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Greater Manchester

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Country: England
Number of teams: 549
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23:23 Paul Hunter Memorial FC: Sent ska syndaren vakna!

You probably wonder what the headline reads, and it's a Swedish proverb that means that the ignorant wakes up late. We have been totally unaware that we have a eligible U20 player in our midst!

And the other perfect fact is that the training regime needed for him to get as good as he needs to be is just the training we have planned for the team, the only difference being that the stamina percentage will have to be a little bit lower than the gaffers would like.

Anthony McGill (186632869)
16 years and 106 days

Speciality: Head

Keeperunknown / unknown
Defendingunknown / weak
Playmakingweak / weak
Wingersolid / solid
Passingweak / weak
Scoringwretched / wretched
Set piecesunknown / unknown

11:20 The Fornicating Dragon: Future plans

A manager has no plans, hattrick has no future


14:58 Rochdale United: Rolling back the years

The Men of Mayhem are no more, whilst the squad have been sunning themselves on holiday since the end of the supporter tournament, the Mayhem Board have decided to revert the sides name to Rochdale United. Its thought the decision was a long protracted one, weighing up the pros and cons that sure a revert in name would mean, but this morning the decision was finalised, and all appropriate departments, ranging from letterheads to replica kits have been notified.

A statement from the board this morning reads:
The history of Rochdale United is a long one, both as Rochdale United and as the Men of Mayhem. During this period of time, numerous successes have come our way, but the majority of our successes have been as Rochdale United. Whilst Men of Mayhem will always be a big part, not to mention a successful period in the clubs history, the board feel that getting back to our roots and returning to the Rochdale United brand is in the best interests of the club and all connected.


23:24 Paul Hunter Memorial FC: As anticipated. A new walk in an old environment

(569702707) Curia Canaries - Paul Hunter Memorial FC 2 - 0

The walk of 21 was stopped at 18
, and P-Hunters was also stopped in our attempt to get the promotion in tonight's match against Curia Canaries. It was the central defense that failed us twice in the second half, due to clever use of substitutions in Canaries.

P-Hunters didn't even get to score once in this rather dull performance. All in all there were only nine chances and seven of them ended up in the match commentary, five for Canaries and two for us.

Now there is a much harder, more ambicious walk to tread starting in a fortnight and that is the walk of 42. Let's see if that's possible, 'cause that will surely lead to promotion next season!

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