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Country: Oceania
Number of teams: 1029
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Partially cloudy Partially cloudy
Latitude: 27°28'S
Longitude: 153°1'E


(07:45) Juventic: Juve Sword Dragons!

Juventic announced their IV.43 arrival with a thrilling performance against a fierce Lynx Dragons. Juve continue to demonstrate a scintillating brand of attacking football, and it's clear that they will not change their style, even in the lofty heights of the IV Series. Juve coach, Felip Claverol, commented 'Our boys played well, we knew that the Dragons would attack with fire and swooping attacks; and there would be goals in the game. We were not surprised when we saw screaming full winded attacks on both wings. But my boys stood up to these, and were able to put the flames out. I simply asked my players to go and score more than the Dragons. They did, and I'm pleased. There are some big teams in this league, and some tough games are in front of us; so I'm glad we got the three points.'

(00:48) Brisbane Roar FC: Roar makes it to Div 4.

Board and management of Brisbane would like to invite all their fans today, to a new era in Division 4 it has taken a few years but we have made it. Coach Majcher has been congratulated for getting the team up, but as he quoted last week the work is just beginning.

We wish local juniors Flo and Arlen luck with their new clubs in Europe and welcome Andy Bergby into the team.


(22:34) Sharks Utd: Hello Australia

Today the Sharks Utd were founded.

We wish all the teams in the league exciting games!



(16:16) SG Westfalia Toowoomba: Die Erfolgsgeschichte geht weiter!

Nach einer grandiosen ersten Saison, mit der geholten Meisterschaft, holten die Erdmännchen dieses Mal den zweiten Platz.„Das ist ein riesen Erfolg in der noch jungen Vereinsgeschichte. Die Erdmännchen haben sich in einer sehr kurzen Zeit, auf dem Kontinent, schon einen Namen gemacht.“Nicht nur dort. Dem Ruf der Erdmännchen folgten nun junge, talentierte Fußballer aus der ganzen Welt. „Wir möchten sie ausbilden, sie weiterbilden, mittelfristig bei den großen Talenten ein begehrter Ausbildungsverein sein und weitere Erfolge feiern.“, sagte Manager Mineralwasser.Diese Meinung wird im Verein aber nicht von allen geteilt. Die erste Vorsitzende vom Fanclub Suricata Suricatta Ultras dazu:„Wir teilen die Meinung des Managers nicht. Es sollte das Ziel sein mit möglichst guten Spielern den maximalen Erfolg zu erreichen. Gleichzeitig muss die Nachwuchsarbeit gestärkt werden und Spielern wie Teimua Curtis nicht die Zukunft durch zugekauften Talenten verbaut werden.“Wenn man keine Probleme hat...


(17:09) Juventic: Juve Crowned Champions!

Juventic were crowned champions yesterday, after a thrilling 3-2 win against Thomo's Tigers. Juve manager Davo37 commented, 'We have surpassed all expectations this season, and many of our boys have matured to become men. We deserve to be champions. To win the league against such decent opponents, under these circumstances, and in the final day of the league season; speaks volumes of my lads. We have a tough qualification match ahead, and we suspect that this may be a bridge too far. We may well give our younger players a chance to shine, and we accept that we may ultimately be battling in the same division again next season. If that's the outcome, then Scottish captain 'Clive MacKeane' commented 'We're confident of turning over the 'Pussy Cat Tigers' once again, party on!!!'

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