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40546 spectators arrived at Westie's Bowl, where weather conditions were pretty good for soccer. Björn Renstedt was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Guy Bontemps and Bart De Rieck. After thorough analysis and consultation of astrological charts, Chasers decided to go with a 3-5-2 formation. The following players took the field: Eisold - Menchón, Tinoco, Portos - Bazán, Vinkka, Štípek, Kat, Ivan - Faast, Medaković.

Our studio analysts were correct. tiburon has taken the field in a 3-5-2 alignment. The following players had been selected: Jagneras - Guayre, Trusz, Grosschedel - Desmet, Velasco, Cerdeño, Coll, Guarino - Dolunay, Fernández Canevari.

tiburon went for a narrow approach, using their utopian ability to focus their attacks down the middle. Chasers fans held their breath as J. Vinkka gallivanted down the left side. He successfully avoided all challenges and fired home the go-ahead goal for 1 - 0! Big paper red cards were being held up by the opposing supporters with 21 minutes on the clock after E. Kat's mistimed tackle from behind. The referee only showed the Chasers player a yellow card though. Due to a severely mistimed tackle, A. Grosschedel of tiburon spent some time on the grass writhing in agony before he could get up and continue the game. Chasers solidified their lead at the 25 minute mark, as O. Štípek snaked the ball through the central line of defense and finished for 2 - 0. At this point, it was obvious that the players of Chasers lowered the tempo and became more defensively oriented. tiburon had a fair chance to reply after 26 minutes due to some fine moves down the left, but in the end P. Trusz was slow to keep up with the play and was unable to make it into the penalty box to apply a finish. 33 minutes in, S. Dolunay made an incredible run up the middle and nearly reduced the home side's lead, but E. Eisold refused to let the ball slip by him. Coming in from the right, A. Medaković almost managed to score another goal for Chasers, but his header was kept out by the lightning fast reflexes of the visiting keeper. 41 minutes into the game, A. Coll had to leave the field due to a knee injury. In came C. Santoro. It was 2 - 0 at the break. The forty-five minutes were dominated by Chasers, with an impressive 66 percent possession of the ball.

Chasers's E. Kat was delighted to score as he saw his shot go between the legs of the advancing keeper and into the net, following some good attacking movement on the right wing. 3 - 0 after 52 minutes. A. Medaković had put in a good 60 minutes and left the field with a smile on his face due to his team's lead. D. Miglianti was the replacement. Coming in on the left, M. Guarino did everything right to get a goal for tiburon after 64 minutes, but his curling shot was punched clear by the keeper. Chasers's D. Miglianti had an excellent opportunity 75 minutes in, shooting after bringing down a ball from the right, but he missed the goal by miles! With 83 minutes on the clock, J. Menchón could have extended the lead, but his rocket of a free kick went just over the bar. A speedy charge from the left side of the field increased Chasers's lead to 4 - 0 as X. Ivan finished it off clinically, firing the shot from a terrible angle. Chasers's X. Ivan saw his fine effort strike the top of the bar following some good work up the middle by his teammates 87 minutes in. Chasers did a good job holding on to the ball, with 66 percent of possession.

Chasers's best player was O. Štípek. I can't remember C. Tinoco ever having a worse night than he just had. The most outstanding tiburon player was without a doubt J. Fernández Canevari. Even six year old fans were wincing at the poor play by F. Cerdeño today. The match ends 4 - 0.

Rating details

Midfield formidable (very high) inadequate (very high) 36 20 9/20 5/20
Right defense outstanding (high) passable (low) 39 22 10/20 6/20
Central defense outstanding (high) excellent (very low) 39 29 10/20 8/20
Left defense outstanding (very high) solid (very low) 40 25 10/20 7/20
Right attack formidable (high) formidable (very low) 35 33 9/20 9/20
Central attack solid (high) formidable (low) 27 34 7/20 9/20
Left attack formidable (very low) excellent (high) 33 31 9/20 8/20
Indirect set pieces
Defense solid (very low) inadequate (low) 25 18 7/20 5/20
Attack inadequate (very high) inadequate (very low) 20 17 5/20 5/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Attack in the middle
Tactic skill (no tactic) utopian (no tactic) 19 19/20


1 - 0  J. Vinkka 13'
2 - 0  O. Štípek 25'
3 - 0  E. Kat 52'
4 - 0  X. Ivan 86'
1 card accumulated E. Kat 21'
Got bruised A. Grosschedel 22'
Got injured A. Coll 41'
Substitution Out A. Coll
In C. Santoro
Substitution Out  A. Medaković
In  D. Miglianti



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 3

2 Left attack 2
2 Central attack 1
3 Right attack 0
1 Other 0
0 Special events 0
Detailed match analysis is not available for matches more than two seasons old.

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defense solid (very low) inadequate (low) 25 18 7/20 5/20
Attack inadequate (very high) inadequate (very low) 20 17 5/20 5/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Attack in the middle
Tactic skill (no tactic) utopian (no tactic) 19 19/20

Average ratings

Total player experience inadequate (low) passable (low) 18 22 5/20 6/20
Average midfield formidable (very high) inadequate (very high) 36 20 9/20 5/20
Average defense outstanding (very high) solid (very low) 40 25 10/20 7/20
Average attack excellent (very high) formidable (very low) 32 33 8/20 9/20
Total average formidable (very high) solid (low) 36 26 9/20 7/20


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