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Country: England
Number of teams: 300
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 53°25'N
Longitude: 3°0'W


(09:27) The Identity Shakers: Third time lucky?

So Series III was not to be for the Identity Shakers after their second consecutive promotion playoff game ended in a 4-2 defeat. They can take consolation in the fact that they only conceded one normal chance and that being on a 57-43% advantage in Identity's favour.

The other three goals were a quick event where Identity had a quick defender, a Head event where they also had 3 Head players on the field at the time and a Free kick where they had several levels advantage over the opposition.

Overall an unlucky match but Mr Shaker has put this behind him and is looking ahead to the new season with three different teams in the running.

"Yes we're disappointed but we're looking on the positive side. We actually made £850,000 in one week with prize money, fan renewals and gate receipts. That money will help us stay afloat for another season as we progress with our homegrown training".

"We look forward to another successful season and a third Series IV Trophy on the bounce".


(20:14) The Crosby's Crows: Second try, second fail...

"They had the best team on the field this afternoon" explained the coach Eccleshall, "I could almost say that they were the only team... I'm still looking for the Crows...".
The disapointment was visible on all faces after the match. This was the second one that the Crows played to obtain a place in D.V. but without any success.
The manager is still optimistic for the next season but, he said, "some adjustments need to be done." He refused nevertheless to tell the journalists what he had in mind.


(00:37) Allerton: Long hard season

A late season rally took Allerton to the brink of a relegation playoff. But alas it was not to be. Allerton were held off by the deserving MK Sharks and Allerton will be directly relegated after two seasons in div IV. The young squad continues to improve and evolve. Some old hands have left either to join the hall of fame or to another club altogether. The defense training is finished and the midfield is becoming a powerful force. hopes will be high of an immediate push for promotion.


(14:01) The Identity Shakers: Champions!!!!!!

The Identity Shakers got the call early on Saturday morning that this weeks opponents have gone into liquidation and filed for bankruptcy.

This means the Shakers lift the Series IV.64 Championship Title for a second consecutive season without even kicking a ball on the last day.

"It's not the way we wanted to win it as we would rather be on the field with our fans cheering from the stands. On a positive note you have to win the title over a whole season so it was a fair result overall".

As the match has been certified as a walkover, the boss has ordered the players to take an all expenses trip to Asda to get measured up for their 'open top bus' suits for the Championship Title tour of the city.

"Things look positive for the next few seasons and we have a talented homegrown squad for the future, complimented by a couple of world class individuals who can set the match alight when needed".

Mr Shaker has confirmed there will be no new signings for next season too.


(12:24) The Identity Shakers: Lifting the title barring a catastrophe ...

The Identity Shakers are looking forward to lifting their 2nd successive title in IV.64 after beating second place side, Shooters Hill Mob 1-0 in a closely fought match.

Identity legend Theobald Smallman scored the only goal and was named Shaker Player of the Season after the game despite having one game left.

"We must avoid losing against Afros in our last game to win the title but Afros have had their fair share of luck over us recently so I think the lads will be 'pumped' for the game".


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