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Country: England
Number of teams: 297
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 53°25'N
Longitude: 3°0'W


(23:32) Cowberries: Difficult start in new league

Cowberries ended up celebrating promotion last season after 6 seasons in VI.705. So the club's bold move with selling top defenders Chrostek and Ailstone will be deemed successful in the history books.
This season will be a very different story from the last one. Facing some strong competition and survival in the league will be a sucess.

The first match was lost 0-2 and the club is searching for reinforcements.
To prepare for this, club veteran Duncan Davis has been fired. He was an original club player, but did not play a match since August -14.
We wish Duncan all the best for his career outside football.

Duncan Davis:
39 matches
11 goals

Recent achievements:
Freddie Oswald - 50 matches
Stuart Pardini - 50 matches
José Maria Faria - 50 matches
Martino Namocari - 50 matches
Noah Oud - 50 goals as the 3rd Cowberries player

Red Berries Forever!!!

(20:11) F.C R.T.S: Football

F.C Emirates l am calling you out my club vs yours , F.C Emirates vs F.C R.T.S


(00:47) The Identity Shakers: A sign of things to come? .....

Billionaire tycoon and Identity Shaker owner, Mr Shaker, clapped his players off the pitch today after watching them beat RC Obajan 1-3 in their first ever game in Series II.

It was a fiery game which saw 4 bookings and 2 injuries in the first half but Identity pulled out all the stops to get their first 3 points of the season.

"We had a tough first game and I'm delighted with the result. RC Obajan wont lie down for anyone this season - but today we showed we're here to put a twist on things in this Series. Take us lightly at your peril".

Identity's David Flynn left the ground on crutches and is likely to be out for several weeks. He joins Darius Meyes on the physio table and Mr Shaker is expecting more injuries to come.

"Yeah we had our fair share of injuries last season and it looks like we've started the season with bad luck again. We've got a meeting with Boots in the morning to arrange for some extra crates of bandages to get delivered to our training ground".


(13:24) Mersey Toffees FC: Toffees bring in two!

Mersey Toffees FC have signed two young Midfielders on the eve of their kick off to the new Season of V.71, incoming they have acquired Barnabás Sebő (19yo) and Humberto Makaus (21yo) on cheap deals which has evidently pleased coach Chris Landray.

Landray went on to temper the expectations of fans who have been crying out for a new star midfielder all throughout the off season saying these two youngsters won't be setting of any fireworks and are rough gems which the club hope will prosper into stars although they might have to settle for friendly game time, however he did note due to the search for a new starting midfielder still going on, that Makaus will indeed get a starting birth in the baptism of fire against the AFC Hypocrites whilst it's very likely that Sebő will see some action coming from the bench in the latter stages of the game.


(13:23) Crazy Mice FC: Cup & Friendly matches this season

1 week Cup I 9 week
2 week Cup II 10 week
3 week Cup II 11 week
4 week 12 week
5 week 13 week
6 week 14 week
7 week 15 week
8 week 16 week

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