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Regional info

Country: Oceania
Number of teams: 1035
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Rain Rain
Latitude: 27°28'S
Longitude: 153°1'E


(06:27) the gindi rovers: Houdini returns

Well how did that happen. With three wins in a row against the top three teams, we have escaped direct relegation for now. Took a punt and played MOTS for the last three games, just hoping a miracle could happen, and bingo it did.

Just as I was about to throw in the towel and sell a few players and start training up new players. With team spirit at murderous, there is nothing to lose against the challenger.

Good luck to Kick Backs in their qual match next weekend.

(06:00) Brisbane City Dolphins: Brisbane City crash the party

In the final round of the V.26 Season, Brisbane City Dolphins have crashed the party of Sons of Jebus, before the match the premiership was a concluded race as Sons of Jebus had an unchallengable lead on the table, but the Dolphin's went out to grab a win and show the Sons that next season won't be such an easy task, should the Son's not qualify for promotion.

The management of Brisbane have congratulated the Sons of Jebus franchise on their success, and wish them well on their Qualifier.

An end of season review will be conducted in the coming week of both the senior and youth set up, and Dolphin's fans will be first to know of any changes and expectations in the lead up to the new season.


(09:46) Newstead Rovers FC: Rovers Won a Cup!

well f**k me I just logged on today and found out I won a cup! Not THE cup but a cup none the less! And a tidy $1M between crowd and cup bonus

not a bad days work

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