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Season 55 is being played right now.

Has 42 regions and is located in Europe. Currency is £.

Out of 10 920 available teams, of which 5 374 are active, 286 are logged in.

Hattrick Press

3-17-2014 Cup Final Ville Interview

So it is Cup final week. The two biggest achieving managers (according the achievement stats on the England front page) are going head to head, and as I write this they are locking horns in a crucial Prem fixture (as a warm up).

We interviewed Broughy last week, and this week we put Ville in the hot seat.

259 views Written by ville_man

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3-8-2014 Cup Semi Final Interview With Broughy1322

Another week, another set of managers exit the cup. The highest ranking manager left at the semi final stage is Broughy1322 of Premier League team Stinging Scorpions. We ask him some familiar questions to gauge how he's feeling before the big game.

145 views Written by Broughy1322

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3-1-2014 HT Quarter final Press interview

A few words from Glencoe Rovers boss Fooster as they make the last 8 of the English cup for the first time in their history.

172 views Written by Fooster

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2-16-2014 Cheers to Bostonshire!

BigRon1979 defeated former NT manager & Prem title contender Malk77's TPUV in the cup last week, and this week, as the lowest ranked survivor faces FC Nowhere Man. Bostonshire is clearly a team on the up, and we have managed to nab an exclusive interview with the gaffer.

127 views Written by BigRon1979

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2-9-2014 Giant killer

An interview with the Saint Evenage manager, the lowest ranked team left in the cup this week.

140 views Written by ArcherRad

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1-5-2014 R3: Lowest ranked survivor

Following on from last season's interviews, we've taken the same format, and remixed some of the questions for this week. Many thanks to Danny for taking the time out from his busy managerial schedule to agree to post this interview for our enjoyment!

194 views Written by Dannyk92

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11-24-2013 Cup Final Interview

Phillipw's Topoftheleague have made it into the final, meeting Low Fogrigg on Tuesday. They have played each other once before, in a Tournament game (1342954) just over a year ago. In this interview Phillip gives us his take on some familiar questions.

170 views Written by Phillipw

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11-16-2013 Cup R12 - Semi's interview

Cup Semi-finalist Cumber2007 is our interviewee this week.

158 views Written by Cumber2007

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11-10-2013 Hairy Chinese Kids are in the quarters!

After pulling off a 3-2 win in R10 over Obsidian XI, rbir83 has become the lowest ranked manager left in the cup. He acquired his team "Hairy Chinese Kids" on 31/01/11, less than 3 years ago, which makes a quarter final spot all the more impressive. We are delighted to be able to publish his answers to our standard interview questions, in the build up to his game against Low Fogrigg...

172 views Written by rbir83

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10-30-2013 Clinging on!

Another HT-Press interview for your delectation, this week with one of England's longest serving managers, Arkroyal.

"As the lowest ranked side somehow still in the cup, I was asked a few questions. Here are my rambling replies."

194 views Written by arkroyal

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