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Akademik-GIGANT FYR Macedonia Manager Licence (11223050)

Manager details

Fan of Liverpool FC
In *passable* form and *weak* stamina,
A *pleasant guy* who is *balanced* and *honest*.
Has *magnificent* experience and *solid* leadership.

Memorable moments: 21.01.2011 (season 22) created the team, after the team got promotion to III league (season 28) the team was renamed to Megapolis Rovers, finishing as 2nd. But the team couldn't get on with the strength of the league after selling the most of the strongest players in the squad and went down (season 30) again, but this was just a beginning of a huge project named "Prva Makedonska Liga"

National cup: ✔✔✔
First league: ✔✔✔✔
Double crown: ✔
Three cup titles in a row: ✔
Four league titles in a row: ✔

Primary club

FYR Macedonia III.15

Favourite football teams

England Liverpool

6 195 fans

Region: Merseyside
Stadium: Anfield
Forum: Liverpool

Football teams

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