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Country: England
Number of teams: 310
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 53°25'N
Longitude: 3°0'W


(13:11) The Identity Shakers: Thought of the day

Mr Shaker announced to the world that he was in a poetic mood today ...

"Sometimes we are let down by people we know. Sometimes these people crave power , lots of power , and use this power to destroy the enjoyment of others whom they have amongst them. Hurtful things are said and done at the spur of the moment".

"But when these things are planned and executed in a way to deceive others working around them ..... then don't feel anger or hatred against them .... feel pity and regret for the way they have behaved".

"I hope one day you can be a better person and admit you did the wrong thing and your actions were shameful ... Hold your hands up and say 'yeah, sorry I was wrong'. Only then you become a man and not a boy ....."


(21:04) The Identity Shakers: Starting where we left off.

So, it's here - the New season has started for The Identity Shakers and multi millionaire and Shakers Chief Executive, Mr Shaker has confirmed he will accept nothing less than promotion to Series III as well as a lucrative run in this seasons Cup.

"We're looking forward to this - it's taken us 3 seasons of home grown midfield training to get where we are today. Our bank balance is for once at an acceptable level, which makes a ruddy good change let me tell you".

"New players coming in? Nope, that won't happen. Our squad has all we need and we have some real talent coming through the youth system for next season. Our forward line isn't the youngest led by dependable Smallman but he can't go on running forever! Our new youngsters will take over the baton and it will be an exciting time for us".

Mr Shaker also confirmed their sister team - Tactical Assassins are coming along nicely with three players already playing for Bahrain U20's - with plenty more caps to come.


(11:50) Liverpaliù: Uh. Just....

lost my friends.

Ok, see you in premier.

Let's start!


Uppatatern. Agg perz' 'e cumpagn?

Vabbuò, ce verimm' in serie A.

Jamm bell!


(21:53) Everton Oost-Souburg 2: Young team league (223179)

I manage now the youth competition with the name Young team league (223179), we need more team's to start the competition, who will play with his or her youth team in this competition?


(09:27) The Identity Shakers: Third time lucky?

So Series III was not to be for the Identity Shakers after their second consecutive promotion playoff game ended in a 4-2 defeat. They can take consolation in the fact that they only conceded one normal chance and that being on a 57-43% advantage in Identity's favour.

The other three goals were a quick event where Identity had a quick defender, a Head event where they also had 3 Head players on the field at the time and a Free kick where they had several levels advantage over the opposition.

Overall an unlucky match but Mr Shaker has put this behind him and is looking ahead to the new season with three different teams in the running.

"Yes we're disappointed but we're looking on the positive side. We actually made £850,000 in one week with prize money, fan renewals and gate receipts. That money will help us stay afloat for another season as we progress with our homegrown training".

"We look forward to another successful season and a third Series IV Trophy on the bounce".

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