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Country: England
Number of teams: 2234
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Sunny Sunny
Forecast for tomorrow: Sunny Sunny
Latitude: 51°30'N
Longitude: 0°3'W


(12:19) Vince Hilaire's Afro: Cup Champions!

This morning VHA are in celebratory mood after finally landing a major trophy (498136377).

The first goal was scored by homegrown hero Nazim Talukder (331754282), promoted over 10 seasons ago with just poor defence and inadequate playmaking. Last night was his 181st competitive appearance and his 44th goal. Prolific for a centre back! A further five players starting the match have played over 100 games for VHA (Borges-Brown 187, Champeau 185, Roberts 118, Monteiro 114 and Mabe 117) with a further two centurions on the bench (Sziber 127 and Bray). Homegrown goalkeeper David Bray (309913076) made an appearance in the dying minutes to feature in his 236th game for the club. The club was re-built around Bray when he was scouted as a 15 year old and at 29 he has won a major trophy. The long term plan worked!

VHA are two games away from promotion to II and a full season without defeat in both the league and cup. Could we become the South London Invincibles?


(14:21) h00ligans: Long time coming

31st August 2004 - h00ligans established.
26th October 2014 - Promotion to the Premier League secured.

Good to know the last 10 years haven't been completely wasted.....\o/

(13:01) Putney Hill Rangers: Mediocrity

As the great Joseph Heller said, "Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them." With Senor Leon, it had been all three. Guaranteed 5th place! Woohoo!

Congratulations to Hattrick celebrity HoudiniBhoy, it was an honour and a privilege to play for one season in your exalted company. Now get lost and let the rest of us play in a competitive division ;) (if we can get through the relegation playoff...)


(19:59) North London Eagles: Congratulations to Friends

Friends at hand, worthy winner of the league this season. Good luck pushing it through to promotion (and giving the rest of us a look in...:-)


(19:49) West London Rovers: well done to the winners

Some very good match display were produced by the opposition. Our midfield took a day off and looked lazy. Attack was starved of balls and the result was about right although disappointing. Hetetories saved themselves for today, by looking at their previous midfield performance, and was justified by their league position. Best of luck. They will do well to recover for the next match. For us was about to win, anything less wouldnt have been any good. The match was approached with a strong squad but it was taken with a pinch of salt as for us the play offs were a strong possibility, so we had to try to play with a foot in two shoes.

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