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National Info

Season 58 is being played right now.

Has 42 regions and is located in Europe. Currency is £.

Out of 10 920 available teams, of which 4 320 are active, 183 are logged in.

Hattrick Press

5-17-2015 Escamilla in Round 10

We have a quick chat with Escamilla's manager, before his R10 cup game this week.

78 views Written by Jus19

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5-13-2015 rbir83 in the hot-seat again.

A second interview with respected Premiership manager rbir83, manager of Hairy Chinese Kids, who are now the highest ranked team left in the cup.

96 views Written by rbir83

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5-3-2015 Giant Killing

This week's interview is with Mexter, who has seen off some notoriously tough opposition in the last two rounds to emerge as the lowest ranked manager left in the cup.

145 views Written by Mexster

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4-26-2015 Hattbacking into R7

This week F.C Bluelake go into R7 as the lowest ranked team left in the cup. Their manager JulmVana, plays the game 'hattbacking' (a mix of backpacking whilst hattricking), and was interviewed whilst sitting by a beach in the Philippines.

198 views Written by JulmVana

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4-22-2015 West Molesey FC, a 2nd team in progress

An interview with LA Canary Wharf, a Macedonian legend whose 2nd team here in England is facing the Cup and Prem Champions this week.

329 views Written by LA-canary_wharf

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3-14-2015 Interview with GabbyAshleyVilla, Winner of the Jason Ivy Cup

An interview with GabbyAshleyVilla (11070116), manager of Knowle Phoenix (60637), who has just won the second edition of the Jason Ivy Cup.

791 views Written by LarryPampushky

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3-14-2015 Interview with HoudiniBhoy, Winner of the George Carey Cup

An interview with HoudiniBhoy (7419892), manager of RC Obajan (61064), who has just won the second edition of the Ceorge Carey Cup.

This is HoudiniBhoy's second interview with Hattrick Press, having previously fallen victim to Bink's interrogation techniques here: (18319).

812 views Written by LarryPampushky

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3-3-2015 Interview with Jon_Ayers, Winner of the Craig Wozniak Cup

An interview with Long Shots specialist Jon_Ayers (482735), manager of Alie Land United (61022), who has just won the second edition of the Craig Wozniak Cup.

1041 views Written by LarryPampushky

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2-10-2015 Double Trouble

An interview with h00ligans' manager defunked, on the brink of winning everything, and nothing...

1341 views Written by defunked

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1-26-2015 Deja Ville

This week's submission is from a relatively new manager who is delighted to have finally achieved being seeded as the lowest ranked team left in the cup, meaning he gets to play against Ville for the second season running and of course, giving him a chance to sit in the hot-seat this week in order to become the subject of this week's interview.

1429 views Written by brandnew99

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