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Regional info

Country: Oceania
Number of teams: 1039
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 27°28'S
Longitude: 153°1'E


(17:12) Skeptics FC: Skeptics don't believe in Dragons

Jackson's first task as the new manager of the Skeptics was to overcome first place rivals the Dragons away from home. The first half was anyone's game, the Skeptics struggled early on to find their shape and as such, suffered through the midfield and foiled a few early chances. However, a distinctive change came in the second half when the Skeptics got comfortable with their formation. 65 minutes into the second half saw a blinder of a goal from Ken Nutley, that took the Skeptics to a 0-1 lead. From then on, the Skeptics decesively controlled the midfield. Only 6 minutes later another chance was created on the right side and Gus Hayden was able to calmy slot it away from a comfortable 0-2 lead. The game ended 0-2 to the Skeptics. The manager was asked to comment on the result of his first game in charge, he replied "Skeptics don't believe in Dragons".


(17:05) Garden Gnome Liberation Front: Quitting the game

As you might have noticed I have put up my entire team for sale.
I'm going to quit the game due to lack of time and my supporter subscription will run out halfway during the season.
And quitting before the season starts seems the most fair to everyone in this league.

I wish you all good luck and fun with Hattrick

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