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Greater Manchester

Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 926
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Sunny Sunny
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 53°28'N
Longitude: 2°12'W


(23:03) Don Kiddix Town: X



(14:19) FC. United of Manchester: ...

Hillsborough 1989

(09:35) EatMyGoal: Holistic approach

A sideways season performance wise, but key buys and younger players coming to the fore gives EMG greater potential for the seasons ahead.

Coach Ovesson has been pleased with performances, but been worried by developments in the off-season, 'We've employed new staff and a few other measures to turn things around.'

When pressed on the “other measures”, Ovesson revealed a surprising variety of steps. 'Some lads have a Yola habit. Yeah, it was called beak back in my day. We’re sorting that with nasal plugs and gum shields. A lad’s gerbil died, so we bought him a box of those. They run round his house, place stinks, but he’s happier building them runs and stuff. We've had girlfriend trouble, so we've employed girls who aren't bothered about the way a man looks. It’s not very PC but they're ugly lads and getting acquainted is difficult.'

Optastats eat you heart out, player metrics will only take you so far. A truly modern club needs nasal plugs, gerbils and of course, laaadies.

(09:19) OAP Mafia: Fun-time!

OAP Mafia are here to rock this joint.

Can't really say any more! Watch this space...


(01:12) Manchester United Football Club.: Welcome Back V.194

Hello Guys,

It's really funny to see that I am back in my old league V.194 after i was relegation two seasons ago.
Maybe I have this time better luck with the avoid relegation

Es ist wirklich sehr lustig zusehen das ich nach dem ich vor 2 Saisons abgestiegen bin wieder in meiner alten Liga V.194 gelandet bin.
Hoffentlich kann ich dieses mal die Liga halten


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