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Greater Manchester

Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 541
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Rain Rain
Latitude: 53°28'N
Longitude: 2°12'W


(01:10) Paul Hunter Memorial FC: MOTS saved the day!

(554405197)Paul Hunter Memorial FC - Dilbury Town 5 - 4

P-Hunters made the teams by far best match ever,
but it comes with a bitter hang over. Coach Dohertys intimidating speech before the game about what he'll do with certain players certain private parts scared the living bejeezus out of everyone and they were totally exhausted afterwards.

It remains to be seen how we can follow up the feat on the Crucible Theatre when we first have a hard away game against Jossies Giants and then we face Poole Town FC from II.4 (516)


(23:19) Paul Hunter Memorial FC: Best match so far

(554193415) Paul Hunter Memorial FC - Tribble Town Rovers 5 - 1

P-Hunters made the best match ever when Tribble Town Rovers was overrun on the Crucible Theatre. The result, 5-1, was maybe a bit bigger than the ratings suggested, especially as the planned defensive change was wrongly instructed and didn't get executed.

After the humiliating defeat in week one against Badgers it has been only smiling faces with three victories, crowned with the heroic match on Tuesday.

The coming week we have the luxury of playing both games at home, which makes for more success. First we welcome the newly promoted Super A.J. United on Sunday and then it's Dilbury Town who comes for the fourth cup game on Tuesday.


(19:31) Saksager FC: Goodbye to VI.818

After several seasons in VI.818 (7421) it is time to move on. This season Saksager FC ended up at a third place, which is a very good result due to the fact that VI.818 is one the the best VI series in England.

I would like to thank all my earlier opponents (you know who you are) for some good seasons. You are all one of the reasons that Hattrick have become very interesting for me.

Despite the departure from the league I hope we will continue to communicate through various federation. Furthermore, I hope we will decide to become opponents again in a V series when the time come.

Good luck to all of you.

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