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Regional info

Country: Romania
Number of teams: 992
Number of online users: 0
Weather: Rain Rain
Forecast for tomorrow: Overcast Overcast
Latitude: 46°46'N
Longitude: 23°36'E


(09:06) Alpha Cluj: 17 ani 1 zi - excelent

Sergiu Băltăreţu (401414843)
România 17 ani şi 1 zi, Următoarea zi de naştere: 19.02.2015

Extremă: 8/20 excelent
Pase: 4/20 slab
Atac: 5/20 inadecvat


(12:16) Uni Cluj: One more season approaches its end

A new season approaches fast towards the final games. One more time we are to play our future without depending on anybody else but our capacity to concentrate and approach the best possible strategy for the game to come. We face a very good adversary which has the advantage of playing at home, but we cannot use this as an excuse.

Our fans still credit us as we were announced that more that 10.000 will be there for us on Saturday.

So, with the black and white on our side, we will go out there trying to prove that we deserve more. If we cannot do that, than we have to accept our limitations.

But until then, we have a game to play, and 90 minutes to fight for a dream.

Go go go U, Forever U


(12:23) INTER forever: Talion

E greu de spus daca incidentul de la garla din urma cu douazeci de ani il putuse marca in asemenea hal. Garnitura se oprise brusc, cu scartait asurzitor de frane, fusese o liniste de-ti infunda urechile inainte, iar baietii aia cu fulare alb-rosii si tricouri cu Talvan si Ciula l-au luat la trei pazeste cand i-au vazut treningul cu stea, rupt la coate. Mai mult, i-au saltat si-o capra, nici acum nu stie ce naiba or fi facut cu ea. Dar lucrurile se schimba. Or fi ei multi si acum, dar el are spray, baston telescopic si vesta cu BGS.


(23:37) Alpha Cluj: O noua vedeta de vanzare

Cătălin Rădescu (401166485)

Extremă: 5/20 inadecvat
Pase: 7/20 bun
Atac: 8/20 excelent


(21:46) Cluj Supermans: Introducing to the world 4

Salva Cañellas (345200420)
- great lad
- header
- soon to be a first class midfielder with wing responsabilities
- the owner of the number "13" on our costume kit

Michael Butzmann (336063564)
- quick german
- soon to be a first class winger
- the owner of the number "7" on our costume kit

All we need now, is a real unpredictible striker to be our number "9", a very strong number "10" to be our quick defensive forward - even though we might get along just fine with a technical one, and an unpredictible winger to be our number "11".

It's time to make some cash by playing well, and good management, to finish this project!

Go Supermans!

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