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Greater Manchester

Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 537
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 53°28'N
Longitude: 2°12'W


13:37 Saksager FC: Another milestone reached

Another mail stone in the history of Saksager FC have been reached. We are getting near to the clubs 2 year anniversary (Established 18-06-2014) and we have more fans to support us than ever.

We broke the magical 2000 fans this week. Due to the many fans we are reconstructing our stadium and soon the capacity will reach 42.200. The first match being played in the new stadium will be against DUFFBEER UTD on 24-04-2016.

Saksager FC (952500) - A member of the HTUM Fed (102312)


17:05 Paul Hunter Memorial FC: The walk of 21 has begun

I expressed in the forum that my opponent in the fight for nr1 Marlpit Mercenaries would have to work pretty damn hard take the trophy as we're going to take all of the 21 points still left on the table in the pursuit of them.

With some time to think about it, it is a really tough task I set for my team, but I really think that we're up for it. We have only two really high hurdles left, as we jumped over the first one last Sunday in winning the away game against Badgers.

I think the away match against Fatal-Justice will be key, together with the Mercenaries match in week 14 of course. The rest seems to be somewhat easier. No underestimation, though.

The loss in Jason Ivy Cup could have been the thing that gives us a small thread of a chance of winning the league. Of course we're going to hold on to the thread both gently and hard to not miss out on our part of the bargain. Then either Blades, Badgers or Justice must do theirs to get me passed Mercs.

09:37 Saksager FC: The season so far

Season 61 has been the first season for Saksager FC in series V. Despite of our 'newbie' status, we have managed to get decent results thus occupying the second place a little more than half way into the season.

We have met several very good teams resulting in some tough matches, but with decent results. The biggest problem this season has been our ability to score goals. We have had several ties with no or very few goals. Hopefully, we will see some new players in the near future who can help us solve this problem.

In the beginning of the season the plan was to train scoring for several seasons to come. This plan has been changed towards a more defensive training strategy.

A few matches are left of the season and we are hopeful that we can maintain a good placement. Under all circumstances, we can be nothing more but proud and satisfied with the first season in series V.

Saksager FC (952500) - A member of the HTUM Fed (102312)


23:39 Paul Hunter Memorial FC: Jinxed, of course...

(565707587) Paul Hunter Memorial FC - Badgers F.C. 2 - 2

It wasn't enough
to be a little bit better than Badgers from the start, it was Badgers that scored on the first two chances they got. Then we gradually moved our chess pieces offensively to turn the table around. Sadly the jinx from our previous Press Announcement was so hard welded into the ME that it stopped at an equalizer and the game ended with a disappointing 2-2 tie.

Well, well. Mercenaries continued
on their winning streak after their tie in the first round and is now five points ahead. Still hurts thinking of that match too. (565707553)

So, now it might be as well
as to lose the Jason Ivy Cup match to get the rest of the season to mend the wrongs committed in the first half of league. Jinx, jinx, jinx!!


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