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Press announcements


18:58 Anniversary!

Today it's time to celebrate the birth (or founding) of FC Rünenberg. It's eight years since and we have had a wonderful time with ups and downs.

"Sometimes I feel sad when I go through the forums and read all those interesting posts or see the number of managers decrease more and more; but I understand those who leave or think about doing so." says Sir Schluurggi.

"The team was founded when supporting this wonderful game was very much cheaper. But on the other hand; we got more graphic to the game. We got more possibilities to play matches against friends of different leagues and nations throughout the whole world. It is still out of question for me, to stay and support the makers of this game." he added and ended with...

"Let's raise our glass: salute to all those who left, those who are still part of this unique world and those who care about the future of it!"

FC Rünenberg is member of the HTU Manager (102312) - the greatest federation in HT-World!


20:13 Global Season 65

Ready for the next season?

"No, not yet. Not even close!" denied Coach Urs Gmür "We started to rebuild the team today. Many young prospects have to leave and experienced guys too"

He is talking about the ‘short’ transfer-list of the Gold Rushers. Some of the fans may be surprised and curious when they heard about that.

"First of all; we will become all-swiss again!" said the Chief and added "and then we will add some young talents to the team. They shall become the base of a brighter future for the Gold Rushers."

He then mentioned that: "the upcoming season might become dangerous regarding relegation, but we will face whatever will be and fight to stay in the fourth."

FC Rünenberg is member of the HTU Manager (102312) - the greatest federation in HT-World!


18:30 Urs Gmür took the reins

Today the Chief announced that Nik Zenger handed the reins to Urs Gmür!

"Nik is a great character and he was an important player and excellent coach while he was on duty. Nik joined the Gold Rushers in October 2011, which means that he was on board for more than five years, and he will be many more. He offered his service to keep the form of our players high."

Said the Chief and continued:
"We decided to honor him is the most possible way; he is now officially part of our Hall of Fame. I'm very happy to still have him here, and we all are looking forward to watch how his work will continue."

Then he turned to Urs Gmür and said:
"Urs, you know what our goals are, and you already know how things work here. I have nothing more to say, but; Good luck, we all count on you!"

FC Rünenberg is member of the HTU Manager (102312) - the greatest federation in HT-World!


19:52 It came different

Saturday evening and the village was crowded when we arrived. The people came from near and far excited and curious about the game they’ll follow from the stands. Of course they heard about the new faces wearing the blue and black kit for the first time, and of course they’re looking forward to see them play this evening. Many of the supporters have been happy with the outcome so far. Gathering nine points in the first six games was more than they expected, and the latest results show that Gigiboys are in reach and a fourth victory should be feasible this night.

But let’s talk about the new faces before: the Chief wasn’t happy with the overall progress of the team and therefore he talked with the complete stuff behind closed doors...

read the full article on: (http://hattrickunited.org/fcruenenberg/)

FC Rünenberg is member of the HTU Manager (102312) - the greatest federation in HT-World!


22:14 Let's go!

A new season is coming up and what happened to the Gold Rushers? Some of the elder players left the club and the squad shrank to a lousy number of fifteen players, including Nik Zenger.

"We are not sure where the reasons are, but they left us and we have to handle it." were the words the Coach said.

"I'm sure we can handle it and return from that crises with more power than we ever had! The vision is called 'Promotion' and the Mission is 'Avoid relegation' again."

We will see!

FC Rünenberg is member of the HTU Manager (102312) - the greatest federation in HT-World!


14:48 7th Anniversary

Dear friends, supporters, competitors and followers:

Today it’s seven (real life) years since FC Rünenberg aka the Gold Rushers have been founded. It took only two days for Chief Roger aka Schluurggi to get that project running.

He always wanted to have a real swiss team but with no knowledge about how to play hattrick, he bought some foreign players to build a competitive squad back then. The team started in division nine back then.

Today the team really has no players from abroad and they compete in the fourth as you may know. This season their target was to survive in the fourth and they’re almost there. Only a qualifier has to be won two weeks from now.

Tonight there’ll be a wonderful party at the Golden Cup Restaurant and Bar at Sutter’s Mill.

So be there and celebrate the past, the present and the future of the Gold Rushers!

FC Rünenberg is member of the HTU Manager (102312) - the greatest federation in HT-World!


20:04 Keep the faith!

"We know the latest results of both our teams have been, let's say, not as good as you might wish they should, but we kindly ask you all to be patient and keep the faith in our management.

They do have a plan!

In the meantime, we have to celebrate every little point or maybe only every small and lucky goal. But things will change and the Gold Rushers will return and rise from the ashes again. They will be brighter and bigger than they ever have been. You'll see, believe me!"

That's what the teams legend Dölf Bilon said, when he was asked about the future of the only football team in the village!

FC Rünenberg is proud member of the HTU Manager (102312) - the greatest federation in HT-World! The Fed is home to many different competitions and the most important one called “The Golden League”!


17:11 Ready for GL8

The Gold Rushers tried to beat Dynamo White Maltesers for the first time, but they failed:

“We have been confident, but we may now realize the teams of Area 51 still are too strong to beat” Coach Nik Zenger summarized. “But is there a reason to be sad? Not at all! Yes the income would have been slightly higher in cup matches, but the fun in competing friends within the Golden League is worth much more!”

The other disappointing moment was the end of the season in HTUM U18 Championship yesterday; RJs must win their game, which they did, but they needed help by others to pass Arrows and FCUM Youth. It still looked good when the clock hit eighty minutes, but unfortunately the two teams finished their games victorious which gave the third place to RJs in the end.

FC Rünenberg is proud member of the HTU Manager (102312) - the greatest federation in HT-World! The Fed is home to many different competitions and the most important one called “The Golden League”!


22:14 Mid Season

"Can we or not? That is the question!" said Coach Nik Zenger today when he was asked about the next awaiting challenges in the league and the cup.

"Our best cup-season was when we reached the eighth round in the Switzerland Cup some seasons ago. This season we added one more week - well not within the Switzerland Cup but anyway we play a cup-match in week nine, which is not too bad. And yes we are looking forward to pay back last season’s final defeat, which was the reason we now are playing in the fifth again. Dynamo White Maltesers is a strong opponent hard to predict and, as we all remember; very lucky!" he added with a smile.

"Regarding the league, it happened only once before that we started with seven consecutive victories and it ended with fourteen… does anybody recall? Yes, it was the very first season of the Gold Rushers back in 2009!” he knows there’s many of the supporters hoping for the repetition of that success. “Let’s get back to where I began: Can we or not?”


23:19 Welcome to 2016

It’s time to come back into that fight! The staff was very busy during the last weeks and they talked about how to proceed and avoid the very first relegation in the history of Sir Schluurggi’s career here in HT. And there has been action regarding the squad too; some well-known players have left the Gold Rushers recently.

What is the managements plan look like? We are curious to see where this may lead to. Maybe some of you would prefer to hide and wait but we would like to encourage you instead: keep the faith in the management and give them enough credit to watch what happens next and follow the teams fight to stay in the fourth. The team needs every single support they can get to get that curve out of the depth of area 51!

And be there when the Gold Rushers host Polomint, the Scottish top team for the first leg of the Round of Sixteen in the Golden League Masters!

What a great and interesting start into the New Year! We wish you all a great and successful 2016! Take care

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