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Regional info

Country: England
Number of teams: 321
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 51°7'N
Longitude: 1°22'W


(12:30) Goth UTD: It Is your duty to be Happy, The Ace Tactician Is scared by this Inconsistency.

In a Beleaguered yet full of Valour Mood, The Ace Tactician Came out of the Birdcage to Address the Waiting Petrol Bombers outside the front gate.

"I am fully Aware of your Hatred towards the Clubs New Direction As off late and I promise to take your Opinions into Consideration."

This Quote Has Come about as last Weekend before the cup games, Hatsune Miku Flags and Banners were hung around the Whole width of the stadium and were in place instead of the usual Corner and Linesman Flags.

It is Not Verified what has Since Turned the Gothic Entities head towards Vocaloid Music but Has since Become A huge Influence on the Man.

Many have since Turned away from the club Recently due to this New found Genre and future Revenue and Population Forecast show that many more will turn away before they return.

It has been ruled out though by The Clubs directors that they will take the banners down and have full Confidence the Youtube star knows what he is doing.


(18:19) Mathematically Safe: Wolfgang Bang

Twelve seasons after the departure to TPUV and off into a club that won the English Cup, the Hattrick Masters, and relished life in the Premiership, Safe old boy Wolfgang Bang (82377399) finally returned to the club to play a match.

Wolfie strolled down the right wing in his newly adapted "Baletastic 3000 Zimmer Frame" and did very little in the game, except wave to his old friends in the crowd. At one point the match was almost stopped as Wolfie stopped and talked to the corner flag for five minutes, thinking that it was his old coach.

In a close game TPUV were thumped 10-0 by Safe in the stunningly important GOM Ladder match. (5537123)


(21:38) Chute FC: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;

Promotion it is - made a lot easier when our biggest rival, Metz City, sold up just after the start of the season. (Metz has now taken their £29 million smackers down into Series VI. Nice.)

Division IV.11 looks like it could be a lot of fun – all teams pretty active and there could be plenty of pretty close battles to come.

I’ve made a discovery this season: if you want to make your youth academy perform better, write a derogatory press statement about it. After my rant last time, the YA has seen the promotion of the mono-skilled Ned North (excellent scoring) to join the senior team trainees, and it looks like duel skilled Elijah Costa (solid scoring, solid passing) will join him in a couple of months as well. Not brilliant but better than a kick in the butt. A couple of the other young ‘uns could make us a few bob too.


(22:41) Goth UTD: An Ace Tactician Driving? You'd never of thought It were Possible.

In a More then Only Just Depressed state, The Ace Tactician came out of the Birdcage to address the Waiting Car Enthusiast's with Hatsune Miku Vinyl's ready to be plastered all over Tweek's new signing.

"I would Of never of thought it were possible so soon after my Previous Butler/ Carer Job to be actually driving a car but luck would have it, It has indeed Come true. "

The Ace Tactician is On the road..... Legit.

"And I mean Legit as in, I paid for all of it, Not the so called 'Oh daddy paid for me' version. The 'I earned It' version.

Also Worth of note was the possibility of the Black Box Of grassery, But I decided against that as I have no need for Companies to know of my Doings.

An Ace Tactician Is Both Defiant yet Humble In their Victory....


(14:29) A N Fielders: Get in there !

Div IV here we come and not for a flying visit like our last appearance at that level. We mean to stay there for a bit :-)))

Thoroughly enjoyed our time in this league and have had some good battles, but glad to be leaving as there are a lot of rapidly improving teams now there.

Good luck to all in series V.242 for next season ........

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