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TuS Pewsum USA (70655)


# 3 in V.124

Still in Apollo Cup.

The team is undefeated for 4 competitive games and has 4 wins in a row

# 18 in Ladder Start season 17

# 8 in Ladder New York City

Club details

Managed by pewsum Supporter Platinum

Fan club: 2 288 members

Stadium: Die Pewsumer Burg (capacity 60 000)

Ranked 1 297

Press announcement

9-8-2014 Angry supporters

The supporters of the TuS were voicing their discontent very clearly after the 3rd competition match loss in a row. And the management does understand the sentiment, even though there is no objection to the team performance, particularly considering the unfortunate 4 injuries of the last 2 matches! "3 times we played as good - if not better - than our opponents and 3 times we lost by a considerable margin." complained coach Chladil. "Luckily I had a few good results after I took this post, otherwise I might think that the Hattrick-gods are against me personally. Hopefully this bad luck will even out over the course of the season."

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11-6-2011 Last message by  xluker

Hey buddy, just passing by to wish you good luck this season.
Cheers, Luke

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