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Country: England
Number of teams: 313
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(17:43) Goth UTD: Time to announce... Our Fifth Mascot!!

In a pleasant mood, The Ace Tactician came out to address the crowd that were watching an ongoing Children's card game between two professionals.

"I am very happy to announce our new Fifth mascot to our team of Mascots at our club.

First we had Celestia Ludenberg with The Gothic Lolita Fashion lighting up our Main Page.

Second We had our Kit Mascot, Plusle. The Pokemon franchise has always been Important to The Ace Tactician and this is one deal we wont give up easily.

Third We Had 'Dai Sensei Ariel' from the Anime 'Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka'. Tweek Himself Cosplayed Her at LAGC in July Earlier this year.

Forth and Recently No doubt was 'Ebon Magician Curran'. A dangerous Monster with the ability to destroy Life.

Our Fifth Mascot.... Is The Magical Undertaker. More On her later this week.



(17:45) Mathematically Safe: Bloodshed predicted

This week Safe host SOTV and the notorious Zulu Army. Police are on high alert as the army of Brummies typically empty out all half decent beer from the local establishments and then get a little twitchy.

The local police Commissioner has indicated that he will be instructing the officers to wear their "away" strip of red jackets and brown trousers.


(17:51) Apollos Creed: CUP



(10:37) A N Fielders: Continued good start :)

Sundays result was a massive 3 points for the club. Yes we were at home and yes we do have a better squad than HOS, but boy they always seem to cause us so much trouble. We now look to the cup tonight but have our eyes firmly fixed on an away game to the newcomers that have been topping the table for the start of the season.

They are increasing their squad with good players, and though we think that they will be a major force next season, we know this will be tricky.

The squad are rebuilding at present with new training regimes and looking to the future.

We are keeping our eyes on one of our youth players who is so close to the first team, he is starting to knock on the managers door. Wait your time Johnny !


(23:46) West Ham Royals: Plumber Required ??

West Ham Royals welcomes premiership side Toxic Skank to our humble ground tomorrow. Chewing gum has been removed from the seats,toilets have been cleaned and fresh paint has been applied to cover offensive graffiti. Doris the tea lady is getting very excited and will make sure the corn beef sarndwiches served at half time will include cucumber, we may even get the Pringles out although no firm decision has been made yet.......the club are hoping to have the hot water back on by the time Toxic turn up - fingers crossed!


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