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Country: India
Number of teams: 87
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
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Latitude: 23°15'N
Longitude: 72°45'E


09:12 Mahatma Memorial: As Time Goes By

Hattrick is a funny game. The team being demoted from I-League is much stronger than the one winning II.4 last season. Nevertheless, Cassognoles is having a tough time winning this league, while Dinamo Shiva is kind of competing for I-League trophy!

Mahatma has steadied the ship. This season we are looking for 3rd place and maximizing PM training while keeping stamina as low as it is. Some players have left the team and new ones have joined to stay till the end of days. These changes were really important and have given us more flexibility and hatstats.

However, the Cup Fun is over again. Last 16 is a good result and loosing a coin flip to I-League team Glauchau is acceptable. We are stuck in the Emerald Challenger again. Winning that Cup last season already, main focus will stay on the league and training efforts.

In the meanwhile, our friend from Mighty Karak has reached the Indian Cup Final! We wish you all the best, paque! Crack it up! Troll_Masta deserves as well though!


1 . Mahatma Memorial3rd  II.4
2 . Angels of Doom1st  III.16
3 . Jedi's Team5th  III.6
4 . Hanumaan FC1st  IV.38
5 . SAGA111st  IV.10
6 . Sky Fc1433rd  IV.12
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