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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 303
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 53°25'N
Longitude: 3°0'W


(20:13) The Identity Shakers: Shakers stops Liverpool run ...

Mr Shaker ran 50 yards down the field and slid on his knees towards the Shaker fans once the referee blew for full time. There goes another Armani suit for the dry cleaners!

"That was a fantastic result against Liverpool 2K8 - we just seem to crank up the pressure whenever we meet them in a league game".

Identity took a 3-0 lead before Liverpool pulled one back. Club Captain Theobald Smallman scored again to take his total goals scored to 286 - 13 goals shy of entering the all time top ten English goalscorers.

"Our lads gave 200% today - it was a game we had to win. We probably over exerted ourselves and we may have to consider what options we have available to us in the next few games, but 3 points was a must today".


(22:19) Cowberries: Going for gold!

The chairman of Cowberries has announced that the club hope to win the laegue this season. After finishing 2nd last season, first place is the only option if the club's progress is to continue.
The manager didn't expect to be put under this kid of pressure. It was expected that a top 4 finish would be deemed a good result. Losing in round 1 of the cup put extra pressure on the manager.

Since our last update the club has sold off one decent defender and also some players that never managed to establish themselves in the starting 11:

Freddie Oswald
66 matches
10 goals

Elijah Lowe
57 matches
15 goals
5 yellows

Jamie Dicker
34 matches
1 goal
1 yellow

Jay Broyce
34 matches
2 goals
4 yellows
3 reds

Magnus Howorth
29 matches
3 yellows

Jordan Moloney
29 matches
5 goals
3 yellows

Recent achievements:
Basil Bradley - 100 matches
Adam Scheding - 50 matches
Neil Lloyd - 50 matches

Red Berries Forever!!!


(14:36) yengchester united fc: now never

going to be an easy win.
am very prepared


(22:14) The Identity Shakers: Here we go again ...

Well thats two games HTEV had us down as winning and only one point from 6.

I can see this is going to end very badly ......

Roll on next season??????


(09:57) Bevvyheads FC: Not on holiday!

Sam Scouse was looking relaxed and tanned for the press conference which led to many questions regarding his whereabouts during the off season.

The rumours that he was swanning in the Bahamas was refuted by the boss when asked shouldn't he have been at the club overseeing the off season games.

"Don't know where you got your information from, but I wasn't in The Bahamas," replied Sam.

"It must have been my stunt double. I use him to put you lot off the scent when I have to go and do football business and I don't want you lot pestering me.

"The sun tan is the result of spending some time in sunny clime but I was also scouting future stars for the club. It seems that my doppelgänger has worked wonders," replied the gaffer laughing.

Sam refused to reveal where he was and who he was scouting but said a major signing would be arriving shortly.

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