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Country: England
Number of teams: 2212
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Rain Rain
Latitude: 51°30'N
Longitude: 0°3'W


(13:08) Calvary Lions: Motivation

Roberto Kamstra, head coach of Calvary Lions, stated the importance of looking at each game on this league as "finals".
He declared himself very happy with the team's preformances so far this season.
"We of course had an amazing result in round 1 and very important 3 points in our quest to avoid relegation. The next few games were not the best in terms of results but the fact we lost by minimal margins against vastly superior oposition gave us all some hope we can achieve our goals."
He said praising the team spirit and the form of the players throughout this period.
"Last week was a nail bitter. Maybe the players thought it would be an easy game and at times I thought it was not going to be our day but the lads dug deep and secured the victory we needed."
Asked to predict the result for the upcoming game against Dirtbags he smiled.
"We want to win. Its another massive game for us. But if you offered me a draw I would bite your hand off..."

CL Press Office


(23:25) the soccer boys: new george carey cup record

Never before where we able to be victorious in the fourth round of the george carey cup. We did reach te fourth round in the past but never were we victorious.
But today we managed it. So for the first time we are playing in the fifth round of the george carey cup. Lets see if we can manage to win a few more matches.

(04:51) West London Rovers: Midget match

The little people(Midgets) are a rather good team perhaps underachieving.
Before the season kicked off I had put them ahead of Funnyfooties.
I got a trash bigger then yours recently and I had to investigate the reasons.
League looks composed of three sectors with the middle one balanced. One slip up and you find yourself too close to the bottom. I would expect a clearer picture after the 7th fixture.


(20:00) West London Rovers: When the going get tough....

The tough get going.
We had some rough going lately and a change of trainer. Hopefully we turned the bend. The coach had a sleepless night being up until 4am to set the match details. This was a tough away encounter where we set out to get a point. To get three was the weekend climax. Armoury is a strong team in spite of their players age. Every year the get a boost via their cup runs resulting in a strong midfield until mid season. We done some gutsy turn over and luckily paid off. Coach took some tips from Vince Del Basque and set the formation Spanish style with a midfielder playing in mid attack. Worked a treat.
Previous week we had lots of shots on target with one lonely goal. This term we had one shot one goal. That's the way football is. Nice when in favour, horrible when goes the other way round. Now we can have a relaxed week ahead.


(22:18) Screaming Scoregasm's: Good luck grinds to halt!

Scoregasm's good luck ran out as they played out a 1-1 draw at home, whilst losing their top goalscorer and goalkeeper, both of whom were in scintillating form, to long term injury. "The injuries are back" sighed a devastated mamager. "just when we were clearing the injury list, we lose 2 key men. We're gutted as that will have a massive impact on our season. The lack of protection from referees is also worrying!"

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