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Country: Belgium
Number of teams: 383
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Rain Rain
Latitude: 50°49'N
Longitude: 4°19'E


03:41 Royal Union Saint Gillois: Matche de préparation d inter saisons

Y aura 4 matche de préparations a fin de se préparer au mieux pour la D5. Premier matche en déplacement en Irlande Shamrock (Ir) second matche contre une Division 2 Team Poiske; 3 imé matche en déplacement a Rsc el Attaya et le 4 imé matche a Domicile pour terminer en beauté contre nos amies du Fc Klaver.

Bonne préparation a tout les équipe.

La direction de l union saint gilloise

Rusg 2012


15:48 Boldklubben Skjold: What a finish

It was always a gamble to MOTS Splingard, but I had to try to go for the title.

It's quite disappointing to finish 4th after leading in round 13, but I guess I'll have to congratulate EAV with the huge win.

I agree Nora will be the team to beat next season. 21 points in the last 7 matches says it all. If Splingard indeed stays, it'll be interesting already in the first round.

Personally my aim for the season was to get a home match in the cup, play for title and reach 400 HatStats.

I reached 405, so that criteria was a succes. I'll try to go to 420 next season.
I didn't get a home match in the real cup leaving already in after round 6, but then made it to the quarter finals making a total of 1,7M in spectator and prize money on the way. I'll try to do as well next season.
At least it's fair to say, I was part of the race for the title to the very end. That'll be the aim next season as well. A few upgrades might be needed on the team.

15:40 rsc splingard 86: Champion!

Fans were in complete trance after our 3-5 win and the loss of Boldklubben. "Thank you Nora" has been sung for more than half an our by the Brussels' fan base.

The manager is delighted, especially after the complete disillusion of last weekend. "We had one special tactic that seemed to have paid off, score one goal more than your opponent" "Our strikers were fantastic and made the difference" were some quotes from the staff.

Two of our heroes will be sold in order to reorganize our team for next year. We wish them all the best and thank them for the two consecutive champion trophies.

Visca Splingard!

15:36 Fortuna Heimdebakel: Meister der Herzen - was sonst?

Saison 48 war geschlagen, SU Klaffer auch, Grund genug für die Fortuna, einen ersten Vizemeistertitel 'einzutüten'. Manager serioushappel war selbstverständlich unzufrieden, hatte er doch keinen Zweifel daran gelassen, dass nur einstellige Tabellenplatzierungen, die überdies die Ziffer '1' enthielten, seinem Anspruch gerecht werden könnten. Die Fortuna-Funktionäre rechneten schon mit kummulierten Maßnahmen nach dem drakonischen Strafenkatalog der Vereinsstatuten, als die U3-Trainerin Susanne W. Glücksgöttin spielte. Sie durchstöberte die Hattrick-Datenbanken und fand Fortuna Heimdebakel in der Liste der Vereine, die in Woche 14 der Saison 46 begonnen hatten, tatsächlich an erster Stelle. Serioushappel fühlte sich als Meister der Herzen, erkor genannte Vereinsrangliste zur ewigen Schoko-Tabelle und machte Susanne W. einen Heiratsantrag. Susanne W. willigte ein, gab jedoch zu bedenken: 'Wenn wir am Sonntag heiraten, kann ich nicht kommen!'.

14:55 Royal Union Saint Gillois: Officiel On monte en D5

L union saint gillois monte officiellement en D5 après un très beau championnat 39/42 . Merci au staff technique et au supporter pour leur soutiens. Une nouvelle aventure commence. La fête peut commencer.

ICI ICI c est Saint gille !!!

La direction de L union Saint Gillois

Rusg 2012

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