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Country: England
Number of teams: 320
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(22:38) Mathematically Safe: A Brij too far.

A 10 million pound spree has come to an end, as Safe have secured the signature of their first current, full time NT player with the signing of Brij "Too Far" Kumar (325817885), the Trinidadian NT midfield general. "Don't called me Harold" Kumar, is said to be pleased with the terms of the deal and lengthy discussions with the Trinidadian NT Coach, have worked out a valid training plan, that hopes to result in Kumar staying in the NT for a long time to come.

Brij was also handed the captain's armband as part of the deal as the club hasn't ever seen anyone with his level of footballing experience before. "Hopefully Brij will become part of the furniture here and will see out his career with us. Maybe he'd even consider taking coaching badges in the future," said DeCoach.

The local West Indian supermarket is reported to be very happy and has declared match day, half price on blue food and free roti with any curries, in honour of the signing.


(16:00) Mathematically Safe: Edward Fox?

The club has hinted that they are still on the hunt for one more marquee signing, to add to the signings of defensive forwards Eugen 'Kaiser' Poecho (299425331) and Bronislav Moučka (397462654); and the record shattering signing of Panamanian U20 winger Guillermo Arellano (391481386).

"All the shirt numbers haven't been assigned yet, have they? I've always been a fan of Edward Fox." was all that DeCoach said, as he hopped into his nice, new, flash motor. This journalist searched high and low, and could only find two registered players of that name. Both of which, were as we say in the press, a bit crap.

Once again, DeCoach plays his cards close to his chest, as he looks for bouncebackability in the team.


(21:24) A N Fielders: Massive result

This was a massive result for the team and the club. In the after match meeting Benny made it clear to all the players that this sort of effort needs to be replicated for the remainder of the season. The manager also backed this up saying'anyone seen to be thinking the hard work was done will have to work harder on the bench !'

The boys are out celebrating tonight with a day off tomorrow. Back in for hard work on Tuesday.

(15:19) Goth UTD: Promotional Events Are Radical Dude.

In a better then blissful mood, The Ace Tactician came out of the birdcage to address the Remaining Vocaloid Fans after the Miku Expo this week.

"Theres a better Mood in the camp as of late. The Players all have a copy Of Hatsune Miku's Project Diva F on their Vitas and I feel that the Rhythm based game will help their timing when they go in to injure our opponents players.

I have tried to drum into the players heads that when you see a scratch section on the field, to go in hard and deep as much as possible and for the most part, it seems to be working. Both Miku's ' Secret Police' and Rin's 'Meltdown' seem to be the camps favourite tunes for this and we plan to use these two songs as our Clubs Anthem.

In fact. Here Is Hatsune Miku's 'Secret Police' Down below. Be sure to support Both Vocaloid Music and Project Diva F 2nd. Due to be released 21 November 2014."



(15:00) A N Fielders: Back to business

Back to the important agendas - the league ! Whilst our cup runs were a great distraction and very nice for the players and accountants, the lads must now focus on this seasons priority - the league.
And what a game to have first up. Pigs are a good club that are rebuilding with a plan for success themselves . We all need to be on our top game and even then hope for the Hattrick gods to shine our way.

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