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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 305
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(14:23) A N Fielders: Good start

Following the fantastic result this weekend against an extremely good team in Pig Futebol, everyone in the club are walking around with an air of confidence and excitement. This is not just a great result, but keeps up the winning start to the season.

We are still in the cup, but know that unless we are truly on the top of our game, this could be the end of the road for this years campaign. Disappointing as this may be for players and fans, the series must be our top priority.

This weekends game against HOS is tricky ! We have slipped up against them before, sometimes because of over confidence, but we must keep our foot on the pedal, and give them the respect that they and their manager deserves, ........... This we will do. !


(23:15) Mathematically Safe: Super 'Eero

Drinks are flowing hard and fast at Safe tonight, in a triple celebration.

Firstly, the boys banged 6 past Revolutions, to proceed in the Cup.

Secondly, a brace from Cliff "Christmas" Caryl, leaves the fan favorite on 99 not out. He will be looking to poach his one hundredth first class goal this weekend, against Atletico Nil, in the league. Caryl has put his opponents on notice that he is gunning for that goal this weekend. "You're. Going. Down."

Finally, Eero 'Super Hero' Kultanen (253934595) has bagged his first ever first class hat trick at the ripe old age of 32. Not bad from a defender.

One screaming penalty and two glorious free kicks, got him his first goals of the season and first hat trick ever.

When asked to comment, he replied "Well the boss now has another choice up front. This goal scoring lark is easy."

(23:09) Goth UTD: Ace Tactician Has A Yu Gi Oh deck.

In a very very early conference, the Ace Tactician came out of the birdcage to address the Infected ones in the shopping mall.

"Your Ace Tactician is not only able to master the art of Tactics, But also able to both Mind Manipulate with ease and Create strategies worthy of any Low rank Tacky. "

By finally forming my old Yu Gi Oh deck, I am now able to compete and able to see just how well my personality comes across in my card choice. Each card one piece of my personality, all adding to each other to create a perfect picture of yours truly.

Thats right, Card games are not just about having the best deck... but about creating the deck that is specifically for you. A pleasure I feel. Allow me to show you one Card that could perfectly sum me up right now. "

Injection Fairy Lily



In a ever to be expected conference from The Ace Tactician, The God himself came out to address the nearly empty packet of Fags outside the gate.

"I have called this packet of fags up to the main team and not only given it meaning... But also given it the prized position of being my assistant manager for the rest of the season. I have every hope that 'Pall Mall' here can get the players motivated and in the mood to really take it to the opponents.

Fag pack has also given me some very good advice on how to handle the opposition, Should they come Calling.

Iv told the players that they should try to get inside the opposition players mouths and do what ever they can to light themselves up and give the enemy a right good puff off our Moe Goodness. This Is scientifically proven to render the other team useless whilst letting our players run faster due to burn damage."


(01:35) Arments: Welcome to Arments


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