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Country: England
Number of teams: 321
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(10:56) Goth UTD: Madolche Victory Deck Imminent.... I Tells Ya

In a recommended to try to be all so mild approach, The Ace Tactician Lumbered out of the birdcage to address the Waiting Ying And Yang off Miku Lovers and Haters.

"I have noticed that My Presence has certainly been missed in the last few weeks. The lack of Ace Tactician In people's lives certainly has a most serious affect on them. Theres no off the wall Extravagance to be had if the God himself is not about.

Do I promise to bring it back? Yes I do. But when do I bring it back? That is yet to be seen.

Although one thing I do bring with me are My powerful Army of Madolches.

Who could ever hate on the guys. They're Awesome. The power of Royalty, Servants and Pets teamed with super Intense desserts is one simply Not to be missed."


Hopefully me and my Kawaii deck of Madolches here will take me to Victory At the Yugioh Tournament at The London Anime And Gaming Convention this February


(08:31) A N Fielders: Time to turn the corner .....

The club are looking a little out of their depth at the moment and really must start picking up points.

Yet another game this week where it will be difficult but the lads have had a team meeting and know they all have to pull together and work even harder.

Iff we can just get that first win under the belt we can get some confidence and start putting pressure on other teams......... but any points at this stage will be greatly accepted.


(21:07) Mathematically Safe: Bumchums...

...took us roughly from behind in our only previous interaction.

They bring their monster team and 100% record to the Wesley Glover Stadium this coming weekend. With Kumar too bombed to play for another 3 weeks, we stand a good chance of...doing absolutely nothing to tarnish tezza's 100% record.

Check back on Monday for an accurate plaster cast of tezza's boot prints all over our backs.


(20:17) A N Fielders: Learning .....

Well you know what they say .... you learn more from defeat than winning.....

Great - the boys are going to learn a lot this season.

I honestly thought we had a chance but the Night Gardener has a solid all round team that were better than us on the day.

Obvious to all where this was won and lost so lesson learnt and we move on to a cup game and then yet another tricky game against Di and Mo......


(20:05) A N Fielders: Made our point

Well the nerves were shaken off and the first game back up in series VI has been negotiated. Any points away from home have to be welcomed and its fantastic to get on the board. There were no 'ducks' from the 'fighting' required in this one :)

Written off by most as cannon fodder this season we have put down our marker, and now its up to the boys to show they can keep this up for the season... Bigger harder games to come but the whole club are looking forward to them .......!

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