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Regions in Italia

When registering, you yourself may choose the region to which your team will belong. It doesn't have to be the area you live in, or where you were born, but the idea is to "settle" in a region that you identify with. You will never benefit from belonging to one region or another. The only actual effect the region has today is that it sets the weather conditions for your matches.

Name Online users Number of teams Weather Highest ranked team
Abruzzo581736Partially cloudyCekkino F.C.
Bologna14494Partially cloudyzavaj ac 1978
Cagliari9202RainFC Digitalcom
Calabria35938OvercastSpixbulls F.C.
Emilia Romagna1493310Partially cloudyCecentus
Firenze29640Partially cloudyA.C.Ponte Nuovo
Friuli Venezia Giulia 531149Partially cloudyLa Vecchia Scuola
Genova22540OvercastRancho de la Luna
Lazio1584314RainF.C. Montebuono
Liguria621472OvercastMontefreddo City
Lombardia3518373OvercastI Vermotti
Marche731986OvercastOrda Balorda Urbino
Milano941946OvercastTorpedo Pestalozzi
Molise11370Partially cloudyAngelsandDevils
Napoli44995Rainac savoia 1908
Palermo9281Partially cloudySkatafascio's All Stars
Piemonte962624Partially cloudyturbolenti
Puglia691886SunnyRacing Castellaneta
Roma922407OvercastZemand Land
Sardegna501112RainCagliari Calcio
Sicilia1082262OvercastManchester Cavallo
Toscana1213570RainReal Palaron
Trentino Alto Adige35750OvercastDolasiana
Umbria36806OvercastTurrita Baich
Valle d'Aosta6181RainOlimpique Severne
Veneto1052599OvercastA.S. Kursaal
Venezia7320Overcastas bos
Verona19427Partially cloudyConcamarise
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