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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 308
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Sunny Sunny
Forecast for tomorrow: Sunny Sunny
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(23:20) The Last Eleven: Promotion!

In a season of downs, ups, and a fair slice of luck, today Eleven secured promotion to the second tier, again.

In a playoff versus old friends and rivals Nicks Nobodys Eleven managed to ride their fortune to a 2-1 victory where the odds really weren't in their favour.

Fans may be wary of buying a season ticket though, their last outing in II.4 was not an enjoyable one!

(22:44) Goth UTD: An Ace Tactician In Division V - Summon The Toons

In a Very Dark and Mysterious Place only described by the Youtube Host himself as the DVD Marathon Room, The Ace Tactician Tweek came out to address what seemed to be Newly Upgraded Mold.

"We have finally crossed that line and made it into Division V for the first time in our long history. Those Many seasons from 101 have definitely given us much needed experience to make a real go of it This season. Anyone that believes we will be pushovers certainly doesn't have any idea Of just who I am.

I am the Man that Hosts youtube channel 'Topic Time' and 'The 3D Effect'. I am also the man that Has a invested Interest In Both the Gaming Community and The Anime Community. A Envious History of Confidence and Bonafide Wizardry and Many that have Disagreed in the past have fallen to their knees.

Oh, And If your wondering, My DVD Marathon Continues with 'Baka And Test'. Its rather good.



(13:23) Fareham Town Creeksiders: Gillerberg and Rohrmaier Team MVPs

The first season at divison V ended with a very good 4th place. After a struggeling start (3 losses in a row with 20 goals agiant) the Creeksiders bought Erik Gillerberg (303435979) and Richard Rohrmaier (312655021) to strenghten their defence.

In the following 11 matches of the season the Creekisders conceeded only 15 goals. Both players had a great impact for the sucsessful season.

(10:22) Chute FC: The Push Begins

Second in the league, fifth round of the cup, top scorer, and happy fans and sponsors. Mustn’t grumble.

So, after another “in limbo” season, it’s time to push for promotion. The process has already begun with the purchase of four new players. OK, only one of them (Ondino Núñez (336847295)) is really Division 4 material, but the other three will certainly help boost the midfield – and they were bargains; £4 million worth of players for £2.5 million!

Coach Harald Burkard (46014833) is hanging up his clipboard in the closed season, making way for new coach, Mario Nini (204086369). An excellent replacement.

The Youth Academy has been quite for a couple of seasons, and costing around quarter of a million a year to run, it’s not really been financially viable. Three new coaches now in place, but if things don’t improve, steps will be taken.


(14:58) Goth UTD: Its happening. Its finally happening and Im Going Moist Thinking About It

In a Breath of fresh air mood where not even a Turd in a Punchbowl could get him down, The Ace Tactician came out of his cave to address the Condensation that had started to set on the window.

"We can finally start to think about moving on to the next division. JJ Men haven't seemed to interested in making any sort of challenge this season so we will Annihilate them later today and start are Pervy fortnight celebrations straight after.

The Raven and Resplandor are finally nearing the end off their crossing training and we are silently ecstatic about their progress over the last two seasons. We are certainly somewhat a danger to any team we meet no matter how our midfield looks like from now on. What we have to focus on next though is of up most importance.

Madoka Magica - Yes our focus is on finalising our admiration for this great anime.


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