Co

We did an interview with HT-Johan, one of Hattrick's owners, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. :)

10430 views Written by Paliim

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12-15-2014 A Man Named Nadav

A man named Nadav gets to know Hattrick
Nadav signed up to HT in September 2007. 9 months previously, Hapoel Nahariya had made history in becoming the first non-suicide Masters winner. That trophy brought plenty of local media attention and publicity in Israel - which in turn led to a substantial increase in active managers in HT Israel. Nadav discovered hattrick not long after this. He was a 25 yr old accountant who signed up after a friend told him about the game, persuading him give Hattrick a try. Whilst waiting for his his team, he read several guides to the game and had decided he wanted to train Defending, despite the guidance advice having suggested goalkeeping as a good training regime for any new manager. Nadav reckoned that defence training would be more profitable. Over the next 4 years, training defending throughout, he promoted from VI to IV. Then, with an almost inexplicable inevitability, at the end of the 28th season in Israel (44th season global), he decided to switch to passing training. The rest, as they say, is his story...

7829 views Written by Mod-Suli

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11-21-2014 Masters winner interviewed

This is a copy of (18359), in which Malk77 (7908379) provided HT-Press England with an exclusive interview explaining how he won the Masters.

7318 views Written by HPE-Bink286

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10-13-2014 Hattrick Life in Iraq

I would like to write some information about Hattrick life in Iraq and let the rest of the world know about it. There might be some information that people cannot imagine or even think about. On the other hand, perhaps there are also other Hattrick nations where they suffer from the same problems as we have in Iraq. At least I hope it's just in Iraq.
My article is also a little update of my colleague Akkad’s article (9431). That article was written around 2010-04-19 which was 4 years and 5 months ago. In that article he wrote about the safety we have in northern part of Iraq which is called Kurdistan and the internet access for people for playing the Hattrick game.

I would like to put you inside the reality we have in Iraq right now and the current facts that we suffer from during this hard time, as most of you know from the worldwide media, about the war against terrorism and IS (Islamic State) in Iraq.

11373 views Written by KurdBoy

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10-10-2014 442CA is the new 352

Last season, Chile won the World Cup. In itself, this is remarkable enough for a medium/small HT country. To make it more special, though, they've played most of their WC games 442CA. In the WC final they beat Switzerland with 1-5 (484403483), not surprisingly playing 442CA.

13752 views Written by HPE-Frank_

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10-8-2014 Guide to the Youth Academy

I figured it was a good idea to make the original forum post I wrote more "generic" and post it here for all to see. This article is not perfect, but I hope to give an outline of the kinds of things you can/should do with your Youth Academy, and basically 'How it all works' right now. Feel free to contact me with any corrections or suggestions you might have. On with the guide!

30056 views Written by Natstradamus

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