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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 563
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Sunny Sunny
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(17:22) Goth UTD: Tweek-Sama. Bīru Wa Ikura Desu Ka

In the latest announcement from the Necromancy Birdcage, Tweek came out to address the Wide eyed School girls at the front gate.

"The season has Only just started. And yet it already feels like the end of our competitive season. Dropping out of the cup was a big disappointment for us as that was where we saw real importance. Experience cannot be bought for our Players here, and to lose in the manner that we did was another way of shoving a door in Our faces.

We can run down the path in front of us, but we can not return to the darkness.

In brighter news however, Our Most expensive Signing Yuji Kumakawa is set to make his comeback to the team this weekend and Yu Sugioka is set to fill in the Winger Position left by Rovsan Haciyev last season.

Its looking up for us from here. Maybe the squad has earned a round of beer.

Isn't that a wonderful Thought. Subarashii ".


(20:11) Fareham Town Creeksiders: Henryk Chaciński appointed as new coach

The Fareham Town Creeksiders signed Henryk Chaciński to coach the team in Divison V.163.

The Pole replaces Drew Blackshaw (378999084), who lead the team to their first promotion in team history. After three seasons in Divison VI.803 the Creeksiders won the league title last season with 40 points and 109 - 1 goals.

Veteran striker Max Kotsis (241440244) defended his title as leading goal scorer with 20 goals.

The team is looking forward to the new season in a league without a bot team. But the first cup round is against ginger-crew, a bot from divison VI.664.


(22:43) Goth UTD: New Ventures - Same Old Ace Tactician

In another conference set by the Master Himself, Tweek came out of the birdcage Fresh and ready for action.

"We have had to unfortunately Make the Move out of VI.101. Not because We wanted to, but because we had too. We need to think of both our club and our Japanese Affiliates on this one. No doubt the move will make us much stronger as we push on to Higher Pastures.

We are Off course looking to make sure we save as much money as possible now, but as always, Our promise for a More Japanese squad is there. We certainly have 2 or 3 players on our radar still Just in case.

What can we promise? Well I can certainly Promise myself. An Ace Tactician has his image to keep. I can also promise a Younger squad then we have been used to. And I can promise words of wisdom, with poetry.

Everything to Prove,
Making a Move,
Different style of Groove,
Senses start to Soothe



(23:01) A N Fielders: New season is almost upon us :-)

Well, bad luck on the playoffs for SS but should make it a very hard and competitive season again.Good luck to all in the new season ahead.

Welcome to Nissouc2 and Malarupta who both look like they are ready to cause a few stirs in their first season in this series......

(21:26) Goth UTD: Tweek-Sama. Building Bridges

In a much more relaxed mood for Tweek, The Ace Tactician came out of the birdcage today to give a lecture to the Press that looked like the things from the film 'The Descent'.

"I feel its important to have this conference. I have always been about with my thoughts. Whether people may feel im holding grudges against others, I'm here to quash all those rumours. I have said before and will say it again.

I'm not here to make anyone feel bad. I'm only here to provide enjoyment for me and other players".

My Weekly previews are the real game I find here. A true enjoyment that provides a new look into Managers games, whilst also providing the much Fabled Track Of The Week . Which provides insight into other music genres.

When you have something that defines you as a person, Why would you want to change it?

I am What I am. I'm Me.....


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