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Regional info

Country: Romania
Number of teams: 991
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Partially Cloudy Partially cloudy
Forecast for tomorrow: Sunny Sunny
Latitude: 46°46'N
Longitude: 23°36'E




(10:07) Alpha Cluj: NTA decision

After more than 200 people voted for athoss , he was disqualified by NTA. Reason?

"Elections should be fair. To ensure fairness the National Team Administrators will not hesitate to disqualify candidates who perform actions which potentially give them an unfair advantage over other candidates in the election."

That's not how this should work, this message is way too vague, and we deserve an explanation. So to ensure fairness, the NTA should inform us about the reasons which led to this disqualification. Transparency is a must nowadays!

Shame on you...

(10:06) aratorii cluj: Echipa noastra -Obiective

Obiectivul nostru pentru aceasta editie de campionat e sa formam o echipa competitiva


(14:51) OTG: 1950-2015


(14:08) CFR Cluj 2015: Referree issues

This cannot be possible! This referee is killing the game! We should have been 4 goals up! A host of penalties not awarded, all fouls whistled against us, what’s wrong with this world?!!


1 . Everybody lies6th  II.2
2 . Uni Cluj1st  III.2
3 . fc huligan's1st  III.15
4 . Absters2nd  III.7
5 . AC Patrahaitesti City2nd  III.14
6 . melci tdi3rd  III.2
7 . Rapid Gârbău3rd  III.14
8 . Cluj Supermans3rd  III.8
9 . Prisaca Dolphins3rd  III.3
10 . Barcelona Cluj.4th  III.10
11 . FC Cluj United6th  III.10
12 . Fc Piticot8th  III.9
13 . Dinozarius1st  IV.33
14 . DHS1st  IV.43
15 . Alpha Cluj1st  IV.59
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