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beltxis Venezuela (27382)


# 2 in II.1

Still in Copa Galileo Esmeralda.

The team is undefeated for 4 competitive games and has 3 wins in a row

# 3100 in Ladder Global

# 1 in Ladder Start season 15

# 1 in Ladder Dependencias Federales

# 1 in Ladder Euskal Hattrick-eroak

Club details

Managed by simontxo Supporter Gold

3 136 members in Loz zezenta zamaritanoz de Zaba

Stadium: Memorial Salami (capacity 154 501)

Ranked 14

Press announcement

3-3-2012 10 years in HT!!! =)

It was ten years ago when I first saw the world in HT-green. Since then, I can only say that HT has provided me lots of fun and thousands of hours of entertainment, and that I have met A LOT of great people in this great community. And now it's time for celebration!!!: (15553929.1)

Looking back, I find some achievements, some of them pretty weird:

▶ 2 HT-Masters
▶ 28 venezuelan league titles
▶ 24 venezuelan cup titles
▶ 131 games winning streak
▶ 141 games undefeated streak

On the community side, although right now I'm pretty inactive, www.simontxodice.info and ABP's abpblog.wordpress.com are to me a more valuable achievement than any of the above.

But, like any old (and wise) man celebrating a remote aniversary would say, I'm grateful of being here and having met you all =)

All the best!!! =)

P.S.: It's very difficult to end this celebration without of one of my classic lines... Players for sale!!! (check team roster) =)

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8-23-2017 Last message by  dj_1982 Supporter Platinum

Un auténtico honor recibir a beltxis en nuestro estadio.

Os hemos dedicado un anuncio de prensa y todo, no era para menos!

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Home page: http://www.3ltech.com.ar/simontxodice/

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