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Regional info

Country: India
Number of teams: 88
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Sunny Sunny
Forecast for tomorrow: Sunny Sunny
Latitude: 23°15'N
Longitude: 72°45'E


(15:52) Mahatma Memorial: Step Two

Hello everyone!

We are taking it further now as Singeetham and Attavar joined the national team and time is due for stamina to get in shape for the WCQ in around 20 weeks time. That means becoming competitive as a team as well which will increase the fun part of Mahatma Memorial even more. Great stuff coming up and I am looking forward to post better ratings by end of next season!

Stay tuned, the concept starts to kick in and results will follow soon... since then,




1 . Angels of Doom4th  II.4
2 . athillo7th  II.4
3 . A.C. Ahmedabad4th  III.9
4 . Mahatma Memorial6th  III.13
5 . Ramo Surat1st  IV.19
6 . Devil Calamity XI1st  IV.42
7 . Vadodara United1st  IV.5
8 . Pentsh2nd  IV.22
9 . hemant4052nd  IV.42
10 . KP FC3rd  IV.25
11 . Komal_FC4th  IV.15
12 . Gujarat super kings4th  IV.22
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