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Dark skies made the crowd of 28252 at Balauru Arena a little nervous, but the rain held off. was the appointed referee with assistance provided by and Massimo Fabrizio. bau-bau started off with a 3-4-3 lineup. The following players took the field: Miroiu - Nisa, Pawarscher, Zwagemaker - Frankot, Wan Fu, Barksal, Ljungmar - Boca, Goulbourne, Dunca.

Karomax tactics involved an interesting 3-5-2 combination. They fielded: Voica - Schaffers, Berbelis, Berson - 康强 (Kangqiang), Fironov, Belert, Szamosi, Tendeng - Humaña, Kiełbowski.

Karomax were relying on their excellent ability to counter-attack. With 21 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending. Rafael Humaña put the ball away for 0 - 1. An amazing free kick flew past the home keeper 23 minutes into the match, putting Karomax ahead 0 - 2. Ritvars Berbelis was the scorer. The home crowd was given a certain amount of consolation when Alexandru-Cristian Boca scored after a brilliant midfield combination through the centre, reducing the lead to 1 - 2. After 28 minutes, David Goulbourne made a dash down the middle past the away team's defenders to score the goal that made it 2 - 2. With 34 minutes played, Vergiliu Dunca of bau-bau fell dramatically just outside the penalty area. However, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving. The visitors' central defence should have had no trouble clearing the pass to Eggerd Pawarscher, but the bau-bau player managed to shrug them off and fired a low shot past the keeper to give his team the lead. 3 - 2! 37 minutes in, bau-bau's Ahmet Nisa received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. Halftime score was 3 - 2. Possession in this half belonged to Karomax, who controlled the ball 57 percent of the time.

Coming from the right, David Goulbourne almost managed to score another goal for bau-bau, but his header was tipped over the bar by the visitors' keeper. Karomax's Przemysław Kiełbowski was shown a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking an opponent's quick free kick after 57 minutes. Karomax tied it all up, 63 minutes in, after a spectacular goal by Ritvars Berbelis, who miraculously broke through the home side's central defence, making it 3 - 3. Karomax's Moustapha Tendeng had seen it all before, so he waited patiently for the right opportunity. He would get no better chance than the one he took, but his shot was deftly blocked by the keeper. Karomax's Mischa Schaffers refused to leave the field after injuring his achilles tendon after 83 minutes. Making his way up the middle 84 minutes into the match, Ahmet Nisa almost managed to squeeze a goal past the visitors' keeper, but the alert Ioan-Cristian Voica blocked it to keep the score level. The opposing supporters gave the referee an earful when he only gave David Goulbourne from bau-bau a yellow card after a mistimed challenge from behind 85 minutes into the game. That was far too lenient! Karomax's Arnaud Berson went down after a savage challenge, but could continue playing after some medical attention. The terraces were silenced after 87 minutes when Karomax's Ritvars Berbelis put the guests ahead 3 - 4, following an attack on the right. That was his third goal of the match - a hat trick for Ritvars Berbelis. Karomax enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 59 percent of possession.

Alexandru-Cristian Boca performed admirably for bau-bau. Nicolae Miroiu was a disappointment, however. The most dominating Karomax player was without a doubt Artemiy Fironov. Mischa Schaffers turned in a dismal performance, however. The match ends 3 - 4.

Rating details

Midfield poor (very high) weak (high) 12 15 3/20 4/20
Right defence inadequate (low) inadequate (low) 18 18 5/20 5/20
Central defence inadequate (very low) inadequate (high) 17 19 5/20 5/20
Left defence poor (very low) inadequate (low) 9 18 3/20 5/20
Right attack weak (high) passable (high) 15 23 4/20 6/20
Central attack excellent (high) solid (low) 31 26 8/20 7/20
Left attack weak (high) inadequate (very high) 15 20 4/20 5/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence poor (very high) passable (low) 12 22 3/20 6/20
Attack inadequate (low) passable (high) 18 23 5/20 6/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) excellent (no tactic) 8 8/20


0 - 1  Rafael Humaña 21'
0 - 2  Ritvars Berbelis 23'
1 - 2  Alexandru-Cristian Boca 27'
2 - 2  David Goulbourne 28'
3 - 2  Eggerd Pawarscher 35'
3 - 3  Ritvars Berbelis 63'
3 - 4  Ritvars Berbelis 87'
1 booking accumulated Vergiliu Dunca 34'
1 booking accumulated Ahmet Nisa 37'
1 booking accumulated Przemysław Kiełbowski 57'
1 booking accumulated David Goulbourne 85'
Got bruised Mischa Schaffers 83'
Got bruised Arnaud Berson 86'



Chance distribution

Home Away
6 6

1 Left attack 0
4 Central attack 2
1 Right attack 2
0 Other 1
0 Special events 1
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Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence poor (very high) passable (low) 12 22 3/20 6/20
Attack inadequate (low) passable (high) 18 23 5/20 6/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) excellent (no tactic) 8 8/20

Average ratings

Total player experience weak (very high) weak (low) 16 14 4/20 4/20
Average midfield poor (very high) weak (high) 12 15 3/20 4/20
Average defence weak (high) inadequate (low) 15 18 4/20 5/20
Average attack inadequate (very high) passable (high) 20 23 5/20 6/20
Total average weak (very high) inadequate (high) 16 19 4/20 5/20


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