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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 316
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(22:04) BasingstokeUtd: basingstoke utd ready for first friendly.

After the new manager arriving, many coffee's and hours later, finally basingstoke utd are ready for thier first friendly appearance. The team is said to be looking strong and they are very confident for a first victory.

The new manager says he is happy where he is and is greatly looking forward to the future at the club.


(21:40) Goth UTD: Maybe Senpai Will Notice Me

In a More Common then 1st Edition Moment, The Ace Tactician Came Out to address the Mourners at a very delicate Funeral Situation.

"This Is where our season starts now for real. We have six tough games left that we will have to try to deal with and hopefully we can secure that Important 6th place finish we need.

I have already Made plans to bring in another Japanese Player to help us go forward but if there is a must, We are indeed prepared to bring out the big Performance.

What is most Important so far is Guaranteeing that we beat Whitkirk in the return fixture. If we can do this then we will have taken a huge step towards Division V survival.

Maybe Then Senpai will notice me....



(21:32) Goth UTD: I'm Alive!

In a more then mostly Expected Way, The Ace Tactician Waltz his way over to the Rallied Up Football Firms Waiting to Punch It out with a Completely Irrelevant Message for the time.

"I am more then happy to say that my interest In Hattrick has started to return. Scientific Examination Has proved that it was a lack of Belief followed by a lack of training pops that were the most depressing things.

It only took up to waiting for my subscription to near its last days for me too realise there was way to much on the line. Our Clubs Fabulously designed Logo's and Manager Cressed Logo are to much to lose at a time like this.

We plan now to smash That Dorothy Team in the Tird and then Write about it Endlessly with lots Of anime Pictures In 'The Tirdly Highlights'. "

I'm Alive!



(17:43) Goth UTD: Time to announce... Our Fifth Mascot!!

In a pleasant mood, The Ace Tactician came out to address the crowd that were watching an ongoing Children's card game between two professionals.

"I am very happy to announce our new Fifth mascot to our team of Mascots at our club.

First we had Celestia Ludenberg with The Gothic Lolita Fashion lighting up our Main Page.

Second We had our Kit Mascot, Plusle. The Pokemon franchise has always been Important to The Ace Tactician and this is one deal we wont give up easily.

Third We Had 'Dai Sensei Ariel' from the Anime 'Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka'. Tweek Himself Cosplayed Her at LAGC in July Earlier this year.

Forth and Recently No doubt was 'Ebon Magician Curran'. A dangerous Monster with the ability to destroy Life.

Our Fifth Mascot.... Is The Magical Undertaker. More On her later this week.



(17:45) Mathematically Safe: Bloodshed predicted

This week Safe host SOTV and the notorious Zulu Army. Police are on high alert as the army of Brummies typically empty out all half decent beer from the local establishments and then get a little twitchy.

The local police Commissioner has indicated that he will be instructing the officers to wear their "away" strip of red jackets and brown trousers.

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