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Press announcements


18:29 Angry supporters

The supporters of the TuS were voicing their discontent very clearly after the 3rd competition match loss in a row. And the management does understand the sentiment, even though there is no objection to the team performance, particularly considering the unfortunate 4 injuries of the last 2 matches! "3 times we played as good - if not better - than our opponents and 3 times we lost by a considerable margin." complained coach Chladil. "Luckily I had a few good results after I took this post, otherwise I might think that the Hattrick-gods are against me personally. Hopefully this bad luck will even out over the course of the season."


16:14 New Coach

After 5 seasons for the TuS coach Loukas Kareklidis called it quits. His successor is Alois Chladil, who has been assisting with Loukas' training responsibilities for a while now. "I know the team" Alois says after the announcement "and I think Loukas' tactics worked quite nicely, so I really don't see a reason to change much." The management stated the club's goals for the season as "staying in div. IV and staying in the cup for as long as possible to make some money."


15:53 Team is breaking up

After a dismal season 52 the TuS Pewsum is being relegated to div 5. As a consequence the trainer announced severe changes to the team roster. Team management is still debating the future of the team and also the trainer. "Our position in the table is much worse than the quality in the team. Even though mathematically still possible, I do not see a way to avoid relegation" so the Team Manager, "The Hattrick gods were not on our side practically the whole season. We are back, where we were 34 seasons ago. It is very disappointing!"


15:02 Coach Lars-Ove Pilbratt retired

After 270 matches for TuS Pewsum and 5 seasons as coach Lars-Ove Pilbratt decided to go into a well-deserved retirement. With his 154 goals (+186 in friendlies) and 22 hattricks (+26 in friendlies) for the club Pilbratt will probably lead Pewsum's list of Alltime Goal Scorer forever.
New coach will be Miroslav Ganza, with the club since season 36. "I will not change much in the team in terms of tactics and player roaster." Ganza says. "Lars-Ove did a great job, even though he did not always get the results that he deserved."


22:52 Per Toresson retires

After 22 seasons in the colors of the TuS Pewsum Per Toresson decided to retire. He was immediately introduced to the club's Hall Of Fame as a recognition of his 274 matches (!) for Pewsum. After the departure of keeper Korenfine early last season he had to fill the spot as backup keeper until his injury a few weeks ago. With the arrival of Przemek Walkosz as a new first keeper Tuomas Koskiniemi resumes his role as reserve keeper.


18:35 New direction

After the disappointments of recent matches the team management decided to write off this season and work on a thorough restructuring of the team. Today half of the team was transferlisted with more to come. The expectation is to have a team at the end of this season that is competitive in div IV.

"You can't fight fate" so the team management. "Having both keepers out for a couple of weeks, injured in the same match, is just too much! We have to face reality ... and this reality says that under the circumstances keeping the class is next to impossible. It is hard to let players go that were an integral part of the team for up to 10 seasons. But it seems better to use the remainder of this season for a constructive team rebuild than holding on to some distant dreams."


14:18 Back in div III

After 5 seasons in div. IV the TuS is back in division III with a qualifier win against Rizzo's Salesmen that was as unexpected as the qualifier loss 5 seasons ago.

It would be a surprise if Pewsum's aging team would prove competitive in III.5. But the management will make all efforts to stay above rank 7 and 8!


23:13 Finally HO Cup Champion

At last - a highlight in this disappointing season: After several unsuccessful attempts the TuS Pewsum finally won the international HO-Cup against FC Jolly, another HO-Cup veteran. "I'm happy that we ended the season on a high note" so coach Eskildsen, "but we paid a high price with 2 severe injuries. I hope that Zaccaria and Michael are fit, when the next season starts."


15:38 End of an era

After 163 matches in 11 seasons since November 2002 and another 6 seasons as coach Nathan Finn finally retired from active duty. "This is the end of an era", so the manager, "Nathan was instrumental in the club's successes from the very first day. The club will not be the same without him." The responsibilities as coach were taken over by Jack Eskildsen, who promised to focus "a bit more on getting the ball into the opposite net".


22:28 Local hero returns

A member of the initial squad has returned to the TuS: The club's all-time-top-scorer and top scorer of season 19 (!) Tommy Bradshaw came back after several seasons abroad. "We had many successes with and because of Tommy, so maybe he is our lucky charm for our first season in div. III", said a club official. "I'm sure that, once he's back in shape, he will make goals again for Pewsum in our international friendlies."

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