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The spectators didn't look too happy about the constant raining at the stadium today. For strong, physical players the heavy rain was easy to overcome, it was even an advantage given their style of play. Others, such as the quick or technical ones, made bleaker appearances. The following players had been chosen: Budnik - Nesta, Holevich, Rebelo Gonçalves - Błaszczykowski, do Rio, Pirlo, Szewczyk, Wilimowski - Kuta, Mazek.

Lineup: Crowley - Bonnetain, Chmura, Chiappetti, Chmura - Chmura, Chakour, Chmura, Chakroun - Sinkovič, Chmura.

niebiescy pszow entered the field in a 3-5-2 formation. The visitors, Mikolaje, chose to start the game with a 4-4-2 lineup. Mikolaje clearly had decided to counter-attack when they could, taking advantage of their magical level with that tactic. 5 minutes in, the referee awarded niebiescy a penalty. Alexandro Rebelo Gonçalves coolly slotted it home for a 1 - 0 lead. Atanas Holevich had a fantastic opportunity to put niebiescy up another goal 18 minutes into the match after a pass through the middle set him free, but he fired just over the crossbar. With the clock showing 19 minutes played, a great pass from the defensive line of Mikolaje resulted in a counterattack that was smoothly brought under control by Mihael 'Mac Daddy' Sinkovič in the centre of the opposition's penalty area, but his finish went high. Kamil Mazek could have increased the lead after 31 minutes, but his shot hit the post after a nice combination in the middle of the park. Andrea Pirlo could have put niebiescy up one more, but he fired into the side netting after breaking free on the left after 32 minutes. Martin-Ortwin 'Torpeda' Chmura stunned the crowd with a brilliant counterattack from the left, giving Mikolaje the goal to make it 1 - 1. The opposing supporters gave the referee an earful when he only gave Marc-Marie 'Rzeźnik' Chakroun from Mikolaje a yellow card after a mistimed challenge from behind 36 minutes into the game. That was far too lenient! niebiescy made a bid to take the lead as a ball coming in on the right hand side left Vitório 'Zico' do Rio completely alone with keeper James Crowley, who made a spectacular block. 1 - 1 was the score after the first half. niebiescy enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 63 percent of possession.

46 minutes into the match, the niebiescy manager wanted to try a new tactic, and the players loyally obliged. The celebrations in the stands could only mean one thing - Alexandro Rebelo Gonçalves's free kick had found the back of the net and put niebiescy ahead 2 - 1! niebiescy's Andrea Pirlo saw his fine effort strike the top of the bar following some good work up the middle by his teammates after 65 minutes. Maurice Cedrik 'Waleczne Prosie' Chmura finished off the counterattack of Mikolaje from the left rather easily, making the score 2 - 2. After 67 minutes, the niebiescy coach had a quick word about the tactical set-up and decided to try another approach. Priding himself in being an active coach, the niebiescy manager gave new instructions to his players after 69 minutes. With the match clock at 70 minutes, niebiescy modified their style of play a little bit. A free kick aimed at the keeper's far post almost gave Mikolaje the lead 75 minutes in, but the ball just wasn't able to squirm its way through the defensive wall. Mikolaje's Miguel Imanuel 'Two Fingers' Chmura could have put the guests one up after 76 minutes after chasing a through ball from the right, but Ruslan Budnik was as fast as a snake, grabbing the ball from under his nose. After 79 minutes, Mikolaje's lack of experience resulted in the team's loss of their edge at the end of the game. Markward 'Sado Maso' Chmura of Mikolaje seemed to be floating in the air as he elegantly headed in to make the score 2 - 3 after a corner kick that was nicely executed by Massinissa 'Two Dads' Chakour. A drive down the left side allowed Cédric 'Alfa i Omega' Bonnetain to get in close and score another goal for Mikolaje after 83 minutes, taking the score to 2 - 4. As the match nears its end, the referee has deemed it appropriate to add 2 minutes as stoppage time. The match ends 2 - 4. Possession in this half belonged to niebiescy, who controlled the ball 62 percent of the time.

The most dominating niebiescy player was without a doubt Vitório 'Zico' do Rio. Atanas Holevich on the other hand, had a terrible day. Miguel Imanuel 'Two Fingers' Chmura performed admirably for Mikolaje. Mario Federico 'Ace Ventura' Chiappetti turned in a dismal performance, however.

Rating details

Midfield world class (high) excellent (low) 51 30 13/20 8/20
Right defence supernatural (high) magical (very low) 55 69 14/20 18/20
Central defence world class (very high) supernatural (low) 52 54 13/20 14/20
Left defence world class (very low) mythical (very high) 49 68 13/20 17/20
Right attack titanic (low) extra-terrestrial (very low) 58 61 15/20 16/20
Central attack outstanding (low) excellent (low) 38 30 10/20 8/20
Left attack supernatural (very high) divine (very low) 56 77 14/20 20/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence brilliant (very low) world class (high) 41 51 11/20 13/20
Attack solid (low) brilliant (low) 26 42 7/20 11/20
Team attitude
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) magical (no tactic) 18 18/20
Style of play Neutral Neutral


1 - 0  Alexandro Rebelo Gonçalves 5'
1 - 1  Martin-Ortwin 'Torpeda' Chmura 33'
2 - 1  Alexandro Rebelo Gonçalves 47'
2 - 2  Maurice Cedrik 'Waleczne Prosie' Chmura 66'
2 - 3  Markward 'Sado Maso' Chmura 81'
2 - 4  Cédric 'Alfa i Omega' Bonnetain 83'
Marc-Marie 'Rzeźnik' Chakroun 36'
Behaviour Ernest Wilimowski
Towards Middle  To  Normal
Behaviour Jakub Błaszczykowski
Towards Middle  To  Normal
Behaviour Jakub Błaszczykowski
Normal  To  Offensive
Behaviour Ernest Wilimowski
Normal  To  Offensive



Chance distribution

Home Away
7 7

1 Left attack 3
3 Central attack 1
1 Right attack 1
2 Other 1
0 Special events 1
1 - 0
1 - 1
Yellow card
New behaviour
2 - 1
2 - 2
New behaviour
New behaviour
New behaviour
2 - 3
2 - 4

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence brilliant (very low) world class (high) 41 51 11/20 13/20
Attack solid (low) brilliant (low) 26 42 7/20 11/20


Team attitude
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) magical (no tactic) 18 18/20
Style of play Neutral Neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience magnificent (low) brilliant (high) 46 43 12/20 11/20
Average midfield world class (high) excellent (low) 51 30 13/20 8/20
Average defence world class (very high) extra-terrestrial (very high) 52 64 13/20 16/20
Average attack world class (high) supernatural (very high) 51 56 13/20 14/20
Total average world class (high) world class (low) 51 50 13/20 13/20


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