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Country: England
Number of teams: 3464
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(12:42) Nicks Nobodys: Nobodys Fans Hail "Triple A" Signing

Fans of Nicks Nobodys were found dancing in the streets last night as they hailed the impact of the club's off season signing. Ameen Abd Allah, who the fans have quickly dubbed "Triple A", made his debut in the 2nd round of the cup, and was largely impressive as he opened the scoring after just 10 minutes, added another in the second half before completing the 11-0 rout with a late header.

Despite this, Triple A was not awarded the man of the match award, which went to forward Juan Gilberto Díaz, who also weighed in with two goals.


(23:04) Calvary Lions: Hammered...

The Calvary Lions team were completely taken apart by their cup opponents this evening.
The second string team were utterly destroyed in 90 minutes.

The coach had the following message after the game.
"Congratulations to Spurs. They were the better team tonight. Many of our players tonight simply did not turn up. That was very poor and something we will adress. However the referee tonight was a joke. We get a player booked for shirt pulling and the other team gets yellows for high tackles and dangerous play that resulted in injuries??? Joke. Two of their players should have been sent off. No doubt." he declared storming off.

CL Press Office


(23:30) London Fluminense: Goal-fest at The Embassy

It was a crazy to-and-fro game, with many swings in momentum and the final result was never a certainty until the final whistle, but London Fluminense won all three points to get the season truly going.

Next the team travel to Devon hoping to break their jinx against the Hotspur side.

(22:00) Le Arsenal Familia: Update

One season ago we started with our second team. During this period we have accomplished the following:
- 3rd place in the league (lost 2nd on goal difference)
- knocked out in cup round 1 both seasons!
- bought and sold a lot of players
- expanded our stadium to a top modern 20000 not all seated state of some art
- built up a team to compete with all teams in our series
- good economy

We are going to build on this and will compete for glory in a couple of years!

(05:02) :Chelsea FC:: Unrest Rumoured

This just in:

Club owner LordCaversham is reportedly unhappy with the team and the Board of Directors. More later.

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