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Regions in Italy

When registering, you may choose the region your team will play in. It doesn't have to be the area you live in, or where you were born, but the idea is to "settle" in a region that you identify with. You will never benefit from belonging to one region or another. The only actual effect the region has today is that it sets the weather conditions for your matches.

Name online users Number of teams Weather Highest ranked team
Abruzzo111172OvercastCampo a mare
Bari0274Partially cloudyBari Club
Basilicata1290Partially cloudyDinamoRizla
Cagliari0128Rainhappy mushroom
Calabria1592Partially cloudyTortuga rum
Emilia Romagna72364Partially cloudyTet Corporation
Firenze6464OvercastMare Salato
Friuli Venezia Giulia3811Partially cloudyLa Vecchia Scuola
Genova4410OvercastNewteam FC
Lazio103004RainExpress Road
Liguria2998OvercastArmata Brancaleone F.C.
Lombardia215776SunnyDETON F.C.
Marche81307RainOrda Balorda Urbino
Milano21320RainMartiri Oscuri FC
Molise1249OvercastJK Campobasso
Napoli0673OvercastAquile F.C
Palermo1204OvercastFaleri F.C.
Piemonte71838Partially cloudyUS Pontecurone
Puglia21241Partially cloudyFanta Fùtbòl
Roma71515Partially cloudyCaraceno
Sardegna2766Partially cloudyUngredda F.C.
Torino1458Partially cloudyTelesia
Toscana112365OvercastSan Benedetto Calcio
Trentino Alto Adige1525Partially cloudyValpejo
Umbria0539Partially cloudylongobardapes
Valle d'Aosta1116OvercastBalla coi Gufi
Venezia0216OvercastGreat Keys Bulls
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