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Country: England
Number of teams: 2267
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 51°30'N
Longitude: 0°3'W


(22:31) RP Apostles: Lock Out

RP's coach Peter Lock has announced that he is to leave the Surbiton club with almost immediate effect. "I just need to make sure I've got all my.......erm, paraphernalia!" slurred the self admitted substance and alcohol abuser. "I left me mams place in such a fooking state when I moved out last a couple years back, she aint invited me for round fer out!"
"You got 20p forra...a cuppa tea?"

(09:33) Streatham Common Albion: Next season looks a bit naughty

Once again we've stopped up, this time through the play-offs, but next year may not be so easy. The promoted sides look much stronger than last season, and we'll do well to stay in the division with a squad that's aged sneakily and looks in need of a rebuild. With no money to do that, I reckon we may suffer next term. That's for next time, anyway.

(09:22) Isotopes F.C.: preparing for V.172

Many things will change for the Isotopes after being promoted to V.172. Some players already had to make way for new ones, although it’s doubtful if the squad is strong enough to challenge to other teams in the league. The many goal will be to avoid relegation will still trying to integrate more prospects from the youth team. Anyhow we will be ready when the season kicks off. After playing Bots and weak teams for an entire season it will be fun to be challenged by teams with real managers.


(22:40) West London Rovers: The Eagle has landed....

After numerous seasons in the lower division we hoped for a smooth landing in an average IV Div. By the look of it we landed on a cows field and by Jove I better buy wellies for the players, there will be a lot of threading to do.
Sticky league for us but we wont give it up and hope to raise to the challenge. Thanks for having us here folks :-))

(20:26) GALAXY ST ALBANS: Miejsce w lidze uratowane !!!

Plan sezonowy wykonany,liga po barażu uratowana.

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