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Greater Manchester

Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 560
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 53°28'N
Longitude: 2°12'W


(23:26) Victorious Vampire Vikings: VVV arrive on the shores of England!

Bangladesh had been pillaged for all it was worth, and the VVV tribe needed some new feeding grounds.

The longboats set sail, and arrived at their destination a couple of days ago... ENGLAND!

Beware people, for the Vampire Vikings are here to stay and have only one thing on their mind...



(12:55) Rochdale United: Golden League Final

Rochdale United have for the second successive time made it to the GL Final one of the biggest tournaments in Hattrick Club football. They play FC X-Team again in a rematch of the previous final which United lost against said side. Dale will naturally be looking to win second time round and fulfill Politzias prophesy that they would win the GL. So far signs are good, but let's make one thing clear, Dale will need to be up for a fight if they are to win as FC X-Team are a fantastic side who will want to defend their title by any means necessary. Kick off is tonight at 18:00 HT time tune in and follow the match live for what will be a fantastic spectacle whatever the result!

Go Dale!


(08:21) EatMyGoal: Champions

EMG champions of V.181 and to auto-promote to IV next season

A great team effort from EMG. With no players standing out or even making the team of the week on a regular basis, the team are still, most definitely, the team of the season.

A few scares along the way but with only two points dropped the boys are rightly proud. The journey continues.

Goodnight and good luck to the rest of the league.

Bark. Bite. Win.


(21:34) Paul Hunter Memorial FC: A flawless, but slightly boring league season is over

So, the most boring second half of a season we ever experienced with P-Hunters is finally over. We succeeded with the goal to get Whirlwind and The Wizard to avoid picking up the ball behind them in the net.

The other goal, to make 10 goals on average to make 140 goals missed by 12, but this is mostly because we played many games with the formation 5-5-0 for the most effective training.

The light in the dark has been the tournaments that we have played in, but we didn’t have the power and tactics enough to defend the cup we won in the HomeGrown Tour addition one. We made it to the final, but there Cyborgs got their revenge and beat us hands down with 3-1.

Next season matches against dead teams will be rare, so we really get to test how well these months of training has improved the team. We also look forward to get the recently expanded Crucible Theater filled to the last seat.

Onwards and upwards!


(12:15) Saksager FC: Saksager FC's first full season coming to an end (S56)

The first complete season in Saksager FC's early life has almost come to an end. I am very satisfied with 5th place, as VI.818 (7421) is a very strong series. I thank all my opponents for a good season. Season 56 also meant the introduction of a new logo for Saksager FC. Thanks to sbach (3817972) for designing the logo.

Saksager FC are already preparing for the new season. New talents are being introduced to the team and old talents are in the process of finding new homes. Hopefully, the new talents will develop fast resulting in a much stronger team in a couple of seasons. Season 57 will be somewhat of a transition season, where fast development is a bigger goal than results.

Furthermore, the season break will be used actively as the arena Memoralis Cantona will undergo construction. The capacity will grow from 12.000 seats to a total of 16.000 seats. The new stadium is expected to be complete for the first home match in season 57.


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