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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 346
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Rain Rain
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(16:02) Mathematically Safe: Finally...

Jose "Deadly" Urbina Gauna has scored 100 first class goals. He was on 91 in April and has dawdled as fast as his buggered knees can carry him.

In the 24th minute of this weeks cup match versus Tunguska Tigers, he fired in a tricky free kick that had the Tigers' keeper twisted up. The club have been trundling Jose out for every possible outing to try and get him his personal target before injury set in once more.

DeCoach was quoted as saying "Congratulations to Manuel. He has been a loyal and prolific member of the club. Now we can run a full strength squad when we need to."

84 of his 100 goals have been over the last 10 seasons as Safe's primary set piece taker.

Good job Manuel. I mean Jose.

When asked to comment, Jose said "Pass me the Advil meester. My bloody knees are killing me."


(19:48) A N Fielders: great start

excellent result - only losing 3-0 , and not 1 single injury :-)


(14:38) Fareham Town Creeksiders: League Dino

Now the Fareham Town Creeksiders are the team with the longest stint in the league VI.163 (6510) after One Shot were relegated after eleven seasons.

The Creeksiders finished in the top half of the table always. So a further place in these regions is the goal for the upcoming season.

Fareham starts against Dynamo Drew on sunday. They never lost a match in eight games so far and look to continue the streak.

Jarema Kawula misses the match after being injured during the 1 - 2 loss against ShinShredders in the first Cup round.


(13:26) Notonmyhead FC: out of the frying pan...

Hello all,

Looking forward to a long hard season. This league looks even tougher than the div 3 one I've just been relegated from!

Good luck all and have a fun season.


(16:52) Goth UTD: Ace Tactician: Division 4 and Anime Conventions

In a literally skinny Mood, the Ace Tactician came out of the Birdcage after 2 weeks of being away to play Semi pro English pool and a trip to Canada to address the waiting Gaming fans.

"Our Holiday week of dreams has finally come to a close after a Dream filled Holiday. Whilst we are readying up to get back to work, We have been tirelessly trying to gain tickets for both Hyper Japan and London Anime and Gaming Convention in the near future. We have been successful in in both :).

As for division 4, We make no bones about the challenge ahead of us here. Our team may not know how to talk to anyone in the division but I have faith in my Japanese Contingent that they can Do The Ace Tactician proud and come up with a real show this season.

It all depend on the first three weeks for us. I suppose we can sum up how happy we as a team are by a 'How Sexy is she' Anime picture."


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