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The crowd of 29993 turning up at Bembeldome today were greeted with some nasty showers of rain. Haribert Hinck was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Gotthelf Braunegg and Jona Schären. The following players had been chosen: Hainbuche - Renninger, Qauoomgi - Kuhn, Kubin, Grabovský, Neubauer, Möller-Callsen - Krumsieck, Nordung, Raiffeisen.

The following players took the field: Schüffel - Stöger, Tannenberg, Geagulea, Anari, Strebe - Montasser, Elçi, Silva, Hopeakivi - Roderbruch.

Bembelrangers entered the field in a 2-5-3 formation. The visitors, FC Men In Pants, chose to start the game with a 5-4-1 lineup. It was obvious that Bembelrangers were using their inadequate pressing skill as their primary tactic. Malte Neubauer had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch - his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today. 21 minutes into the game, Jürgen Henning Roderbruch was a hair's breadth away from giving Mips the lead with a shot from over on the left. A prompt block by Reinold Hainbuche saved the home team that time. Mips took the lead after 22 minutes making the score 0 - 1. Jürgen Henning Roderbruch placed the ball out of reach for the home side's keeper after a fine move, coming in from the left. With 29 minutes played, Jaska Hopeakivi nearly put the visitors another one up as he broke through in the middle and fired from just outside the box, but his shot passed just over the bar. Burkhard Renninger was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper. However, Bembelrangers's Umayyah Qauoomgi managed to get hold of the rebound and tucked the ball into the empty net. 1 - 1 35 minutes into the game, Bembelrangers seemed to suffer a certain amount of confusion and they fell to a passable level of organisation. The terraces were silenced after 38 minutes when Mips's Gonzalo Silva put the guests ahead 1 - 2, following an attack on the right. The teams went for the halftime break at 1 - 2. Possession in the forty-five minutes was dominated by Mips, with 60 percent of the ball.

The coach gave his players an extra tactical briefing during the break, and after that Bembelrangers had solid organisation. Mips increased their lead after 66 minutes when Manuel Stöger broke through on the right, upping the score to 1 - 3, much to the home crowd's dismay. 72 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves ahead 1 - 4 as Timothy-Patrick Tannenberg finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick. Although the whole team were struggling to impress, Bembelrangers's Malte Neubauer was singled out as being the problem as he was called off the pitch after 75 minutes. Harald Georg von der Groeben was given a chance to change things around. At this time in the match, Bembelrangers were using their skill at pressing to successfully stifle the game. Bembelrangers's ability to press all over the field frequently paid dividends. 87 minutes into the game, Bembelrangers had difficulty finding their positions and their organisation dropped to weak. The referee announced 1 minute of stoppage time, giving fans a slim hope that their team could get one more attack in before this was all over. The match ends 1 - 4. Mips enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 61 percent of possession.

The most dominating Bembelrangers player was without a doubt Harald Georg von der Groeben. However, Burkhard Renninger made a disastrous appearance. Mips's best player was Gonzalo Silva. Jürgen Henning Roderbruch turned in a dismal performance, however.

Rating details

Midfield inadequate (very low) solid (very low) 17 25 5/20 7/20
Right defence passable (very high) brilliant (high) 24 43 6/20 11/20
Central defence solid (high) world class (very high) 27 52 7/20 13/20
Left defence inadequate (high) formidable (high) 19 35 5/20 9/20
Right attack weak (very high) excellent (very high) 16 32 4/20 8/20
Central attack inadequate (very low) weak (low) 17 14 5/20 4/20
Left attack inadequate (low) formidable (high) 18 35 5/20 9/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence passable (low) solid (low) 22 26 6/20 7/20
Attack inadequate (very low) weak (high) 17 15 5/20 4/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Pressing Normal
Tactic skill inadequate (no tactic) 5 (no tactic) 5/20
Style of play - -


0 - 1  Jürgen Henning Roderbruch 22'
1 - 1  Umayyah Qauoomgi 30'
1 - 2  Gonzalo Silva 38'
1 - 3  Manuel Stöger 66'
1 - 4  Timothy-Patrick Tannenberg 72'
Substitution Out  Malte Neubauer
In  Harald Georg von der Groeben



Chance distribution

Home Away
3 8

1 Left attack 3
1 Central attack 3
0 Right attack 2
0 Other 0
1 Special events 0
Detailed match analysis is not available for matches more than two seasons old.

Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence passable (low) solid (low) 22 26 6/20 7/20
Attack inadequate (very low) weak (high) 17 15 5/20 4/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Pressing Normal
Tactic skill inadequate (no tactic) 5 (no tactic) 5/20
Style of play - -

Average ratings

Total player experience weak (very low) solid (very low) 13 25 4/20 7/20
Average midfield inadequate (very low) solid (very low) 17 25 5/20 7/20
Average defence passable (high) brilliant (very high) 23 44 6/20 11/20
Average attack inadequate (very low) solid (high) 17 27 5/20 7/20
Total average inadequate (high) excellent (very high) 19 32 5/20 8/20


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