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16291 spectators had found their way to Tonino Parisi, despite the heavy rain. Francisco Labraña Martinez was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Giancarlo Casalini and . They fielded: Kitrinidis - Canegallo, Osli, Miranda - Seeheim, Kasparyan, Pulgarín, Wernersgrüner, Gandersheim - Alku, Gorenč.

Starters: Fornara - Nacev, Minarelli, Joga, Fossier - Lomuscio, Prandini, Bickel - Jamison, Zanoli, Cavedon.

A.C. Polisportiva Sammarco entered the field in a 3-5-2 formation. The visitors, Emiliana, chose to start the game with a 4-3-3 lineup. It was obvious that Polisportiva were using their passable pressing skill as their primary tactic. Emy clearly had decided to counter-attack when they could, taking advantage of their outstanding level with that tactic. Polisportiva could have put themselves ahead after 13 minutes but Črt Gorenč missed a volley shot on a ball coming in from the right. After 18 minutes, Michael Bickel strained his groin quite severely and had to be helped off the field by the physio. This gave Valerio Bolognesi a chance to take to the field instead. After 24 minutes Nicola Cavedon made a speedy advance and dropped the ball to Valerio Bolognesi who shuffled it past the keeper. The score was now 0 - 1. Aravo Miranda was just a finger's breadth away from an equaliser for Polisportiva with a strike from the left, but Piersandro Fornara managed to ward the shot off for a corner. A lovely run by Polisportiva's Jörg Seeheim left his markers for dead and should have resulted in a goal, but the finish went just wide. Emy's Lucas Jamison made it through the home team's defence on the right hand side 40 minutes into the match. After rounding the keeper, he only had to place the ball in the unguarded goal when a defender slid in and cleared the ball off the line. Magne Osli was uncomfortable with the soggy pitch as he couldn't move the ball around with his usual grace. 44 minutes into the game, Emy had difficulty finding their positions and their organisation dropped to solid. Emy increased their lead after 44 minutes when Ambrosi Joga broke through on the right, upping the score to 0 - 2, much to the home crowd's dismay. Halftime score was 0 - 2. Polisportiva had most of the ball, with 58 percent of possession.

During the break, Emy's coach went through the team's tactics yet again, getting them up to solid organisation. 62 minutes in, Polisportiva's Jani Alku received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. Manuel Lomuscio was unable to continue, following a slight injury to his left knee after 62 minutes. Severino Muzzi had already been warming up, and came on for Manuel Lomuscio. Thorsten Gandersheim, who often relies on his speed, had a rotten day on the drenched grass. With 72 minutes played, Emy put themselves up 0 - 3 after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder. The scorer was Nicola Cavedon. Ludovic Fossier of Emy took advantage of a mistake on the home side's right after 86 minutes which increased the away team's lead to 0 - 4. 87 minutes into the game, Emy seemed to suffer a certain amount of confusion and they fell to a passable level of organisation. Emy almost scored after a counterattack 88 minutes into the match, but Davide Zanoli took a shot from the left that landed harmlessly in the side of the net. The referee announced 1 minute of stoppage time, giving fans a slim hope that their team could get one more attack in before this was all over. The match ends 0 - 4. Polisportiva enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 54 percent of possession.

Polisportiva's best player was Nikodimos Kitrinidis. However, Magne Osli made a disastrous appearance. The most dominating Emy player was without a doubt Davide Zanoli. Piersandro Fornara on the other hand, had a terrible day.

Rating details

Midfield passable (low) inadequate (very low) 22 17 6/20 5/20
Right defence solid (high) solid (very high) 27 28 7/20 7/20
Central defence solid (very low) formidable (high) 25 35 7/20 9/20
Left defence solid (high) excellent (very high) 27 32 7/20 8/20
Right attack inadequate (very high) formidable (low) 20 34 5/20 9/20
Central attack passable (very high) outstanding (low) 24 38 6/20 10/20
Left attack passable (very low) formidable (low) 21 34 6/20 9/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (very high) excellent (low) 24 30 6/20 8/20
Attack inadequate (high) formidable (very low) 19 33 5/20 9/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Pressing Counter-attacks
Tactic skill passable outstanding 6 10 6/20 10/20
Style of play 100% Offensive Neutral


0 - 1  Valerio Bolognesi 24'
0 - 2  Ambrosi Joga 44'
0 - 3  Nicola Cavedon 72'
0 - 4  Ludovic Fossier 86'
1 booking accumulated Jani Alku 62'
Got injured Michael Bickel 18'
Got injured Manuel Lomuscio 62'
Substitution Out Michael Bickel
In Valerio Bolognesi
Substitution Out Manuel Lomuscio
In Severino Muzzi



Chance distribution

Home Away
7 6

2 Left attack 2
1 Central attack 0
3 Right attack 3
0 Other 0
1 Special events 1
Got injured
0 - 1
0 - 2
Yellow card
Got injured
0 - 3
0 - 4

Rating details

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Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence passable (very high) excellent (low) 24 30 6/20 8/20
Attack inadequate (high) formidable (very low) 19 33 5/20 9/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Pressing Counter-attacks
Tactic skill passable outstanding 6 10 6/20 10/20
Style of play 100% Offensive Neutral

Average ratings

Total player experience formidable (very low) passable (high) 33 23 9/20 6/20
Average midfield passable (low) inadequate (very low) 22 17 6/20 5/20
Average defence solid (low) excellent (very high) 26 32 7/20 8/20
Average attack passable (low) formidable (high) 22 35 6/20 9/20
Total average passable (high) solid (very high) 23 28 6/20 7/20


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