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National Info

Season 60 is being played right now.

Has 42 regions and is located in Europe. Currency is £.

Out of 10 920 available teams, of which 3 512 are active, 100 are logged in.

Hattrick Press

2-10-2016 Interview with Davidl, Winner of the Jason Ivy Cup

An interview with Davidl, manager of Woking Wednesday, who has just won this season's edition of the Jason Ivy Cup.

35 views Written by LarryPampushky

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2-2-2016 Interview with Postigod, Winner of the Craig Wozniak Cup

An interview with Postigod, manager of Jol-lification, who has just won this season's edition of the Craig Wozniak Cup. (555396572)

61 views Written by LarryPampushky

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1-12-2016 Hairy Chinese Kids Cup Final interview

Last season's Prem runners up have made the final. rbir is once again in the hotseat to answer another set of pre-match questions.

151 views Written by rbir83

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1-12-2016 Rockhill's Road to the Final

Rockphil has made the final for the 2nd time in 3 seasons, and this time he faces Hairy Chinese Kids.

186 views Written by Rockphil

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1-4-2016 The Rise of the Monkeys!

jamiepic's team has reached the semi finals for the first time. He's taken time out from his busy schedule to chat to hattrick press, amongst other things about the rise and fall and rise of his team.

159 views Written by jamiepic

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12-30-2015 How to beat Hairy Kids

Super Frankie's XI, the lowest ranked team left in the cup for the 2nd time in 2015 will attempt to stop the Prem teams taking the cup.

197 views Written by brandnew99

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12-21-2015 Le petit poucet (lowest ranked side left)

Le petit poucet (lowest ranked side left)

262 views Written by JJMcLane

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12-15-2015 Happy Christmas

Bink finally gets to interview himself.

285 views Written by HPE-Bink286

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12-1-2015 Return of the Apes

Legion of Killer Apes are the lowest ranking team in the cup again, and Bink once more braves the simian death-dealings at Monkeytopia to quiz Kingmonkey about future plans, present thoughts, and fine ales.

306 views Written by kingmonkey

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11-17-2015 Underdog (from Sweden)

This week we interview Uteistuga who will be hosting reigning Prem Champions Vince Hilaire's Afro this evening in R4 of the English Cup.

406 views Written by Uteistuga

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