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Country: England
Number of teams: 302
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Sunny Sunny
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(19:47) Goth UTD: Travis. Why does it always rain on me?

In the latest off increasingly being brushed over press conferences, The Ace Tactician came out of the birdcage to address the Poke'Maniacs that were not in Washington DC for some reason.

We knew we were gonna lose the match tonight. It never seemed to be on the cards and we don't really know what we can do about it. I suppose it can be said that Lately, I have begun to lose alot of interest in hattrick lately.

I don't know. I just am struggling to stay behind this train and you know, This train is a fast chugga and Mr 10 stone Ace Tactician wasn't the sprinter he was 10 years ago.

The team will continue for now but as it does I find my involvement slowly drifting from it. I know all of you have this feeling and I know the Some have already decided on quitting.

Oh well. Onto next weeks disappointment.



(20:21) West Ham Royals: Time For A Change!

With the fans getting a little restless the manager has decided to abandon winger training for something else, I'm hoping that the players that have been listed will move on to better things......they are all priced to sell and are in various stages of training, one has only two trains left before he raises a level. With the funds we have available after the fire sale we will be hitting the transfer market to bring in some top quality players.

(20:07) Goth UTD: Where's Your Personality Managers!!

In a confrontational mood for the Ace Tactician, The God himself came out of the birdcage to address the Mounting pile of Anime on the Table.

"I wanted to put something forward to all managers that believe they are special.

Where Is Your Personality?

I have yet to see anyone who believes they are special enough to even grace my words. When will I be Respected with a worthy Personality. When will I finally come up against a true match of someone with a 'True' Free Spirit'.

I hold out much hope to find such a manager and until I finally find them, I shall claim the title of Ace Tactician until another can win the title Honourably.

So I shall Preach It once more, Show me your personality and show me now. Until you do, you will always be second rate to Me.




(18:45) Mathematically Safe: Emperor's new clothes

Klaudiusz 'Emperor' Gniewek (336977620), unhappy at losing his first team place to Alberto "Del Rio" Enríquez (314206074), has demanded to be transfer listed with immediate effect.

In a statement to the press, "Emperor" droned on in great detail for 20 minutes about "channeling the spirit of Lech Wałęsa", and the club's "lack of Solidarność" by bumping him to the subs bench for the foreseeable future. He threatened to strike and to boycott training sessions.

This provoked a succinct response by DeCoach, who muttered "The tail don't wag the dog, sunshine", promptly listed him, and received an offer by text within the hour, whilst at the pub with the press corp.

DeCoach continued after a liquid lunch and said "I hope that the Emperor likes his new clothes, in his new club. No doubt he'll also get his groove back. He'll have as much luck as Stella did."

This PA has since been submitted for a "Smartie" award, for the PA with the most smart alecked references.


(10:58) Goth UTD: Yu Gi Oh? Absolutely. Lets win this time atleast.

In a incredibly tired Mood on Friday, The Ace Tactician Came out to address the Scavenging Spiders that were on the window.

Our big news today is that we have decided that it will be best to Build up Our Yu Gi Oh deck again and finally decide to take it to a tournament. We know that this is a very bold move for a 23 year old but we have faith that we can finally understand the game proper now and we can most certainly have some fun with all these new decks flying about.

Will I be using A Deck with all these new monsters however? Absolutely Not!!

Back in the day over a Decade Ago, I had a Toon Deck that was very fun and symbolised me in every detail of tactical play and now after 12 years I will again be able to bring out my Deck and finally be able to play it properly.

After all, They are just Innocent Toons. And Everyone loves Toon monsters.


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