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Greater Manchester

Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 542
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 53°28'N
Longitude: 2°12'W


(10:53) The Invaders: Bye Bye England!

Everything for sale. Thank you HT for being too greedy...
Bye England...

(09:19) Crazy Diamondz: i quit

Still got a 100 days left of Platinum, but can't be arsed playing a game run by greedy fkin sharks. So..........Full team for sale. Bid from a quid!

(00:03) Paul Hunter Memorial FC: Come on, that's too much!

The price for keeping secondary teams like P-Hunters is too high. What are they thinking?


(19:59) Rusty Penguins: Dead and gone!

This is sadly the end for The Rusty Penguins.
Thieves! More expensive than Xbox and PlayStation network.

Goodbye to the game I love the most - This will for sure be the end of HT in generel.

Bad business and owners. Anyone who can buy HT, someone who loves the game and want it out of love and not to earn millions!!!


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