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Regional info

Country: India
Number of teams: 88
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 23°15'N
Longitude: 72°45'E


(09:36) Mahatma Memorial: A rolling stone gathers no moss

U20 / NT stuff:
Ravindran Singeetham may well be the best U20 singback India has ever produced. Nevertheless, the U20 team was unlucky to perform better and couldn't push for a top finish. Memorial now proudly presents the future planning:

Singeetham (26 caps) and Attavar (17), as well as Chakraborty (2) and Anen (31 at U20-Luxembourg) will stay with Memorial. It is planned to groom them for the national team and let them form a breath-taking defence block here. On the way, Singeetham will possibly become the best India wingback ever, being trained with excellent coach, low stamina and maximum assistants. We will see... quite a long way to go still!

Team performance:
After posting 305 in a pic-ed away game last weekend the next aim is to post 400 at home. That will take some time but the team is being modernized right now. Future key players are being bought and a 10-trainee-defence set-up will kick in soon. Still a few players missing to start that route...


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