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Regions in Slovenija

When registering, you yourself may choose the region to which your team will belong. It doesn't have to be the area you live in, or where you were born, but the idea is to "settle" in a region that you identify with. You will never benefit from belonging to one region or another. The only actual effect the region has today is that it sets the weather conditions for your matches.

Name Online users Number of teams Weather Highest ranked team
Celje31423SunnyFC Špica-Celje
Črnomelj2115Partially cloudySemič
Dravograd1202Partially cloudyFC United of Dravograd
Jesenice1196OvercastNK Penki
Kranj6780OvercastNovi Klub 24
Krško3304OvercastFC Vihre
Maribor31489OvercastPohorski Špartanci FC
Murska Sobota5893Partially cloudyDebeli Prasci
Nova Gorica2488Partially cloudyNK Glista
Novo mesto0377Sunnynk grizli
Postojna0195OvercastOrelpool FC
Ptuj1575OvercastZg. Leskovec
Trbovlje3193OvercastFC Estranged
Velenje2255Partially cloudyfc bleđiljšoni
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