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The Pacific Premier

Press announcements

10-26-2014 06:01 Waverley Hawks with a double!
10-15-2014 13:48 Candy Cup Winners!!!

Latest events


(01:38)Mangrove Mariners sold a player.


(08:38)Candy changed match orders against Woburn Warriors.
(06:52)Hillside War Goats set match orders against cardiff tigers.
(04:30)Woburn Warriors set match orders against Candy.
(02:47)Mangrove Mariners changed match orders against Waverley Hawks.


(07:46)Arms and Legs set match orders against axewound athletic.


(16:15)Mangrove Mariners welcome a new player to the club.
(16:04)Waverley Hawks announced the sale of a player.


(18:10)Mangrove Mariners are now on the road for their international friendly match.
(18:09)Waverley Hawks went abroad for an international friendly.
(18:08)Arms and Legs are on their way to an international friendly.
(18:08)Candy are on their way to an international friendly.
(18:08)cardiff tigers are on their way to an international friendly.


(09:17)A new player transferred to Mangrove Mariners.


(07:55)Waverley Hawks set match orders against Mangrove Mariners.
(05:47)cardiff tigers set match orders against Hillside War Goats.


(15:32)Mangrove Mariners sold a player.
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