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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 350
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Sunny Sunny
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(20:15) Goth UTD: Ace Tactician: Canada and Semi Pro English Pool Player.

After a Slow weekend for the Ace Tactician, The demon lord of Netherworld Himself came out of the birdcage to Address the waiting Otaku.

"Everything starts next week. The Ace Tacticians birthday begins on the 6th of October. On the 9th of October I head on over to Canada for a week and a half of vacation that was well and truly earned. Life in north America will soon be Experienced.

Afterwards however When I return. I, The Great Ace Tactician will play in his first Ranked semi pro English Pool tournament.

There have been rumours a long time ago that I was a great Billiards player, and even though my best days were some 7 years ago, I will be returning to English pool on the 22nd of October to compete in the Number 1 Q English Pool League located at London Victoria Rileys and The Hurricane Room at Kings cross.

An Old dream of an Ace Tactician Child is coming True



(16:30) Mathematically Safe: Deckchairs on the Titanic, to be shuffled

In a press conference at Safe's training ground this morning it was announced that Sean "Hollywood" Trimble, the star of the Youth Academy had signed a seniors contract. Modest Trimble didn't say that much and left the speaking to DeCoach.

"We expect great things from Sean. Great things. I hope his Dad enjoys the new motor from our sponsors."

In further news, it was also announced that after the end of the season that current coach Thijs Dhondt (touch, hips don't lie) will be stepping into a backroom role. His successor will be Trinidad and Tobago international, Brij "Too Far" Kumar, who intends to instill the wealth of experience he has had as an NT player into the squad.

"Thijs has seen us through a few good years and a couple of handy cup runs, but our focus will be changing towards training and the future of the club, which is where Brij comes in" said DeCoach as he hopped into the club helicopter, on his way to oversee the Cindy Crosby's this weekend.


(17:44) Fareham Town Creeksiders: Double Lead

The Fareham Town Creeksiders are on top of the V.163. The team benefits from the easy schedule with easy matches mid-season. But it is still a great effort from team. The race is still close in tis league and the Creeksiders will battle for a place in the top half.

Next match is away at Dynamo Drew (537468290). The Creeksiders never lost to Dynamo Drew, but most of the matches were really hart fought.

The first tem from Manager M_Antonius, German side BFC Büderich 05 (334831), is a ranked first in German league VII.627 too.


(22:01) Goth UTD: The Ace Tactician Prepares for Canada in October!!

In a Buoyant Mood after todays Result, The Ace Tactician Addressed the waiting Disgaea fans outside the Birdcage Gates with his latest Travel Venture News.

"It is indeed very true. The Ace Tactician Shall grace North America and Fly to Canada on October the 9th to meet his Aunt and Uncle for the first time ever. Its a first for me and one that I have been waiting for for years :D.

This Means that the Team will be in the safe control Of my Assistant Manager who Knows his Japanese very well by now.

Also during this time, After I return on The 20th, There will be a full holiday week left to play The New Disgaea 5 on the PS4. This is something that Worries The Assistant Manager a lot but I have eased his fears on this.

The Ace Tacticians Eyes never stray for too long, There are new Ventures ahead for me in Hattrick land in Division 4. That is a certainty!!


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