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J. Aas (48706961)

This former player is 64 years and 38 days old and has been in the Hall of Fame since he was 43 years old.

"45 goals in 350 games, 113 as captain. Wonderful name, played alongside other greats like Odd Hol and Geir Butt. Promoted from youth squad in 2004, and later reacquired, then retired in 2012."

Current career: Sports Journalist
Last club: 1896 Lyn (En Pryd For By'n)
Retired: 9-8-2012
First day with club: 6-5-2006
Seasons with club: 20
Career Goals: 45
Career Hattricks: 0
Total matches for club: 350
Matches in the Hattrick Masters 0
Matches for the national team 0
Matches for the national U-20 team 0
Best Performance: ********
Best match: 234739036
Last match for club: 394357397
Former clubs: 1896 Lyn Oslos Stolthet
Sm Flash
Most memorable match:

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