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Regions in România

When registering, you yourself may choose the region to which your team will belong. It doesn't have to be the area you live in, or where you were born, but the idea is to "settle" in a region that you identify with. You will never benefit from belonging to one region or another. The only actual effect the region has today is that it sets the weather conditions for your matches.

Name Online users Number of teams Weather Highest ranked team
Alba2651OvercastFC NATIONAL Sebes
Arad0348OvercastACU Arad
Argeş1324RainSILVA Beer
Bihor1317Partially cloudy`FC Oradea`
Bistriţa-Năsăud1140Partially cloudyThe Glorious B-Street
Botoşani0326Partially cloudycopalau
Brăila1282OvercastFrunza United
Braşov2715OvercastCraii de Curtea-Veche
Bucureşti144424Partially cloudyFacehounds United
Buzău0359OvercastBoston Club
Călăraşi0179Partially cloudyDunarea Calarasi
Caraş-Severin0121OvercastValencia C.F. Bocsa
Cluj2990OvercastEverybody lies
Constanţa0789OvercastConstanta Club
Covasna 1138SunnyFC Ruşinea
Dâmboviţa0239Partially cloudyFemurele de Otzel
Dolj1440SunnyFC Barcraiova
Gorj0189Partially cloudyPandurii 2006
Harghita0118OvercastHasmas FC
Hunedoara1381OvercastFc JiulPetrosani
Ialomiţa0134OvercastFC Fetesti
Iaşi21103Partially cloudyBasarabia
Ilfov0156Partially cloudyASC Steaua
Maramureş0302Partially cloudyF.C. BAIA MARE
Mehedinţi098Partially cloudyUniv. Craiova F.C.
Mureş1454RainFC Barcelona '1899'
Neamţ1399Partially cloudyCetatea Tg Neamt
Olt0165Partially cloudySamari
Prahova2832Partially cloudysteauajaxjuve
Sălaj1121Partially cloudyFC Zalău
Satu Mare0130OvercastZdravan
Sibiu0458Partially cloudyFc Cr1s5t1
Suceava3475Partially cloudyPorcusorii Isterici
Teleorman0212OvercastFC Vatasi Teleorman
Timiş0817OvercastTimisoara 83 gunners
Tulcea0155RainSteaua Tulcei
Vâlcea1220Partially cloudyJuveStiinta FC
Vaslui0240Partially cloudyT_H_E BeAst
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