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National Info

Season 56 is being played right now.

Has 42 regions and is located in Europe. Currency is £.

Out of 10 920 available teams, of which 4 917 are active, 174 are logged in.

Hattrick Press

9-13-2014 An Interview with an Ape

Our intrepid reporter Bink286 interviews Kingmonkey, manager of former premier champions Legion of Killer Apes ahead of next round's headline cup-tie against Stinging Scorpions, to discover the team's future plans, past successes and the meaning of monkeys.

78 views Written by kingmonkey

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8-26-2014 Rampaging Raccoons Interview (Cup R4)

Rampaging Raccoons Interview: Confessions of a Rampager.

163 views Written by Rogarth

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7-7-2014 The Other Cup Final Interview

Last season's Prem runner up. Malk77 is in the hot seat as well this week...

339 views Written by malk77

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7-6-2014 Cup Final Interview

Former Cup winners The Red Flag flies at dawn... are in the final again.

348 views Written by irREDucible

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6-29-2014 Cup Semi-Final Interview

10 real-life years, one good cup run!

337 views Written by Rockphil

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6-23-2014 Wembley Bound

An interview with the aging manager of Devon Chairboys just before their latest cup exit

422 views Written by dappy

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6-16-2014 English Cup

Fenham Wanderers last 16 cup heroes!

325 views Written by joebann

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6-1-2014 R8 Cup Intervew

Some of the old hands, and HT-social regulars know Gove, or PGHG1 as he is now. This week PG's new team is facing Malk77 in the cup, and he's taken some time out to answer a few questions....

400 views Written by PGHG1

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3-17-2014 Cup Final Ville Interview

So it is Cup final week. The two biggest achieving managers (according the achievement stats on the England front page) are going head to head, and as I write this they are locking horns in a crucial Prem fixture (as a warm up).

We interviewed Broughy last week, and this week we put Ville in the hot seat.

906 views Written by ville_man

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3-8-2014 Cup Semi Final Interview With Broughy1322

Another week, another set of managers exit the cup. The highest ranking manager left at the semi final stage is Broughy1322 of Premier League team Stinging Scorpions. We ask him some familiar questions to gauge how he's feeling before the big game.

715 views Written by Broughy1322

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