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Greater Manchester

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Country: England
Number of teams: 548
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Latitude: 53°28'N
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20:09 Rusty Penguins: PROMOTION!

We are very proud to announce that The Rusty Penguins have made the cup and promoted to V :)

Our first 3 seasons in our short history, we played in a very strong VI (VI.818) and learned a lot. We have been working on young talents and and YA players.

Before this season we decided to go for the promotion and switched to a bot league. There is still a long way for the talents, but we should be ready for V now.
After PM and some defending, we have bought two young FW's, therefore our primary training will be offensive in the future. It might get us in some troubles with only 2 defenders, but again we're up for the task.

A big thanks to our fans and supporters.



19:41 Men_of_Mayhem: Transfer News

With the season coming to a close this past sunday, Mr Mayhem has already begun preparations for next season, with their coach entering the hall of fame, Golovnya has be moved into the role, as player/coach. Mr Mayhem has also made his first purchase in the transfer market, bringing in 22 year old Giancarlo L'Abbate for £2.1M, the Italian Stallion would likely be considered an attacking midfielder/ defensive forward, and is viewed as quite a starlet in his native Italy. Its thought that he will make his debut tonight against AS Uijeongbu 07 in the Golden League.


20:15 robbocheffy rovers: Season

Great win today lads well done was a great finish to the end of
Season your all welcome on my yacht to the Maldives ;))))


12:32 Chur United GB: Victory

Promotion already in our favor, Chur United is looking forward to 14 consecutive wins!!! That would be a dream for everybody in the club. Even if we don't aim that goal, we are looking forward to league IV. This is the next step in our young club history!!


00:27 Men_of_Mayhem: Could be worse

Men of Mayhem have only a single league match remaining of the season, and ultimately turns out to be a dead rubber as Mayhem will finish second whether they win, lose or draw. After a strong start to the season Mayhem's title challenge has petered out over the past few weeks, culminating in a 0-0 draw today. Despite this however, Mayhem have claimed their highest ever league finish, and look strong for next season.
Rumours have it that Mr Mayhem will be looking to strengthen his squad over the season break, with a small warchest burning a hole in the clubs coffers. With quality buys, and continued development of the younger stars of the squad, Mayhem will be looking good for another offensive on the series IV title.

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