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gaspfer Italy Manager License (10695731)

Manager details

Gender: Male
Fan of: I ❤ hattrick
Scout Midfielders NT Indonesia
Scout Wingers NT Qatar

Founder of "Hattrick Station"
the largest Italian federation!!

● ex Top Recruiter in the World (2012)
● ex Scout NT\U20 Moçambique
● ex Kit Designer

★ 649 Achievement Points ★

Series Champions V.114 Season 61
Series Champions VI.920 Season 59
Series Champions VI.337 Season 51
Series Champions VI.337 Season 50
Series Champions VII.387 Season 58
Series Champions VIII.926 Season 57
Series Champions VIII.29 Season 46
Series Champions XI.1616 Season 42
- Winner of 4 TOURNAMENTS -

► Flag Casher 242/256
● Away ✈ ● 121/128 (-7)
Norvegia, Repubblica Ceca, Svezia, Finlandia, Romania, Paesi Bassi, Germania!!
● Home ⌂ ● 121/128 (-7)
Argentina, Svezia, Portogallo, Finlandia, Belgio, Paesi Bassi, Spagna!!

Primary club

Italy IV.36

Favorite soccer teams

Italy Italia

6 808 fans

Forum: Italia
Italy Juventus F.C.

8 755 fans

Region: Piemonte
Stadium: Juventus Stadium
Forum: Juventus F.C.

Soccer teams

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