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Country: England
Number of teams: 307
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 53°25'N
Longitude: 3°0'W


(18:32) Brunanburh Ambush FC: Early Season Mixed Reactions

Many Wirralians have voiced their concerns at the current standings, the Ambush being at the bottom of the table, but even the most discontented fan cannot hide their smile knowing Brunanburh broke a team record and reached round 4 of the Cup.

"I really don't like to brag," said newcomer captain, set-piece taker, and English striker, Theobald Williams, "but it's pretty clear this team needed me, as long as the lads pass me the ball, we'll score goals."

Many fans have noticed a severe dip in form from the club's youth phenom, Alexander Hubbard, after the arrival of Williams. It has been suggested that there might be some jealousy within the locker room due to the arrival of the famous striker. They will need to learn to play together if the team wants to avoid the drop back down to the sixth division.


(13:11) The Identity Shakers: Thought of the day

Mr Shaker announced to the world that he was in a poetic mood today ...

"Sometimes we are let down by people we know. Sometimes these people crave power , lots of power , and use this power to destroy the enjoyment of others whom they have amongst them. Hurtful things are said and done at the spur of the moment".

"But when these things are planned and executed in a way to deceive others working around them ..... then don't feel anger or hatred against them .... feel pity and regret for the way they have behaved".

"I hope one day you can be a better person and admit you did the wrong thing and your actions were shameful ... Hold your hands up and say 'yeah, sorry I was wrong'. Only then you become a man and not a boy ....."


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