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National Info

Season 56 is being played right now.

Has 42 regions and is located in Europe. Currency is £.

Out of 10 920 available teams, of which 4 728 are active, 250 are logged in.

Hattrick Press

10-24-2014 Cup Final Glencoe re-interviewed

Hertfordshire based side Glencoe Rovers have made it to the English Cup Final for the first time in their history. Manager Fooster took time out to answer a few more press questions in the pre-match build up.

233 views Written by Fooster

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10-21-2014 2nd semi for FC Claudia Bath

This week is semi-finals week in the English Cup, and the sole remaining Premiership team is F.C. Claudia Bath. We caught up with C-Crabb, Claudia's manager, to ask him a few familiar questions.

253 views Written by C-Crabb

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10-12-2014 Afros into the Quarters

This week, we've secured Matt-'s second interview with hattrick press, as the lowest ranked survivor in the cup. As we've already seen his answers to the bog standard set of questions, this week's interview is a little less 'formal'.

352 views Written by Matt-

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10-6-2014 RC Obajan's HB Speaks To Hattrick Press

HoudiniBhoy is in R10 for the 2nd time in 3 seasons. It may have taken just under 7 years, but his team RC Obajan has finally become a force to be reckoned with. He's in the interview hotseat this week.

389 views Written by HoudiniBhoy

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10-6-2014 Essex Wanderers KO'd this week.

Essex Wanderers were knocked out of the cup by Stinging Scorpions this week. We caught up with them, finally, in a post match post press conference post.

361 views Written by wanderers73

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10-1-2014 Vroom, vroom: the match engine!

Our friends at Global Hattrick Press, have produced a very handy article about the workings of the match engine, you can find the original by trigrottro_e_klolala (10193531) here (18016)

The Match Engine is the software which generates all the events reported within any given Hattrick match, and in so doing generates the final match results. Over the years it has been the most criticized aspect of the game (not always constructively) but this crucial component of the game mechanics is the one that many users would much like to see improved and updated (especially after experiencing an unlikely loss).

Notwithstanding these voices of discontent, and although many of you reading this may well have complained about results generated by our Match Engine, do you actually know HOW it works?

In this article we've done our best to explain those inner machinations!

With any luck, by reading this article and learning a bit more about it, you'll be able to understand the game a bit better, improving your match orders skills. Most importantly of all, the next time you lose a match, despite having better ratings everywhere, you'll be able to post a technically more informed complaint entitled "Why did I loose?" :P

We hope you enjoy it!

343 views Written by artod

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9-23-2014 Aycaramba!

Aycaramba have made it to R8 of the English Cup for the first time in their 10 year+ history, following a massive cup-set in R7... HT-Press managed to hunt down their manager pancucci, to ask him a few familiar questions...

438 views Written by pancucci

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9-13-2014 An Interview with an Ape

Our intrepid reporter Bink286 interviews Kingmonkey, manager of former premier champions Legion of Killer Apes ahead of next round's headline cup-tie against Stinging Scorpions, to discover the team's future plans, past successes and the meaning of monkeys.

498 views Written by kingmonkey

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8-26-2014 Rampaging Raccoons Interview (Cup R4)

Rampaging Raccoons Interview: Confessions of a Rampager.

571 views Written by Rogarth

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7-7-2014 The Other Cup Final Interview

Last season's Prem runner up. Malk77 is in the hot seat as well this week...

736 views Written by malk77

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