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4129 spectators arrived at Ñeco Team Arena, where weather conditions were pretty good for football. Enrico Vangelisti was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Gigi Casadio and Krescht Schaack. Ñeco had chosen a strategic 3-5-2 formation. They fielded: Solana - Aranda, Ruiz, Cebada - Vega, Ayala, Lorenzo, Cabrera, Lazo - Haugen, Anton.

A 3-5-2 alignment was the formation of choice for Llamas CF. The following players had been chosen: Quintana - Layton, Choque, Forte - Romero, Engativá, Lucić, Vallone, Jara Lunghi - Hurtado, López Gil.

Ñeco clearly preferred using their excellent ability to attack in the middle. For their match strategy, Llamas CF had decided to use their passable ability to counter-attack whenever possible. Carlos Luis Vega gave Ñeco the lead as he successfully challenged the guests' central defenders, then slotted the ball into the bottom corner, giving the keeper no chance. 1 - 0 The home team will be cursing Nicolai Jara Lunghi for weeks; he finished off a great pass from the left, knocking it past the keeper without a problem. The match was level at 1 - 1 after 9 minutes. Ñeco took the lead 25 minutes into the game by 2 - 1, as Dorel Anton elegantly received a long range pass through the middle, finishing off with a half-volley shot just below the bar. Dorel Anton increased the lead for Ñeco to 3 - 1, getting a head onto a hooked ball from the right. The ball looked to have taken a deflection on the way in, but he's claiming it! Ñeco's Eirik Haugen somehow missed a penalty 29 minutes into the match, much to the crowd's displeasure. 3 - 1 was the score after the first half. Ñeco claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 55 percent.

Ñeco put themselves up 4 - 1 when Emiliano Lazo broke through on the right, leaving the entire defence trailing in his wake. Ñeco's Eirik Haugen had to watch the rest of the game from the sidelines, after twisting his ankle with 56 minutes having been played. Joachim-Michael Esterhazy was the replacement. The visitors replied 63 minutes into the game, reducing the home side's lead to 4 - 2, as Benjamin Lucić dashed up the middle, easily lobbing the ball over the home team's keeper. With 64 minutes played, Joachim-Michael Esterhazy could have brought this one home for Ñeco as he charged up on the left, but his hooked ball went just a bit too high. Julián Lorenzo almost put Ñeco ahead another goal when he curled a free kick over the defensive wall and almost into the net, but the visitors' keeper got there just in time to knock it wide. Ñeco had a good opportunity to attack on the wing, but remembered their instructions to go for middle attacks. Cheers filled the stadium as José Refugio Cabrera broke through the visitors' central defence to put away the ball to increase the lead to 5 - 2 to Ñeco. After this, you could see that the players of Ñeco were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals. 74 minutes into the match, Llamas CF replied and reduced the lead to 5 - 3. Inodoro 'Sucio' Vallone scored on a marvellous cross pass coming in from the left. Ñeco had most of the ball, with 55 percent of possession.

Ñeco's top performer was clearly Joachim-Michael Esterhazy. José Eduardo Ruiz was a disappointment, however. Llamas CF's best player was Nicolai Jara Lunghi. Pablo Andrés Choque turned in a dismal performance, however. The match ends 5 - 3.

Rating details

Midfield passable (very low) inadequate (very low) 21 17 6/20 5/20
Right defence weak (very low) inadequate (high) 13 19 4/20 5/20
Central defence weak (low) inadequate (low) 14 18 4/20 5/20
Left defence weak (high) inadequate (high) 15 19 4/20 5/20
Right attack inadequate (very high) weak (high) 20 15 5/20 4/20
Central attack solid (high) weak (high) 27 15 7/20 4/20
Left attack weak (very high) solid (low) 16 26 4/20 7/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence weak (low) weak (high) 14 15 4/20 4/20
Attack weak (high) weak (very low) 15 13 4/20 4/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the Middle Counter-attacks
Tactic skill excellent passable 8 6 8/20 6/20


1 - 0  Carlos Luis Vega 3'
1 - 1  Nicolai Jara Lunghi 9'
2 - 1  Dorel Anton 25'
3 - 1  Dorel Anton 28'
4 - 1  Emiliano Lazo 47'
4 - 2  Benjamin Lucić 63'
5 - 2  José Refugio Cabrera 71'
5 - 3  Inodoro 'Sucio' Vallone 74'
Got injured Eirik Haugen 56'
Substitution Out Eirik Haugen
In Joachim-Michael Esterhazy



Chance distribution

Home Away
8 4

1 Left attack 2
3 Central attack 2
2 Right attack 0
2 Other 0
0 Special events 0
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Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence weak (low) weak (high) 14 15 4/20 4/20
Attack weak (high) weak (very low) 15 13 4/20 4/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Attack in the Middle Counter-attacks
Tactic skill excellent passable 8 6 8/20 6/20

Average ratings

Total player experience weak (very high) inadequate (high) 16 19 4/20 5/20
Average midfield passable (very low) inadequate (very low) 21 17 6/20 5/20
Average defence weak (low) inadequate (low) 14 18 4/20 5/20
Average attack passable (very low) inadequate (low) 21 18 6/20 5/20
Total average inadequate (high) inadequate (low) 19 18 5/20 5/20


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