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Country: England
Number of teams: 2217
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 51°30'N
Longitude: 0°3'W


(21:16) Vince Hilaire's Afro: All Change.

After winning the cup for a second time and just missing out on the Premier League title it's all change at The Vladivoj Holčák Arena. István Sziber (339331992), Veljko Malić (329081069) and Rainald Baltzer (336392237) have departed after 289 games at the club.

In comes:

Dimos Mpountouris (316061376)
£4m Greek NT a winger with 59 caps.

Jesús Caruso (316933881)
Argentinian NT forward (7 caps) and ex U20 star (20 caps).

Leon Dolatowski (314182071)
Poland must have some good inners for him to have zero caps!

Domenik Dinauer (318815685)
German NT inner (8 caps) and ex U20 Gold Medal winner (9 caps).

Dinauer joins up with Jochen Wilfer (319266368) again in a partnership that previously saw Germany win a gold medal (380504048).

Right we've got 3 seasons to win the Premier League and complete our collection. What could possibly go wrong?


(01:10) Anglican Football Club: The Redcoats are born!

Founded by a group of old British Army veterans, regular parishioners of the church of St Giles-without-Cripplegate in London, the Anglican Football Club is a small sports club dedicated to the practice of the beautiful game, embracing the task of developping not just competent footballers but upstanding men as well by providing an integral secular and Christian education to youngsters from all around Britain and abroad. The club strives to be an example of success on and off the pitch.

The «Redcoats» as they are fondly called, a name that hearkens back to their military roots, are proud standard-bearers of traditional British values and Protestant Christianity.


(22:36) London Fluminense: Just can't take the disappointment

Anvill72 is a grumpy, calloused, tired old man. He just can't take the disappointment any more, and yet another promotion qualifier lost was the straw that broke the old man's back.

He had his hired henchmen slam the table, turn it over, throw papers in the air and toys out of pram, and burn some chairs for good measure. Then he motorboated the nurse and felt slightly better, almost up for the fight. A blue pill took care of the rest. But back to the football team...

It's almost been fun being in III and almost getting back into II, but he didn't make it. He's tired of the old players. Like a 70's DJ, Anvill72 wants to mess around with young kids. Again. No matter what the injunctions say.

So he bought a big bus, painted it silver and had "DO ONE" painted on the side, and he's put all his players in it. The bus is ready to leave and it won't be returning so come and gawk at it while you can!

(20:27) Calvary Lions: We are staying up...

Calvary Lion guaranteed their presence in division V next season with an easy 5-0. Striker Koby Avimor scored an hattrick to stake his claim into being first choice striker next season with the club reported having bought another striker for next season.
Several other players are reported being transfer listed as the club starts the job of strengthening the team for next seasons' challenge.

Fans, staff and players stayed behind celebrating the achievement.

CL Press Office

(20:00) Ashburton United: United we fight!

'We fight. That is how we win and that is how we die' - Ragnar Lothbrok

That is our behalf. The club hails an hommage to the viking troups who invaded Northumbria during the Briton-Saxon era. The gods have offered us a chance to be reborn, to be redeemed, to gain Valhalla. We take pride from our ancestors and their fighting spirit to raise from the dark to a new light. Now, again, history is yet to be written.

We're Britons, we're Vikings... we're the mighty Ashburton!


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