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J. Neeskens (72686600)

This former player is 69 years and 1 day old and has been in the Hall of Fame since he was 50 years old.

"Johannes Jacobus Neeskens 'Johan II' 1974-1979 232 app 57 g"

Current career: Public Relations Manager
Last club: FC Barcelona '
Retired: 8-30-2013
First day with club: 8-15-2008
Seasons with club: 16
Career Goals: 74
Career Hattricks: 5
Total matches for club: 6
Matches in the Hattrick Masters 0
Matches for the national team 0
Matches for the national U-20 team 0
Best Performance: +
Best match: 361883921
Last match for club: 393153007
Former clubs: Amstel United FC
Zeelst United
Most memorable match:

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