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Regions in Italia

When registering, you yourself may choose the region to which your team will belong. It doesn't have to be the area you live in, or where you were born, but the idea is to "settle" in a region that you identify with. You will never benefit from belonging to one region or another. The only actual effect the region has today is that it sets the weather conditions for your matches.

Name Online users Number of teams Weather Highest ranked team
Abruzzo755324Partially cloudyCekkino F.C.
Bari91234Partially cloudyno cornetto
Bologna19997OvercastVhemt F.C.
Cagliari8537RainFC Digitalcom
Calabria392411RainLa mia armata
Emilia Romagna1057098RainCecentus
Firenze261374Partially cloudyGatto Ciccione F.C.
Friuli Venezia Giulia 432295OvercastRUFINHO TEAM
Genova181146Partially cloudyCastelletto Pumas
Lazio14310006OvercastF.C. Montebuono
Lombardia27617701SunnyI Vermotti
Marche864500OvercastOrda Balorda Urbino
Milano734204Partially cloudyW.A.C FC
Molise15859RainFantalba F. C.
Napoli302741Overcastac savoia 1908
Palermo23818Partially cloudyMonreale
Piemonte835603Partially cloudybaddino G/R/E
Puglia874687Partially cloudyRacing Castellaneta
Roma1114885RainASRoma Olè
Sardegna582250RainCagliari Calcio
Sicilia715725Partially cloudyManchester Cavallo
Torino301520OvercastFc Volpiano
Toscana1497530SunnyReal Palaron
Trentino Alto Adige361533OvercastFC Pollicalcio
Umbria351885Partially cloudyPolisportiva Nerone
Valle d'Aosta12394RainOlimpique Severne
Veneto835355Partially cloudyA.S. Kursaal
Venezia13659Partially cloudyas bos
Verona14906Partially cloudyConcamarise
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