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URGH yth 5 - 1 Boot

A brilliantly sunny day had enticed more people than usual to see the game. One club official counted 244 people along the sidelines of URGH youth camp. It was a sunny day and the technical players could roll the ball around with ease. Those that had to chase after the ball found the weather less appealing, it especially stymied the game of Powerful and Quick players. The picks for today were: Kavaja - Pangov, Ordevski, Oshavkovski - Prchkovski, Cara, Zafiroski, Gozhdari - Zakev, Asllani, Pipa.

Starters: Dias - Denardin, Melo Vieira, Valente, Peres - Nörnberg, Rosa, Nasser, Melo Cunha - de Abreu, Parro.

URGH youth started the game in a 3-4-3 formation, whereas Bootstrap_x lined up in a 4-4-2 formation. URGH yth concentrated their attacks to the middle of the field today. URGH yth scored the 1 - 0 goal with a penalty with 14 minutes gone. Rustem Cara delayed the spot kick for a minute, posing for the attending girls, then hammered it home. Francisco Dias gets a little carried away sometimes, like with that sweeping ball to Nando de Abreu. It could easily have ended up with an opponent, but instead ended up as a fine but unproductive chance for Boot. Dasantil Asllani could have put URGH yth up one more, but he got stuck on his way towards the goal from the left after 28 minutes. URGH yth's Dzhole Prchkovski had an excellent opportunity after 33 minutes, receiving a through pass from the right wing that became a dangerous shot at goal! It was group hug time yet again, when URGH yth pushed ahead to 2 - 0. Antonio Zakev was the center of attention, having moved deftly through the middle to find his angle, not hesitating when he did. It was 2 - 0 at the break. In this half URGH yth were the most energetic, keeping the ball to themselves for 60 percent of the time.

The coach of URGH yth was happy with the game so far, but still wanted to change the line up. After 57 minutes, Dragi Kirjazov came on for Dzhole Prchkovski. The URGH yth youngsters looked rather smug following the 3 - 0 goal, which came about after a left side attack. Antonio Zakev stuffed it in after around 58 minutes of the match. Players in URGH yth heard their coach's words ringing in their ears and steered their wing attacks to the middle instead. URGH yth's Antonio Zakev showed some of his reported potential with that goal. It's 4 - 0, a clinical finish after a pass through the middle that impressed even some of the senior squad players that showed up here today. Antonio Zakev was jumping for joy as he was noted down for a hat trick. URGH yth were so determined to attack through the middle, even their wing attacks ended up centrally. URGH yth solidified their lead at the 63 minute mark, as Xhulio Gozhdari maneuvered the ball through the central line of defence and clipped in the 5 - 0 goal. As the match clock hit 63 minutes, URGH yth regrouped to try and keep their initiative in the game. Xhulio Gozhdari high-fived Sejdi Pipa as they swapped positions on the team. By the 63:th minute, URGH yth felt secure enough to make a tactical change. Dimche Ordevski and Rustem Cara assumed each others positions on the field. The brave young Boot side wouldn't give up and, after 66 minutes, Flavinho Melo Cunha made them all happy as he squeezed past a central defender and scored: 5 - 1. The match ends with a 5 - 1 score. URGH yth didn't seem to want to give the ball away in this half, which resulted in 59 percent of the possession.

Antonio Zakev performed especially well for URGH yth - this one could be a candidate for the senior squad one day. On the other hand, Kosta Oshavkovski's performance hadn't been very good at all. The coach of Boot was especially pleased with Nando de Abreu after the game. Francisco Dias left the field with tears in his eyes, knowing he had been the worst player on his team.

Rating details

Midfield weak (very high) poor (low) 16 10 4/20 3/20
Right defence inadequate (very high) weak (high) 20 15 5/20 4/20
Central defence formidable (very low) inadequate (very high) 33 20 9/20 5/20
Left defence inadequate (very low) inadequate (very high) 17 20 5/20 5/20
Right attack inadequate (low) inadequate (high) 18 19 5/20 5/20
Central attack solid (very low) inadequate (very high) 25 20 7/20 5/20
Left attack inadequate (very low) inadequate (very low) 17 17 5/20 5/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence solid (high) inadequate (very high) 27 20 7/20 5/20
Attack solid (high) passable (low) 27 22 7/20 6/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the Middle Normal
Tactic skill excellent (no tactic) 8 (no tactic) 8/20


1 - 0  Rustem Cara 14'
2 - 0  Antonio Zakev 34'
3 - 0  Antonio Zakev 58'
4 - 0  Antonio Zakev 61'
5 - 0  Xhulio Gozhdari 63'
5 - 1  Flavinho Melo Cunha 66'
Substitution Out  Dzhole Prchkovski
In  Dragi Kirjazov
Towards Middle To  Normal
Position swap Out  Sejdi Pipa
In  Xhulio Gozhdari
Position swap Out  Rustem Cara
In  Dimche Ordevski



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 3

2 Left attack 1
3 Central attack 1
2 Right attack 0
1 Other 0
0 Special events 1

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence solid (high) inadequate (very high) 27 20 7/20 5/20
Attack solid (high) passable (low) 27 22 7/20 6/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the Middle Normal
Tactic skill excellent (no tactic) 8 (no tactic) 8/20

Average ratings

Total player experience disastrous (low) disastrous (very high) 2 4 1/20 1/20
Average midfield weak (very high) poor (low) 16 10 4/20 3/20
Average defence passable (high) inadequate (high) 23 19 6/20 5/20
Average attack inadequate (very high) inadequate (high) 20 19 5/20 5/20
Total average inadequate (very high) weak (very high) 20 16 5/20 4/20
The youth player ratings presented here show ratings as they were at the end of the match.


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