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Leicestershire & Rutland

Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 126
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Rain Rain
Latitude: 52°40'N
Longitude: 1°16'W


(20:21) Oakham Raiders: GQD does a 'Dons!

The club have announced that Gogol's Quantum Delusion will take the more orthodox name of Oakham Raiders, while at the same time moving lock, stock and barrel to, well, Oakham.

The club will move the Grand Delusion stadium brick by brick and keep the Dead Souls fan club going as a link back to its heritage in the West Midlands and from the GQD era. The youth team will face similar changes in due course but this is a real opportunity to establish the club as the major Rutland club. Just gives us some time first!

Rumours that OJ Simpson will invest in the club and brand it in line with his old team, the Oakland Raiders, are said to be wide of the mark.


(20:00) South Dean: Bye III.4

All the best gentlemen, help yourself to a coach from my raging bunch of losers.


1 . Ashby Town5th  II.3
2 . stumando utd2nd  III.16
3 . hasit utd1st  IV.10
4 . South Dean1st  IV.12
5 . Loughborough City.1st  V.142
6 . Ralphs Rovers1st  V.166
7 . betelgeus2nd  V.240
8 . WasteMans A.F.C3rd  V.216
9 . F.C Bluelake4th  V.107
10 . ZXC XI4th  V.58
11 . Ebony All-Starz5th  V.174
12 . Aseemilan5th  V.46
13 . Karyya United5th  V.241
14 . Brookzie Magpies6th  V.19
15 . FC Haloo7th  V.36
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