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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 341
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(22:30) Goth UTD: The Suguri Mission Brief - Part 2

The Ace Tactician Came out of the Birdcage to conclude his plan and announce Another Mascot for the club.

"The Suguri Mission is Indeed well on its way to Becoming the Most Iconic team in Hattrick. With all the players now chosen for the future, It will only be down to time as to when we are the Most Dominant team on Hattrick."

Big News However Is off Another New Mascot for Goth UTD.

"We would like to introduce the world Our newest Signing & Cult Gaming's Legendary Heroine 'Shantae'."

"The Belly Dancing Half Genie has now become Part of the Ace Tacticians Plans by providing Mid Match Entertainment for the Ace Tactician. She may never of granted a real wish but she assures me that she willing to give it a try."

And as with all cross promotion, Make sure To look out for 'Shantae , Half Genie Hero' coming out for all platforms at a later date.



(18:19) Mathematically Safe: Peculiar goings behind The Bike Shed

The lights were on well past training time at The Bike Shed, Safe's Youth Academy, last night.

New scout Bobby Bollock was all teeth as he climbed into a shiny 2015 F type Jaguar, and peeled off out of the car park. The oddest person spotted was current Trinidadian NT midfielder, Brij "Too Far" Kumar, who has no ties to the Academy at all. He was jovial and friendly, as he climbed into another new Jag, and said a polite "No comment, ma'hn".

DeCoach came out, looking tipsy and very pleased for himself, muttering about discussing changes in training plans.

Last to exit were a few youth academy players and their parents, with former Safe player and current agent, Renzo Welge. Newly scouted player Sean Trimble came out sporting a black eye and a huge smile, closely followed by keeper Owen Bratch who was being held back by a couple of team mates. It looks like the local Jag dealership had a sale on, as Welge threw the keys to the last one to the awestruck Stan Trimble, Sean's dad.


(16:07) Mathematically Safe: Birthday bonus

Birthday boy, Eugen "Kaiser" Poecho, bagged a brace of goals in the home game against Weston. This has edged him in front of José 'Deadly' Urbina Gauna, Safe's dead shot set pieces expert, in the race to 100 first class goals.

Both oldies are looking to hit 100 goals before they retire, and "Deadly" has been holding off on retirement until he surpasses this personal target.

Words of encouragement from 100 Club member and team mate Cliff "Christmas" Caryl, who is sitting at 119 first class goals,"The boys are doing great and the dressing room banter is at an all time high".

DeCoach was unusually chatty and said "Jose is a stalwart, and has scored a surprising amount of goals for a defender. Eugen has to be the favorite though, as the defensive forward with 3 years on his mate."

Kaiser is on 92, Deadly on 91.

Club top scorer Gogu Manta, who is in the reserves with 157 first class goals, just laughed when asked to comment about the race.


(22:13) Goth UTD: The Suguri Mission Brief - part 1

In a Humbled yet freezing cold down there after a close shave earlier, The Ace Tactician Came out from his cave to address the waiting Super Beings outside his gate.

"Alot of people do not understand what exactly 'The Suguri Mission' is. Its very understandable why people cannot comprehend such a plan with so little information released to the public.

Indeed that is part of The Suguri Mission!

In short terms, The Suguri Mission is a Masterminded Plan that has not yet been fully achieved by anyone on hattrick yet.

When We published that ' The Suguri Mission' is to annihilate Bland and Boring teams, That is what we Meant! Originality is our priority to ascertain and without original thinking, allows uncreative thoughts to climb in.

Our Mission then is to Work our way up to the top and Demolish every other team in Existence!"



(22:48) Goth UTD: The Suguri Mission Has Now Been Initiated

In a All Business Less Animu Mood, The Ace Tactician Came out of his Cave after watching Anime to address the waiting Mass off Bacteria waiting outside the gate.

"The Suguri Mission Has been put into full effect!!"

Our mission is to free the masses of bland teams made up of no name scrubs and purify the country of these no good teams.

Originality Is a key of survival and those that have not got originality lack A fearsome Tyrant as their leader. The Ace Tactician Knows this and with his New Assistant Suguri, will take on the Unholy Scum that riddle our leagues and Annihilate them.

The team Itself is being Purified of Imperfections, as Long time Legend Richie Gregory, A high Profile name, has been thrown into the wind due to Blasphemy against the Ultimate one. May he live long in The Depths of Light and darkness.


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