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Country: England
Number of teams: 599
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 53°25'N
Longitude: 3°0'W


(20:44) Homegrown A/S: Homegrown A/S

After the new changes in HT, i will try to make a team that will only focus on homegrown players. If there will be money from sale or anything, these can or will be used to upgrade stadium, a new talent or others upgrade of the club.

In the first period i will focus on playmaking of the players. The youngest i got is around 20 years. It will take some time to make them comfortable as playmakers..


(12:53) Liverpool Academy: Liverpool Academy

Today we celebrate the birth of a new football club, who want to become a dominant force in the coming years.

Liverpool Academy is a club that believes in pride, fight and talent to become one of the best. Club owner, danish Mathias Thøgersen was of course very happy at this event.



(22:04) Running Bootlegs United: It's a long way to the V. Liga, if you wanna rock 'n' roll

What a party! Manager Jünzig forced everybody to drown Jacob Weißbier and listen to his mixed tapes with the old rock'n'roll classics. "Goodbye VI.876" they shouted as refrain to old Beatles tune. And when "The Final Countdown" by Europe was gone ("We're leaving t'wards V., and still we stand tall...") there still were doubts. "Was it well deserved?" asked Ondrej Zellbabka the forward who scored the winning goal in the qualification showdown. "You Kent Touch this had the better stats..." - "So did we against Antartika - and they gained a ridicolous draw!" yelled Team Captain Leonty Bugaets who had tackled every memeber of the Kent-Team including referee and some of the Knt Fans outside the pitch. "We're even with Angie!" mumbled Coach Marcus Figgis. Manager Jünzig, the elder statesmen of succer, gently muttered "We made it!", reached to the ghettoblaster and turned up the volume til Metallica blew out of the small machine from the 80's: "and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!" V.154 here we come!

(21:52) Allerton: Survival

Allerton survived a closely fought relegation playoff to remain at Div .IV for their second sucesive season and third overall. This was a huge effort by a team that even the owner thought was over promoted and destined for the drop. The youth are really coming on and hopes are high around the club that they can make a real impact on the division next season.


(22:53) The Identity Shakers: Champions!

The Identity Shakers were crowned Champions over the weekend after beating Kevsters 4-1 away from home. That win gave Identity the chance to move back to Series III.6 but only if they can beat one of their best buddies - Canagoon in a promotional playoff.

"We don't win many trophies so this will take centre stage in our Trophy cabinet .... But the real prize will be going back to our old haunt in III.6 to face me old mucker Endz again.To do that though we'll have to pull of the greatest games in our history and we'll need a big slice of luck from the form monkey this week".

"To be truthful we were just happy to take the extra cash in a playoff but now we've seen where we could end up - that changes everything. Yes, it's probably a season to soon for us but hey we've got to give it a go"

"I can't wait for Cana to shout 'Come onnnn - Let's be avin youuuu!' before the game with a glass of wine in one hand. Priceless".

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