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Country: Oceania
Number of teams: 1027
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Overcast Overcast
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 27°28'S
Longitude: 153°1'E


(10:36) Brisbane Roar FC: Nader to take up coaching role

Roar announces the appointment of former player Nader Inselmann to head coach after devolving his skills with the Jnr team, he has a solid coaching skill and is neither attack nor defence-minded. Has magnificent experience and weak leadership.


(10:31) Brisbane Roar FC: Jacek Retires

After joining the roar as a player in 2009, and coach taking the team to Div 4 Jacek Majcher has devised to retire and take up a role as Public Relations Manager.

Board and management wished him well at the end of season awards night.


(12:30) 87 Paranoid FC: On Our Way to III

Paranoid FC went into their final round today knowing a win would guarantee them promotion to Div III for the first time in their history., and not really considering any other results.

A tense encounter followed, with only a 76th minute chip from recent recruit Manfred Bauer proving the difference in front an excited full house at Carson Arena.

It is the second time a coaching change has brought on rapid success for Paranoid, with this being Seymour Ashworth's first season in charge, following several seasons as Paranoid's leading striker. Their last promotion to Div IV was on the back of previous coach, Hilario Napoli's first season in charge.

'I don't plan on this being my high point in charge of this squad. We have a great young group coming through, and with some more solid recruitment, I think we can continue to build on our success of this season' stated Ashworth after the came.

Team manager carso87 was too busy drinking dark beer at 'The Scratch' to comment


(22:15) Queensland Krushers: Survival of the Fittest

After conquering the wasted lands
The quest of the warrior again commands
That we march into a world unknown
The wilderness we call our home
Determination and endurance are must
As only the fittest will remain at last
Survival of the fittest


(06:27) Juventic: $$ Juve Stars For Sale $$

As we head to the season finale, Juve coach Claverol informed the media that his club have learned a great deal this season. He said "It's been an excellent season, and it was great fun to be surrounded by so many quality teams. We've learned from this experience, and although we've been competitive in most matches, we were also soundly beaten on more than one occasion. For this reason, we've decided to rebuild the squad. Our top players are all up for sale, and it's our goal to grow another generation of stars. When we return to this level, then we'll have the financial strength to invest in the extra talent required to win IV championships. It would be great to see some of our players move to clubs within this league. All the best IV.43". With that he was off to begin training 'round 1' with the Juve super stars of tomorrow.

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