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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 345
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Rain Rain
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(20:43) A N Fielders: Massive win

Massive win .

With staeau and all stars meeting next weekend this could be s chance now to put pressure on ..... Yes the boys have to do the business against a struggling Eco but there are suddenly some upset results are being thrown up .

But for now , a week of celebration :)


(20:10) Avster's Allstars: It's been a while...

When the Allstars take to the field tonight to play SOUTH OZ MAGIC, they will be recreating a match that was last played twelve and a half years (less one day) ago: (3586138)

Remarkably, this was the second ever game that we played in Hattrick, and that one of the earliest teams we played in the fledging Allstars era is still around was certainly a surprise to agovind.

The chances of there being a 25th anniversary game between the teams in 2027 are thought to be somewhat remote...


(23:19) Mathematically Safe: Possum on the half shell

AFC Armadillo were cracked, cooked and served up on the half shell, tonight in the Cup.



(19:10) Mathematically Safe: Andy Carroll, move over

Guillermo 'Shevchenko' Arellano (391481386), Safe's most expensive purchase in the club's history is the butt of jokes in the crowd. Purchased for £ 3 593 333, less than two season's ago, he is a shadow of his former self.

At the time he was a regular in the Panamanian under 20 team, he ended up playing 24 first team internationals for the U20's. Since he was dropped by the U20 Manager, he seems to have lost all focus and has been out of form for almost a season. Arellano still keeps his first team shirt number, but isn't even on the bench for tonight's important cup match against AFC Armadillo.

The fans have settled on calling him 'Shevchenko', as they found that less of them were being banned from the ground, than when they made chants calling him Bostock.

Rudderless and aimless, Arellano still vaguely shows up to practice. Form Coach Herschel Lane is now charged with getting him back into first team quality.


(22:30) Goth UTD: The Suguri Mission Brief - Part 2

The Ace Tactician Came out of the Birdcage to conclude his plan and announce Another Mascot for the club.

"The Suguri Mission is Indeed well on its way to Becoming the Most Iconic team in Hattrick. With all the players now chosen for the future, It will only be down to time as to when we are the Most Dominant team on Hattrick."

Big News However Is off Another New Mascot for Goth UTD.

"We would like to introduce the world Our newest Signing & Cult Gaming's Legendary Heroine 'Shantae'."

"The Belly Dancing Half Genie has now become Part of the Ace Tacticians Plans by providing Mid Match Entertainment for the Ace Tactician. She may never of granted a real wish but she assures me that she willing to give it a try."

And as with all cross promotion, Make sure To look out for 'Shantae , Half Genie Hero' coming out for all platforms at a later date.


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