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dixiesman Belgium Manager Licence Supporter Platinum (10534702)

Manager details

Gender Male
Manager of Dixies United (2004-2008) and Dixies City (2010-2014).

Former headscout of Barbados U20 and NT for many seasons.

Fed up with HT's-high supporter prices

Love and hate Hattrick at the same time

Primary club

Belgium V.58

Additional clubs

Barbados II.3

Previous teams

Team Between W/D/L* Cup Prize shelf
Jamaica Dixies Stars 5-6-2013
72/2/29 2/9 Series Champions IV.7 Season 31

Favourite football teams

Spain Athletic Club Bilbao

745 fans

Region: Euskadi
Stadium: San Mamés
Forum: Athletic Club Bilbao
Barbados Barbados

32 fans

Stadium: Barbados National Stadium
Forum: Barbados

Football teams

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