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15 Points

Rank 9
27 050 achievers

Climbing the ladder
Climbing the ladder 10-3-2016

Team was ranked amongst the top 10 000.

10 Points

261 762 achievers

I want you
I want you 9-21-2016

Bought a player.

10 Points

303 077 achievers

Practice makes difference
Practice makes difference 10-7-2016

Player's skill increased.


4 Points

Rank 15
22 604 achievers

We're so good
We're so good 9-21-2016

Team reached an average match rating of weak.

10 Points

235 473 achievers

Friends from abroad
Friends from abroad 9-21-2016

Played an international friendly match.

10 Points

Rank 11
17 332 achievers

Star collector
Star collector 9-21-2016

Team reached at least 30 stars in a match.

25 Points

201 540 achievers

Home-grown lineup
Home-grown lineup 9-21-2016

All players in your starting lineup originate from your own club and the average age is over 18.

35 Points

17 385 achievers

Youthful lineup
Youthful lineup 10-2-2016

The average age of your starting lineup is below 18 (and at least one player originates from another club). Please note: Only full years, not days, are taken into account for this achievement.


10 Points

89 918 achievers

Stop the press
Stop the press 9-20-2016

Wrote a press announcement.

10 Points

158 537 achievers

The world needs to know
The world needs to know 9-22-2016

Wrote a forum post.

15 Points

Rank 6
818 achievers

Join my revolution
Join my revolution 2-27-2015

Founded federation, gained at least 50 members.

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