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Due to an all-day shower, 51473 paying spectators got to see a match on a pitch-turned-bog at Mackoslav I. was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Dion Lerche and Miodrag Cikatić. The match took place on neutral ground. Česká republika had chosen a strategic 3-5-2 formation. They fielded: Pohořelský - Kult, Plesník, Herout - Janďourek, Chodora, Rončka, Čech, Macíček - Pavlas, Vrla.

A 3-5-2 alignment was the formation of choice for Sakartvelo. The following players had been chosen: Gogua - Abesadze, Shakarashvili, Sofinskiy - Kveladze, Durglishvili, Khvadagiani, Ovagimyan, Papiashvili - Goginashvili, Anchabadze.

Česká republika's Leoš Janďourek placed the ball right at his teammate's feet after a corner, but Patrik Chodora couldn't finish. Vano 'Shota' Anchabadze had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch - his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today. With 15 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending. Gogita Durglishvili put the ball away for 0 - 1. Due to some great work on the right wing Česká republika's Jiří Pavlas was able to even the score after 18 minutes to make the score 1 - 1. Moses Ovagimyan came close to putting the visiting team one up 28 minutes into the match, following a solo raid down the middle, but Ludvík Pohořelský managed to tip the ball to a corner. 33 minutes into the game, a swerving free kick by Marek Herout almost resulted in the home team taking the lead, but the shot glanced harmlessly off the frame of the goal. It was 1 - 1 at the break. Sakartvelo had most of the ball, with 55 percent of possession.

After 47 minutes of play, Alois Vrla gave the home team a 2 - 1 lead after an attack coming in from the right. It was showtime for artist Alois Vrla who showed off his technical mastery when he rounded Moses Ovagimyan and finished with a goal to make the score 3 - 1. The Česká republika players could smell victory in the air. Jiří Pavlas wasn't in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for Otmar Miksa after 49 minutes. By now, the players in Česká republika felt that victory was guaranteed and began to play it safe, focusing on defence and not risking too much going forward. With 77 minutes showing on the scoreboard clock, Sakartvelo showed some good skill and were able to reduce the score to 3 - 2 when Vano 'Shota' Anchabadze got past the home side's central defenders right in front of the goal. Radovan Čech left the field with a smile on his face as he was substituted 80 minutes into the game, as his team was in the lead. Felix Špiroch was the replacement. The Česká republika captaincy was handed to Ludvík Pohořelský. Possession in this half belonged to Sakartvelo, who controlled the ball 53 percent of the time.

The most dominating Česká republika player was without a doubt Alois Vrla. Štěpán Macíček turned in a dismal performance, however. Davit Goginashvili performed admirably for Sakartvelo. Merab Papiashvili was a disappointment, however. The match ends 3 - 2.

Rating details

Midfield formidable (high) brilliant (very low) 35 41 9/20 11/20
Right defence utopian (low) supernatural (very high) 74 56 19/20 14/20
Central defence extra-terrestrial (low) supernatural (very low) 62 53 16/20 14/20
Left defence extra-terrestrial (very high) extra-terrestrial (very low) 64 61 16/20 16/20
Right attack supernatural (low) magnificent (very low) 54 45 14/20 12/20
Central attack solid (very high) formidable (low) 28 34 7/20 9/20
Left attack passable (very low) solid (low) 21 26 6/20 7/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence brilliant (low) excellent (very high) 42 32 11/20 8/20
Attack excellent (very low) solid (very low) 29 25 8/20 7/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)

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0 - 1  Gogita Durglishvili 15'
1 - 1  Jiří Pavlas 18'
2 - 1  Alois Vrla 47'
3 - 1  Alois Vrla 49'
3 - 2  Vano 'Shota' Anchabadze 77'
Formation Out  Jiří Pavlas
In  Otmar Miksa
3-5-2  To  4-5-1
Substitution Out  Radovan Čech
In  Felix Špiroch



Chance distribution

Home Away
7 7

0 Left attack 1
2 Central attack 5
2 Right attack 1
1 Other 0
2 Special events 0
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Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence brilliant (low) excellent (very high) 42 32 11/20 8/20
Attack excellent (very low) solid (very low) 29 25 8/20 7/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)

Average ratings

Total player experience mythical (very low) world class (high) 65 51 17/20 13/20
Average midfield formidable (high) brilliant (very low) 35 41 9/20 11/20
Average defence mythical (low) titanic (very low) 66 57 17/20 15/20
Average attack formidable (low) formidable (high) 34 35 9/20 9/20
Total average magnificent (very low) brilliant (very high) 45 44 12/20 12/20


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