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Greater Manchester

Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 558
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Rain Rain
Latitude: 53°28'N
Longitude: 2°12'W


(00:26) Paul Hunter Memorial FC: Cupseason over, just in time

English Cup
(484092182) IfancyPeterBeardsley - P-Hunters 0 - 6
(496278414) P-Hunters - Thetford Lions 2 - 0
(496544227) P-Hunters - Warton on the Rocks 4 - 5

Jason Ivy Cup
(496861881) P-Hunters - steve's army 6 - 0
(497071658) P-Hunters - Los Azuliblancos 7 - 0
(497234480) P-Hunters - Helme Hoppers FC 3 - 2
(497378339) P-Hunters - Livercrewe Tigers 0 - 4

After seven weeks the cup adventure is over, and this in perfect time to shift focus over to the league. After six matches only chasing goals and keeping the dead teams from scoring we meet the only living team.

With TSI of 701 630 wages on 134 810 £ Forest Warriors might be regarded favorites, but it's mainly three broiler forwards who pick up the most of the wages. The rest of the team is weak and P-Hunters will have no problem to beat the at home or away.


(00:01) Faceys Facilitators: #1 Son finds his way home

This is the first press release I've ever made 'out of character' on Hattrick.

It is to announce that after many, many seasons of searching (since I joined basically) I have finally signed a player who shares a name with my eldest son. (349869576)

In real life, my son is called Thomas-John Kelly and he is 8 years old, I realise the nickname is a bit of a shortcut but I'm pretty sure I'll never find a hyphenated player either! He will stay with The Facilitators for the rest of career (may even get some training too!) and will retire to the Hall Of Fame.

The hunt is now on for a Kyle Kelly - currently none in the game :(

(Also have a daughter called Jessica but find the nickname Jess 'Ica' Kelly may be a bit too much of a stretch)


(23:30) Paul Hunter Memorial FC: RLS Platinum Masters at last!!

(5242786) Paul Scholes Goalgetters - Zanarkand Duggles 1 - 0

Yeah, the referee insisted on calling our team by our old name, but that has to do with the fact that we entered this tournament with that name. Nevertheless, which Paul-team that will be in the history books is of less importance.

Anyhoo, at last, after 11 consecutive final loses against Hotrod Maniacs we finally beat the Maniacs and got the cup, even though in two different matches. Today we were the stronger team on most accounts, but it was with a tight 1-0-victory we finally won the final.

The win against Hotrod Maniacs came in the last match in round robin:

(5132945) Paul Scholes Goalgetters - Hotrod Maniacs 2 - 0

With renewed confidence we look forward to the first match in the Saphire Cup tomorrow. Full steam ahead!!


(20:32) Tits Lovers United: Good start

First season in Tits Lovers history start very well.First they win 3:1 in Craig Wozniak Cup and today bet at home league opponents pieve s stefano 10:1 (494009019).
Its an amazing start for United.Tits Lovers boss say:
I'm happy we win today game at home,we are new club and we still need lots of time to improve team,in new season finally we change club temporary name for our new official name.We also present world our new logo on the end of this season.In this moment im happy.We buy few young talented players,and i believe they develop and make us proud.


(03:26) Saksager FC: HATTRICK!

Even though Saksager FC is in it's infancy a couple of players will be honored for scoring a hat trick.

Three of the players are home grown with divine loyalty. One of the players is a new comer.

Harry Towers (397046740)
Andy Carlyle (397046751)
Geoff Roth (397046752)

and the new comer

Peter 'Rambo van de 16' Johansson (304473135).

Saksager FC is 9 weeks old and already celebrating 4 players scoring a hat trick. Let them keep coming!


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